Oppression vs Possession: Difference and Comparison

It is believed that Demons have had control over humans since the ages. Humans have gone through oppression and position by Demons.

Demons have been influencing humankind for a long time as by oppression, they influence the personality and thinking of a human, and they can make him do what they want.

Possession is a bit different, where demons go directly into the body of humans and gain control over the complete human body and mind.

Key Takeaways

  1. Oppression is the exercise of authority or power cruelly or unjustly, leading to the exploitation or subjugation of a group or individual.
  2. Possession is the state of having or owning something.
  3. Oppression involves the abuse of power, while possession involves the rightful owner of something.

Oppression vs Possession

Oppression refers to exercising power and control over a group or individual, aiming to exploit. Possession is owning or having control over something, such as an object, property, etc. Oppression refers to the harmful exercise of power and control, while possession refers to ownership.

Oppression vs Possession

Humans have been influenced by Demons for ages.

Demons oppress humankind and make them do whatever they want to. Though oppression Demons do not directly influence oppression, they exhibit an influence on personality and nature.

Which indirectly helps them in getting what they Desire, oppression is due to a lack of faith and can also be due to the burden of sin.

The procession is completely different from oppression, where a demon directly gains control over the human body and mind and communicates through his body.

Humans can no longer control their bodies and mind, making possession more dangerous than oppression. It is believed that possession gives demonic voices to processed humans.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonOppressionPossession
Definitionoppression is defined as harassment by a demon by affecting the personality and behavior of a person.Possession is defined as being controlled by the demon itself and losing control over your own body.
InfluenceNo direct influence is found.Directly influence the person by entering the human body.
ReasonMajor cause is lack of faith or burden of sin.Lack of Faith or burden of sin, lack of self-esteem, and confidence could also be a reason.
ControlDemon influences humans by affecting his personality thinking, the person still has control over his body and mind.When a demon possesses someone the human body loses control over his mind and body.
Christian beliefit is believed that Christians could be oppressedIt is believed that real Christians cannot be possessed.

What is Oppression?

Demons have influenced humans for millennia. Demons dominate humanity and force them to do anything they wish.

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Despite persecution, Demons do not directly influence oppression; nevertheless, they have had an impact on personality and nature.

Which indirectly aids them in obtaining what they desire, oppression is caused by a lack of trust and may also be caused by the burden of sin.

The devil does not directly affect humans under demonic persecution. Demon Uses deceptive methods to acquire control of someone’s actions.

That is, through altering someone’s personality and cognitive capacity. People who a demon has subjugated lose their ability to think, yet they retain control of their bodies.

However, the demon still maintains influence over the individual and may force him to do anything the demon desires.

Oppression is a form of harassment perpetrated by a demon for his profit. Demon oppression can cause aberrant changes in personality that last for the rest of a person’s life.

Demon tyranny necessitates a certain amount of acceptance by that human, allowing the demon to exert power.

What is Possession?

The possession is not the same as oppression, in which the demon immediately gets command of the human body and intellect and communicates via his body.

Humans can no longer control their bodies and minds, making possession more deadly than oppression.

Possession is thought to endow processed humans with demonic voices. Demonic possession has a variety of impacts on the human body since the person loses control, and no one remembers what happened during that time.

Demons might connect with others by communicating straight to them through that person’s body.

When possessed by a demon, the tone of their voice changes as the demon speaks to their body. People in Indore who a demon has possessed have shown a change in personality, speech, and behaviour.

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Exorcism has been successful in ridding rid of demons in many cases of demonic possession and has saved numerous. Christians believe that true Christians can never be possessed as they will never lose their faith in Jesus.

Main Differences Between Oppression and Possession

  1. Oppression is defined as the demon having an indirect influence on humankind, whereas, in possession, demons have a direct influence.
  2. In oppression, the demon only affects the persons thinking ability and makes the surroundings affect the person in the demon’s favour, whereas, in possession, the demon can enter the human body and gain complete control.
  3. One of the major reasons for oppression is a lack of faith in God, whereas, in possession, the roots are a bit deeper as low self-esteem & confidence.
  4. In oppression, a demon is unable to communicate through anyone, a demon only has an ill effect on the human, whereas the demon can talk through the possessed person to others with his own demonic voice.
  5. It is believed that Jesus Christ could only be oppressed, but he couldn’t be possessed.
Difference Between Oppression and Possession
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Last Updated : 13 July, 2023

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