Ruger MK 1 vs Ruger MK 2: Difference and Comparison

Ruger is a well-known brand concerning guns such as rifles and pistols. Regarding handguns, the MK I and its sequel, the MK II, are by far the most prevalent. 22-calibre ammunition.

The MK II, as its sequel, introduced various new features and small improvements that improved the MK I.

Key Takeaways

  1. Ruger MK-1 is the original model, while Ruger MK-2 is an improved version with better features and performance.
  2. Ruger MK-2 has a bolt stop and better sights than the Ruger MK-1.
  3. Ruger MK-2 is available in more configurations and finishes than Ruger MK-1.

Ruger MK 1 vs Ruger MK 2

Ruger MK 1 and Ruger MK 2 differ because Ruger MK 1 does not sport a slide stop. Meanwhile, the Ruger MK 2 does. After the last round is discharged, a slide stop compels the slide to stay open. This indicates to the gun bearer that they have no more bullets in their magazines. The Ruger MK 2 is the Ruger MK 1’s successor.

Ruger MK 1 vs Ruger MK 2

Ruger MK 1 was formerly known as the Ruger Standard model. It was the first firearm their production company composed, debuting in 1949.

This was the first fair representation of a long Rifle assets cartridge pistol with a .22 rounds brand portfolio.

The Standard model and its descendants were invented by specialist William B. Ruger and became the most popular and profitable .22 semi-automatic pistols ever manufactured.

Ruger MK 2 auto Pistol was released in 1982. The MK II has a 10-round magazine, is lighter (around 1.01kg), that has modest trigger adjustments.

The Ruger MK II refined the Ruger MK I, including various improvements. It was still a blowback handgun with a locked barrel and mechanism as well as a tubular receiver.

These are among the elements that seem to be swapped out with prior models.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonRuger MK 1Ruger MK 2
The year they were introduced in19501982
Number of bullets they hold9 bullets10 bullets
Barrel alternativesLesser barrel combinationsIncreased barrel combinations
Slide stopNoYes

What is Ruger MK 1?

The MK I Target pistol, presented in 1950, was essentially the same as the Standard pistol. However, it possessed a 6.875-inch (17.46 cm) barrel, a customizable target type mechanism, a “Micro” sight that was completely expandable, and the front view blade was shortened to reduce glare.

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The magazine was kept in place by a latch on the underside of the gripping structure and carried 9 rounds.22 Long Rifle ammo. A 5.25-inch (13.3 cm) barreled variant of the MK I Target was introduced to the range in 1952.

It was only produced in 1957, rendering it a valuable rarity presently.

In 1963, Ruger introduced a 5.5-inch (14-cm) hefty bull-chambered variant of the MK I Target that rapidly became popular as one of the most common configurations for Ruger Target MK guns.

Target variants, like their siblings, received the A 100 grip frame revision in 1971.

The Standard model, or Ruger MK 1, has been a game-changer since it lacks the slide featured on pistols. Instead, it has a cylinder mechanism that revolves from the interior of a tubular barrel, similar to a rimfire rifle.

The pistol’s bolt has to project “ears” at the back, gripped and dragged backwards to extract the first round and crank the motion. The Mk 1 was eventually superseded by the more renowned Mk 2 and Mk 3.

ruger mk 1

What is Ruger MK 2?

Ruger Mk 2 has a massive 8’12-inch bull barrel (10 if we extend it all around to action) with interchangeable sights.

Aside from looking nice on the pistol, the retractable sights operate with a screwdriver and are incredibly accurate when correctly set.

With a long, hefty bull barrel, movable sights, and low recoil, this is an extremely accurate small blinker or deer hunting gun.

The Ruger MK 2 is blued, but it seems to be a deep black. The bolt and triggers are bright stainless steel, complementing the gun’s deep black finish.

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The Ruger emblem is placed into the right-hand side of the grip, once more in stainless steel, which perfectly complements the gun’s design. This rifle is quite comfortable to hold.

With manufacture beginning in 1982, the Ruger MK II was employed for training purposes by numerous organizations, including the US Army, as well as significant use as a target pistol in its ‘Target’ variant.

The US Navy also used the MK II Suppressed variant.

The Ruger MK II was eventually superseded in 2004 by the Ruger MK III, an improved version of the original “Standard.” The MK II’s manufacture continued for another year before ceasing in 2005, with remaining inventories distributed to showrooms worldwide.

ruger mk 2

Main Differences Between Ruger MK 1 and Ruger MK 2

  1. The Ruger MK 1 was originally launched in 1950, while the Ruger MK 2 was first introduced in 1982.
  2. The Ruger MK 1 magazine carries fewer bullets than the Ruger MK II magazine, which stores one bullet higher than the MK I magazine.
  3. The Ruger MK 1 has fewer barrel choices; however, the Ruger MK 2 has more barrel combinations from length to design.
  4. The Ruger MK 1 lacks scallops at the back, whereas the Ruger MK 2 has.
  5. The Ruger MK I does not incorporate a slide stop, whereas the Ruger MK 2 has.

Last Updated : 28 June, 2023

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