Difference Between Quilt and Blanket (With Table)

Quilt vs Blanket

Winter means want of coziness and some extra warmness to our sleep, to simply put a season of Quilts and Blankets. With this, we start pondering too many ideas clubbed with confusion about whether to buy Quilt or Blanket, so that we can fully enjoy the comfy and snug sleep.

Both have a similar use i.e. warming up the chilly winter nights. The Quilt or Blanket serving a person’s need may or may not serve the same purpose for another person.

To answer what is right for you? One needs to have a correct understanding of the individual product like what are they? How they are made up? Are they light or heavy? and many more.

A Quilt has three layers i.e. top, middle batting, and bottom. Different pieces of fabrics are stitched to give a complex pattern to the top layer of the Quilt.

The middle layer of batting is made up of wool and the bottom is made from a solid fabric. All three layers of the Quilt are stitched altogether to make it one single piece.

A Blanket is just made up of a single type of fabric such as fleece, cashmere, polyester, acrylic, cotton, wool, or a blend of polyester & cotton, which is woven with a loom. Generally, wool is widely used to make Blanket this makes it warmer and thicker.


Comparison Table Between Quilt and Blanket (in Tabular Form)

Parameter of ComparisonQuiltBlanket
DefinitionQuilt is a three-layer fabric, where the first layer is used to give pattern or design, middle layer as a batting that provides warmth, and bottom layer to offer softness.A Blanket is a single-piece fabric i.e. wool, cotton, fleece, etc. woven with the help of loom.
SizeHeavy & ThickerThick but not heavy.
LayeringThree-layered fabric.A single layer of fabric exists.
LookThe top layer and bottom layer are different. The top-most layer is used to give pattern and beautiful look.Both sides are the same and generally are not decorated.


What is Quilt?

Quilts are available in an extensive assortment of stunning designs, colors, styles, and patterns, and at the same time, they also come in embroidered or embellished or decorative formats.

A quilt is a multilayered fabric i.e. top, middle, and bottom. Traditionally, the first layer is used to give an attractive look of patchwork where different colors or pieces of fabric are put together to give a unique texture or pattern of design, but a single piece of fabric can also be used.

The second layer also called batting or wadded, is a thick and fluffy piece of wool, cotton, polyester, or down. This layer offers warming in the Quilt. The last and bottom layer of the Quilt is generally a single soft but solid piece of fabric.

A sewing technique called “Quilting” is used to stitch all three layers together because of which they are called Quilts. Generally, a simple stitch is done using a straightforward criss-cross method but many manufacturers also use complex and abundant methods of stitching to give it a dazzling pattern.

Today, Quilts are very popular not because of their use but because of their aesthetic & artistic qualities and look. There are many other techniques are also used in sewing Quilts such as Appliqué, Trapunto, Foundation Piecing, English Paper Piecing, Embellishment.

With Quilts, you can snuggle in bed under the cozy layers that give a sleepy warm feeling, especially in the unrelenting winter season

How quilt looks like

What is the Blanket?

A blanket is a single layer rectangular sized fabric that is widely used in the chilling season to get a warm and coziest feeling while you rest or sleep. Traditionally, wool is used to woven the blanket as it makes it a little warmer and thicker plus soft too.

Cashmere, fleece, down, knitted polyester, synthetic fabric, cotton, vellux, and acrylic can also be used to woven a blanket. Although blankets have simple look with easy texture and patterns, many manufacturers also use exotic crafting & material like silk covering to give it an aesthetic and pleasing look.

Both sides of the blanket are the same and they are woven not stiched. The insulative properties of the fiber used in the blanket keep the person warm in cold winter because fiber easily traps the warmth or heat from the body of the person.

Blankets made from wool are breathable too and can wick the moisture or sweat away from the body. Another amazing fact about the woolen blanket is that they are fire-resistant also.

Blankets have a smooth texture and soft plush. Cotton Blankets are really great for babies and people who have sensitive skin. They can also be used in spring & autumn with air conditioning.

Blanket on bed
Blanket on bed

Main Differences Between Quilt and Blanket

In a chilling winter night no matter whether you get a Quilt or a Blanket you’ll feel warmer.

Having a Quilt or Blanket may not make any difference to you in that scenario when you don’t have the option to choose from but if you get the chance to choose then what will you prefer?

The answer to this purely depends on whether you know the difference between Quilt and Blanket; else both are the same for you.

  1. The Quilt is a multi-layered i.e. a three-layer fabric whereas Blanket is a single-piece fabric.
  2. Quilts are stitched using Quilting technique, whereas Blankets are woven.
  3. The top and bottom layer of the Quilt is different, whereas both sides of the Blanket are the same.
  4. Quilts are heavy and thick, whereas Blankets are not very heavy.
  5. The Quilt is a square-shaped, whereas Blanket is rectangular.
  6. Blankets have insulative properties and are fire resistance whereas Quilts are not.
  7. Blankets are much softer then Quilts.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Quilt and Blanket

  1. Is a comforter the same as a blanket?

    Yes, both comforter and blanket are the same in one way.

    But they are not interchangeable as comforter is used in formal speech, and blankets are used in informal speech.

    A comforter is thick and large, which is only used on the bed, but a blanket is smaller and thin, which can be used for many purposes.

  2. What is the purpose of a throw blanket?

    A throw blanket is designed with decorative colors and patterns for decoration.

    Throw blankets are comparatively smaller than the blankets and are warmer.

    They are often used on the back of a chair or couch instead of a bed. Small children also enjoy the warmth and coziness under throw blanket as they are light in weight.

  3. What is the warmest material for a blanket?

    A thick blanket blocks the cold air, which tries to take your body heat away.

    Some of the warmest materials for warm blankets are wool, cotton, acrylic, cashmere, and fleece, which trap warm air and give your body warmth.

    Hence, a thick blanket with the warmest material like wool, cotton, cashmere, etc. is a good choice in the cold.

  4. Which quilt is warmest?

    Feather quilt, microfiber quilt, and down quilt are the warmest quilts which one can use as they contain a lot of heat.

    They can be used in any cold climate, winter, or if you are a cold sleeper.

    Goose feather and down is the best choice for quilt than duck feather and down as it is warmer with less fill of material.

  5. Does a quilt go over a comforter?

    Yes, a quilt always goes over a comforter as it displays the patterns and colors, which make the bed more appealing.

    It is always a good choice to put a lightweight quilt over the comforter so that the comforter can stay fluffy.

  6. Can I put a quilt in a duvet cover?

    Yes, you can put a quilt in a duvet cover, but it may not work well for you.

    Comforters are the best to place in duvet cover as it has duvet loops, which helps the corner of the comforters to be placed properly.

    As a comforter is fluffy and thick, it adjusts in the cover so well.
    But a quilt has to be placed with safety pins in order to maintain the corners, which may damage the fabric.

    Comforter clips or grips can be used to set the quilt properly in the duvet cover depending on the type of quilt.



You always get a nostalgic feeling in winters if you don’t get the warmth especially while sleeping or resting. Quilt and Blanket both are very great options to choose, what makes it different is your taste and style.

As some people like the striking looks of the Quilts as it goes well with there home décor while others like the natural properties of the Blankets.

No matter what you choose to buy both are excellent options to get snuggled in the chilly season of winters.


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