Nauseated vs Nauseous: Difference and Comparison

The English language is confusing with its confusing spellings and similar pronunciation. Two very similar words bearing similar meanings do not fit well in alternative situations. Similarly, both nausea and nausea signify the ‘sick feeling.’ Both mean feeling unwell or sick. In a casual situation, you can use them as alternatives to each other, but in any formal business pursuit, one must know the correct use of each word.

Key Takeaways

  1. “Nauseated” describes the feeling of experiencing nausea or an upset stomach.
  2. “Nauseous” originally meant causing nausea but has become colloquially interchangeable with “nauseated.”
  3. To avoid confusion, use “nauseated” when discussing the feeling of sickness and “nauseous” when describing something that induces nausea.

Nauseated vs Nauseous

Nauseated means feeling sick to your stomach and the sensation of wanting to vomit. It is used to describe the feeling of being ill or experiencing symptoms of nausea. Nauseous means causing nausea or feeling like you want to vomit. It is used to describe something sickening or disgusting.

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Nauseated is a feeling of experiencing nausea. It is classified as a verb form that comes from nausea. It defines the work of nouns or pronouns. For instance, we can look at – ‘I am feeling nauseated.’ Nauseated has another common usage to depict someone who feels disgusted due to another person or thing. Nauseated is the verb form of nausea. It is the participle form of the main word.

We use nauseous to signify something that causes nausea. For instance, we can use this sentence – ‘ this smell makes me nauseous. It is an adjective form of the word. Nausea is the noun form of the word. It is the feel in the stomach. People get ‘nauseous’ due to many reasons. It is a sensation in the stomach. Morning sickness, and motion sickness, are forms of nauseous.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonNauseatedNauseous
Meaning It signifies someone who is feeling or experiencing nausea.It means that a person is subjected to suffering nausea.
Parts of speechIt is a verb.It is an adjective.
Type of meaningIt retains a figurative meaning.It retains a literal meaning.
TermIn other words, it will mean sicken.In another word, this will mean sickening.
ExampleHe feels nauseated after drinking the syrup.This place is nauseous.

What is Nauseated?

Nauseated is when you become affected by the consequence of nausea. It also signifies the feeling of disgust. To nauseated is the verb form of a sentence. This word comes from nausea which is a noun form, and by adding “ted,” it becomes a participle and gets used as a verb in any sentence. There are many times and causes that might make you feel nauseated.

If you feel sick to the stomach, you can use the word to describe your feelings. For instance, you can say – ‘I am feeling nauseated this morning ‘. It shows your sickness, and other people will know that you are getting an uneasy feeling and you are not in comfort.

What is Nauseous?

Nauseous has its root in the word nausea, which is an uneasiness and discomfort that a person experience due to motion sickness. It is a vomiting feeling. For a better understanding, a synonym of the word might help the cause. Nauseated is not an ideal substitute for the word. Nauseating is a better-suited synonym. Nauseous works as an adjective word in a sentence. People make the common mistake of using the word ‘nauseousness’ as the noun form of the word. The correct noun form of nauseous is nausea. Nauseous is a feeling that you get before vomiting.

When things are nauseous, it is meant that those things are the cause of nausea to people. Garbage dumps and rotten odor these things can be described as nauseous as they cause nausea or vomiting feeling to people. Anything that makes you sick, which is sickening, is nauseous.

Main Differences Between Nauseated and Nauseous

  1. Nauseated signifies someone who is feeling or experiencing nausea. In contrast, nauseous means that a person is subjected to suffering nausea due to some reason.
  2. Nauseated is classified as a verb from the family of parts of speech. On the other hand, nauseous is designed to work as an adjective.
  3. Nauseated has been taken to have a figurative meaning, but nauseous carries a literal meaning.
  4. To nauseate is nauseated, and to be the cause of nausea is nauseous.
  5. An example of the word nauseated is – ‘milk nauseated her,’ and an example of nauseous is – The fragrance is nauseous.
Difference Between Nauseated and Nauseous

Last Updated : 13 July, 2023

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