Difference Between Personality and Character (With Table)

Human behavior is defined in many ways. There are even types available to describe them. Many people will reveal their true selves in the form of their character. And some people will show off their behavior and their attitude in the form of their personality. Every person has their own personality and character, which will help them to stand unique in front of other people.

Personality vs Character

The difference between Personality and Character is that a personality will be used by a person to describe themselves in front of people. On the other hand, a character will reveal the true identity of a person. A person’s personality is always subjective to nature. But the person’s character is always objective to nature. 

Personality is a person’s own attitude that will reveal their true and inner self. Personality will affect your life in many ways. Having a good positive personality will help you in many different ways. If you think you are getting a negative feeling about your personality, you can try to seek a psychologist’s help. They will help you in finding the right way because of the experience they have in their life.

A character will define the person’s inner true self. A person’s character is very important. If a person has a good character, it will help them to reach a winning personality in life. Having a bad character is of no use as it will lead to negativity and failure in life. When we describe it in other words, having a good character will help you to win people around you. 

Comparison Table Between Personality and Character

Parameters of ComparisonPersonalityCharacter
DefinitionIt is the way by which one expresses themselvesIt is a way that explains what the person is like inside
ChangesIt will change at some point in lifeIt will not change
TraitsIt contains both physical and personalIt contains both moral and mental
ImportanceIt will help in defining an individualIt will help to identify the changes that happen in the behavioral patterns

What is Personality?

Personality will refer to a person’s thinking, the way they feel and behave. There are two ways in which the personality will be studied. Each one has their own personality, and it will be their own unique identity. There are many definitions available for personality. But it mainly focuses on the behavior of the person and also the areas that will help them to predict the person’s behavior. There are 4 types of personality available. 

Each of them will be defined in different ways such that it will reflect their actions. Many people try to follow and gain other people’s personalities. But they fail to understand that copying others’ personalities will kill their own. Everyone should respect and live with their own personalities. Taking other people’s personalities as their role models is fine, but trying to follow them will not be a good decision. It will affect their life. They will lose their own identity in the act of trying to be someone.

Personality is very important in one’s life. It will give a positive attitude to them. Developing their personality is also very important. These things are even taught in some schools, which helps students to build their own confidence and personality. If someone asks you to write about your personality, you should write it with integrity and mention what you really think instead of writing something else that you are not at all in real life.

What is Character?

A Character will define what the person is in real life. It will reveal everything about their inner self. It can be even revealed in the way that a person reacts to some situations. This character will define who you are in true life. You cannot change your character in your life for somebody else. It will be very difficult and, in the process, you will start to hate yourself for what you are doing. The basic way in which character is divided is by good character and bad character.

Good character will define the person’s goodness and the way they help others and all. It is simply good in whatever they do. But in a bad character, they will do everything bad in their life. Whatever they do, they will do bad things. This will simply reveal their bad character. A person’s character will grow along with their growth right from their childhood. It will grow by seeing the things around us and the way the people behave in this world.

To put in precise words, it will develop from our life experiences. If our growth was surrounded by bad and negative vibrations, then it would turn into bad character. Having a positive and good vibration around our life will lead to good character. We can even identify what our character is like. There are many tests available that will help you to define your character. Many self-tests are also available, which can be taken at our own comfort zone.

Main Differences Between Personality and Character

  1. A personality is something that a person uses to describe themselves in front of others. On the other hand, a character is something that will reveal the true self of a person.
  2. Personality will change at some point of time in human life. Om the other hand, a character will not change at any point in time.
  3. Personality comes under the type of subjective, and it is subjective to nature. On the other hand, a character comes under the type of objective, and it is objective in nature.
  4. The traits that are included in personality are physical traits and personal traits. On the other hand, the traits that are included in character are moral traits and mental traits.
  5. A personality will help in defining the individual. On the other hand, a character will help in identifying the behavioral changes of a person.


Both these are important in a human’s life. It will help them in many ways when they grow. In the workplace, having a good character will lead to a good personality, and it will help them to achieve many things in their workplace. It will help them to gain the trust of another person. If they are rude and have bad character, then people will avoid that person, and the trust will start to fade away.

People can even improve their personality and character. If they find it difficult to do it on their own, then they can seek professional help. These persons will help them to build their personality and character in a positive environment. Also, self-tests are available to find what their personality and character are like. This will help them to improve on their own.


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