Postinor 1 vs Postinor 2: Difference and Comparison

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Key Takeaways

  1. Postinor 1 and Postinor 2 are emergency contraceptive pills that prevent unwanted pregnancies after unprotected sex or contraceptive failure.
  2. Postinor 1 contains 1.5 mg of levonorgestrel, while Postinor 2 contains 0.75 mg of levonorgestrel and is taken in two doses, 12 hours apart.
  3. Postinor 1 and Postinor 2 are effective up to 72 hours after unprotected sex, but Postinor 1 is more effective than Postinor 2 when taken within 24 hours.

Postinor 1 vs Postinor 2

Postinor 1 consists of a table with a 1500 milligram dose, while the latter contains 2 doses of 0.75-milligram power. As the name says, Postinor 1 comprises a single tablet, while Postinor 2 contains 2 quantities of divided control.

Postinor 1 vs Postinor 2

Postinor 1 is an oral contraceptive tablet meant to be taken during pregnancy. It works effectively when the dose is taken within 72 hours of unprotected sexual intercourse.

Postinor 2, on the other hand, is also an oral contraceptive medicine that comprises 2 tablets in a single pack. It works the same as usual, Protecting from unwanted pregnancy if taken within 72 hours of unprotected sexual intercourse. But these two tablets are supposed to be taken in time intervals.


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Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonPostinor 1Postinor 2
DefinitionPostinor 1 contains one white and round tablet along with one blister sheet.Postinor 2 contains two tablet doses with one blister sheet. The colour and texture remain the same.
DosageIt should be taken in full within 72 hours of unprotected sexual intercourse.This contains 2 tablets. So one is to be taken immediately, and the next tablet after 12 hours to avoid pregnancy.
Failure RatePostinor 1 has a high failure rate, according to studies.This one has less failure rate, according to the reports.
MarketingThis tablet is marketed in only 13 countries and manufactured by fewer producers.Postinor 2 is marketed in more countries, manufactured by several producers, and covers around 42 nations.
CompositionThis one contains 1.5 mg of levonorgestrel progestogen in a single table per pack and is to be taken in full.Postinor 2 contains 2 tablets of 0.75 mg of levonorgestrel progestogen, which sums up to 1.5 milligrams of doze.

What is Postinor 1?

There are times when things go unexpected, like an unwanted pregnancy.

Postinor 1 is a contraceptive pill that is supposed to be taken orally. The packet comprises one blister sheet and a single dose of the drug.

The nature of the pill works to prevent the sperm from fertilizing with the eggs present in a woman.

Clinical reports have observed that these pills have a failure rate of less than 1%, and very few medicines cause side effects. Also, the side effects vary from woman to woman. Side effects like 10-15% vomiting and 20-35% bleeding.

Also, Postinor 1 is marketed in some parts of the world. It covers around 13 countries. There are few manufacturers of Postinor 1.

postinor 1

What is Postinor 2?

Well, the pills have a lesser failure rate when taken orally as soon as possible. Postinor 2 comes in two tablets of 0.75 mg each, which comprises levonorgestrel progestogen In the white round tablet.

However, it’s supposed to be taken as early as possible. The first tablet should be taken soon, and the next table should follow after 12 hours of the first one.

It’s not intended to be taken regularly. The side effects can also be observed post-intake. These include vomiting and some bleeding.

These medicines can stop unwanted pregnancies but don’t account for preventing sexually transmitted infections. However, a condom is always suggested to prevent pregnancy and avoid STIs.

postinor 2

Main Differences Between Postinor 1 and Postinor 2

  1. Postinor 1 contains a single tablet with a blister sheet, while Postinor 2 contains 2 tablets with a blister sheet.
  2. Postinor 1 has to be taken within 72 hours to avoid pregnancy, while Postinor 2 has two tablets in which the timing difference must be 12 hours.
  3. Postinor 1 has a high failure rate, while Postinor 2 has a lesser chance of failure.
  4. Postinor 1 is manufactured by fewer agencies, while Postinor 2 is manufactured by several agencies.
  5. Postinor 1 is marketed in only 13 countries, while the marketing of Postinor 2 is in 42 nations.

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