Difference Between Relation and Relationship

Living beings always live in a close-knit community. The man by nature is a social being.

Even though man is the most evolved of all the living beings he still retains a natural instinct to live in a society.

People are living and interacting with family and relatives in a set manner for ages. 

But with the development of technology and economic progress, this kind of system seems to be crumbling down.

Nowadays people are so involved in their schedules that they do not have the time for anybody else.

But this is not good. Human relations and relationships are necessary and lack of this could be the reason for the increase in cases of anxiety, depression, etc.

Humans have emotional needs and thus relations and relationships play a crucial role in the social life of humans.

Hence, Relations and relationships of any form, whether it is with family or friends have to be nurtured.

Relation vs Relationship

The main difference between Relation and Relationship is that Relation is the manner two people may be associated whereas Relationship means the connection or association between people.

Relation vs Relationship

Comparison Table Between Relation and Relationship

Parameters of ComparisonRelationRelationship
DefinitionRelation is the association humans have with someone or somethingRelationship is the association or connection between people
ContextIt is a Formal associationIt is an Informal association
Connection with whomDescribes connection with big groups like countries, etcDescribes connection with small groups
PeopleUsed to compare or connect two peopleUsed to show how people are connected
AssociationWill show association between people as well as thingsWill show an association between people

What are Relations?

A Relation is an association that one has with someone which includes all types of interactions whether it is personal or non-personal.  

Human relations play a vital role in the life of any person. This is because any association is focused and relations play an important role for individuals.

Relations are described by the form it takes and normally relatives are also called relations.  

One important aspect of a relation is to effectively communicate with each other.

If communication is not effective then no relation would last or be satisfactory. People should understand each other well.

Empathy and understanding are also other factors. Never make assumptions in a relation. Having mutual respect is a positive value towards each other.

International Human Relations Studies show that mutual respect is important between two people. Only when this is there can people associate without any fear of reprisal and value each other views.

To maintain a good relation give and take is also a necessity. Exchanging gifts on special days is good as it is a good token of mutual love and affection.

Respect the elder relatives and if they do something for you always reciprocate by giving them their due respect as this improves relations.

Relations in the workplace also affect your professional life. At an organization, people from different walks of life and different backgrounds come to work.

Thus, the relation between employees and the organization is the medium through which performance can be portrayed.

Interaction between people of a group influences the productivity of the team.

Human Relations Experts say that maintaining a good relation with each other enhances the economy and it becomes easy to accomplish tasks.

There are different types of Relations some of which are:

  1. Parent-Child Relation: This is a very special relation. It is cemented by nature. This relation goes beyond anything and is the fundamental of all relations.
  2. Friendship: This is a long-term relation that grows sweeter with age. It involves a lot of love and respect for each other.
  3. Neighbor Relation: This relation involves a wish to be the guardian of the other. It does not mean running each other’s affairs but safeguarding the well being of each other.
  4. Enmity: Generally humans strive to find and exploit the vulnerabilities of one another which leads to a lot of enmity in relations.

What are Relationships?

Relationship means the association between people formed by emotional connections and interactions.  A relationship could be unique to someone or an emotional connection to some.

Relationships are always evolving. To keep relationships alive we need inspiration and social support. 

A relationship could be with family, friends, romantic, or with business partners. Each of them has its importance in man’s life.

A child’s early experiences also help in his ability to form a stable relationship. Man tries to enter into a relationship at every stage in his life.

To maintain a strong relationship a lot of care and communication is required. Everyone needs to have a relationship.

The need to have a relationship arises to stay happy, feel loved, and share your feelings. 

Relationships also help to know yourself better. As a man grows older, his relationship also transforms. T

hus relationship depends on the bond between two people who like each other mutually, understand each other ,or need one another.

Communication is the starting of every relationship. Hence, to have a healthy relationship communication is important. A relationship fails due to mistrust when there is no communication.

If trust is absent any relationship whether it is family or friends is bound to fail.

There are several relationships in the life of humans. Some of them are :

  1. Family Relationship: This forms the basis of all relationships. It includes family members like parents, children, grandparents, siblings, etc.  
  2. Romantic Relationship: This relationship is based on a strong affection. It is said to be one of the strongest and closest of all relationships.
  3. Friendship: A child makes friends based on his likes and dislikes. As we grow old we make a lot of new friends and this relationship happens at every stage of our life. Friendship is said to be that special gift given by God to humans with whom we share a lot of resonating feelings.
  4. Acquaintances: We encounter so many people in our daily life. They need not be friends or relatives. They could just be our neighbors, someone we meet at the park or while traveling.  

Main Differences Between Relation and Relationship

  1. The basic difference between Relation and Relationship is that Relation is the association or the way people are connected while a relationship is an association or the connection itself.
  2. Relations are a formal association whereas relationships are mostly informal.
  3. A Relation is a member of one’s family whereas a Relationship is a way two people are involved with each other
  4. Relations describes the connection between big groups, countries, etc whereas relationship describes small groups
  5. A relation is to compare and or connect two people whereas a Relationship is how people are connected
  6. A relation is generally used to show the association between people as well as things whereas a Relationship is used to show the connection between people
Difference Between Relation and Relationship


Whether it is Relation or Relationship both are not built just over a day. Both need constant attention and focus. No one can claim that he is self-sufficient and does not need anyone.

Every human being needs each other for his physical and emotional needs.

Relation and Relationships should be nurtured and enjoyed with all either with family, friends, and colleagues. Only then the quality of life gets enhanced.

Relations and Relationships will take time but if you invest in them wisely then life will seem much more enjoyable!


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