Difference Between NSA and CIA

NSA and CIA are intelligence and security agencies of the USA.


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They take care of many aspects regarding the country’s security.

Any threat against the US government is analyzed and broken down and decoded by either of the two agencies to provide a foolproof support system to the security of the country.


The difference between NSA and CIA is that while most NSA agents work at the agency headquarters and their job revolves around decoding network transmissible codes and foreign threat messages, CIA agents are more often than not field agents who work around the people and gather information regarding any kind of activity taking place against the interest of the country.

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NSA is the major security providing agency of the US that helps in the technical and scientific support system of the country thereby leaving no stones unturned when in case of foreign threats.

There are two major missions or directorate that comes under the NSA. Each has its own designated space and activity handling workforce to carry out the tasks.

CIA is world-renowned for the activities that they carry out throughout the world for national security. They have been involved in multiple security maintenance activities that have not just affected the USA but a major part of the world.

Most of the CIA’s operations include coordination with many other national security and intelligence forces.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonNSACIA
Full FormNational Security AgencyCentral Intelligence Agency
Headquarters atMarylandVirginia
Year of Formation19621947
Number of Directorate24
Coordination with Other International AgenciesDoes not usually have need to coordinate with other agenciesDuring some operations, international coordination is required

What is NSA?

NSA stands for National Security Agency. It was formed in the year 1962 on November 4th to create an agency that would aid the country in its technologically advancing threats.

The headquarters of the NSA is located at Fort Meade, Maryland.

The mission that heads on collides with the national security agency is the decoding and figuring out of computer codes that are seen as national security interfering systems.

Their other activities include assurance to the government regarding the collection of information that might seem to have an impact on the whole IT infrastructure of the country.

The access controls and encryption code creations that are related to the computer system units and networks of national security are all under the NSA.

The NSA has been known to have worked alongside the CSS (Central Security Service). Such coordination helps widen the information gathering source of the NSA.

The agents of NSA are usually not field agents rather they are stationed at the headquarters in Maryland. All their jobs are done from there.

Two major directorates come under the National Security Agency.

The first is the Signals Intelligence Directorate (SID). The job of the SID is intelligence signals interpretations and foreign signals decryption.

The second of the two directorates is the Information Assurance Directorate (IAD). A huge responsibility falls on the shoulders of IAD.

The main task of the Information Assurance Directorate is to protect the internal information and knowledge regarding the stately affairs of America.

What is CIA?

CIA stands for Central Intelligence Agency. It was established in 1947 on September 18th to give explosive strength to American national security.

The headquarters of the Central Intelligence Agency is located in Langley, Virginia.

The operation of the CIA barely stays within the country. They have coordinating teams situated all over the globe to help expand the security probability of the nation.

The agents working for the CIA are situated internationally over multiple countries looking out for threats like an activity that might affect the US or maybe even the world on a large scale.

The agents of the CIA are generally called field agents. This is because they don’t just stay within the headquarters looking out for threats instead they are out in the open, working undercover to figure things out.

The major mission of the CIA can therefore be categorized out as gathering information internally that is from within the country for Intra terror activities as well as internationally to keep a check on threatening behavior that could affect the country.

The CIA is always in good coordinating terms with many other international agencies that also work for the internal security of a country.

These four are the Directorate of Intelligence, National Clandestine Service, Directorate of Support, and Directorate of Science and Technology.

All of the four Directorates have their well-defined functions and tasks to carry out and in the end, all the tasks seem to have been coordinated from the start.

Main Differences Between NSA and CIA

  1. NSA barely has coordinated operations with other national security or intelligence services internationally whereas the CIA has their major objective linked with such international cooperation to gather information.
  2. The agents of the CIA are commonly called field agents as their activities require them to be out in the open and work among the people but on the other hand, the agents of NSA are mostly located within the headquarters.
  3. While the major task of NSA is decrypting foreign intelligence codes and assurance in information, the tasks that take up the most time of CIA agents are information gathering.
  4. NSA has two major directorates coming under them while the CIA has four main mission directorates under them.
  5. The headquarters of the NSA is in Maryland while that of the CIA is in Virginia.
Difference Between NSA and CIA
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