Difference Between Peta and Peta2

Peta is a US-based organization which is for animal rights. This organization was made to protect animals from laboratory testing, product testing, and illegal usage.

Peta2 is a newly launched form of the Peta organization, and it does not have much support from big people; instead, it has a lot of young generation people supporting it.

Comparison Table Between Peta and Peta2

Parameters of ComparisonPetaPeta2
DefinitionPeta is a US-based organization that is for animal rights and protects animals from being mistreated.Peta2 is a newly launched form of the Peta organization, and this also for animal rights.
Supporters Supporters are from all generations, and big names are also linked with this organization.Supporters and helpers are mostly from the young generation.
Social media usePeta does not use much of social media and is available in electronic media.Peta2 mostly uses social media for engaging more youths in their organization.
Celebrity connections Peta is an old organization, so it has more connections with big people.Peta2 is newly launched and is only for youths; therefore, big people are omitted.
Secret work Peta organization is associated with working in secret or working without any information disclosure.Peta2 does not do any work in secret and is linked with all the social media platforms.

What is Peta?

Peta is people for the ethical treatment of animals which helps animals who are in need and always works to protect the animals from violence. It is an international organization spread worldwide.

Peta is not much popular on social media platforms but has a very large number of supporters in the world. It always works against illegal product testing on animals and unauthorized supply of animals.

Peta has gained around 6.5 million supporters all over the world who help the organization in raising funds and helping with legal work.

What is Peta2?

Peta2 was made in 2002 to attract a young generation of people to the Peta organization. Peta2 works electronically and is present in all the social media networks or platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Whatsapp, connecting more and more youth towards them.

Peta2 does several protests and meetings in that area where the youth connectivity is more. Because of their newness, they are much popular, but slowly they are gaining popularity.

Peta2 is also present on youtube, where they share every information related to their meetings and their works. The inside work of the Peta organization is not related to Peta2.

Main Differences Between Peta and Peta2

  1. Peta2 is available on every social media platform like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, etc. But Peta is not much active on social media.
  2. Peta was created in 1980, and Peta2 was created in 2002 in the United States.


It is necessary to help animals as they are also living beings, and one should always try to stop violence against animals. Several organizations are present out there for giving food and shelter to animals.

Peta was created in 1980. Since then, it has gained so much popularity among people. Peta2 was created in 2002 to attract the attention of the young generation. Peta2 is very active on social media platforms and does several protests against animal violence.


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