Napkin vs Towel: Difference and Comparison

Napkins and Towels are, used in our everyday presence. Both are used to clean the extra food on the lips right after eating the food, while the usage of towels can differ as they have different uses ranging from washroom towels to hot towels and some more.

Key Takeaways

  1. Napkins are smaller, square pieces of cloth or paper, while towels are larger, rectangular pieces of fabric.
  2. Napkins are used for cleaning hands and faces during meals, whereas towels serve various purposes, such as drying hands, bodies, or dishes.
  3. Napkins are disposable, while towels are reusable and laundered.

Napkin vs Towel

A napkin is a small piece of cloth or paper used for wiping the mouth and hands while eating. It is made of thinner and less absorbent materials, such as paper or linen. A towel is a term used to describe a larger piece of cloth or fabric used for drying or wiping the body, hands, or objects.

Napkin vs Towel

A napkin is made up of delicate paper materials that are by, and large are in the form of a square shape.

It is used to wipe the additional food that is on the lips and mouth after eating the feasts. Napkins are cheap and, once used, thrown away, i.e., use and throw.

The towels are used for explicit purposes. Their size varies, starting with one application then onto the next, like the washing towels that will be big and costly while the hot towels will be small.

It is made up of excellent clothing materials as the ultimate aim of the towels is to soak the water.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonNapkinTowel
Material Napkins are made up of soft paper in the perfect square form.Towels are made up of cloth material that has a good property to soak the water.
Cost They are cheaper.They are costly compared to the Napkins.
Re-usage Policy Napiks once used cannot be reused again. Towels can be reused again after washing it with a good detergent
Length Usually, they are small in size. Their size varies, but they are lengthy. 
Applications It is mainly used to wipe off the extra food from lips and mouth after a meal.It has a lot of applications ranging from bathing towels to hot towels, etc.

What is Napkin?

The Napkins are made up of paper which is used for cleaning. It is used for cleaning the extra food particles off of our lips and the mouth after the feast is over.

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They are soft and easy to use. A napkin is made of an exceptionally light layer of paper; even a light strain can tear the Napkins. 

They are, for the most part, presented with food articles. Individuals who are eating the food will take the napkins and clean their fingers with them.

Napkins have the excellent properties of soaking water substances. They are mainly small in length and, if you ever buy them, they will come in the form of a stack with a bundle of 50to100 Napkins.

Napkins are cheap and available all around the stores. Once used, it is thrown, i.e., Use and throw policy, which does not make it suitable to reuse it again, like in the case of Towels. 

Because of their little length, they cannot be folded into designs. Generally, these napkins are kept at the gathering counters or the table in eateries. 

As they are disposable, they do not make any kind of contamination to the climate. Thus, making it appropriate to use.


What is Towel?

Towels are utilized in each house. They are made of fabric material which has an excellent property of absorbing liquids.

That is because these towels have a fiber projecting outward which, when interacting with the fluid, absorbs it and makes the spot dry. 

Their application differs from the bathing towels, which are utilized to clean the water from the body.

Towels that are served in hotels and flights once you show up there are known as hot towels. That is utilized for the face to wipe off the extra dirt.

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As the usage of these Towels contrasts, their costs also vary depending on the length. But for the most part, they are costlier than the Napkins. One of the best properties of the Towels is that they can be reused again and again. 

Once the particular customer uses the towel, it is washed with a good detergent to remove the germs and oily particles and is used for the new customer.

It is used until the towel loses the property to soak the liquids or when it becomes very rough and harsh to use. Their life span of usage is more when compared with the Napkins.


Main Differences Between Napkin and Towel

  1. A Napkin is a little piece of delicate paper that looks like a square. The principle design is to clear off the extra food particles on the lips and mouth, though the utilization of a Towel fluctuates as per the application where it is being used.
  2. Napkins are cheap and come in the form of stacks like 50-100 napkins in one purchase, whereas the cost of a towel is much higher than the Napkins.
  3. Napkins are mainly made up of soft paper (a thin layer of paper), while the Towels are, made up of cloth materials that have the property to soak the liquids.
  4. Napkins are made in one standard size, and they are small, while the size of the Towel changes as per its application for what is being used.
  5. Napkins don’t have a property of re-utilization, though the Towels can be reused over and over in the wake of washing it with a cleanser.
Napkin vs Towel – Difference Between Napkin and Towel

Last Updated : 20 July, 2023

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