Difference Between Science Fiction and Fantasy

Science Fiction is very popular nowadays due to the scenes shown, or the story is made using science fiction. Films to books are very popular due to their science fiction story people love to read and watch such films.


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Fantasy is always about the characters who cannot be there in real life and always pointing to a thing that will have no connection with the modern world.

Key Takeaways

  1. Science fiction explores plausible futures or alternative realities grounded in scientific principles and technological advancements.
  2. Fantasy creates imaginary worlds, creatures, and magic systems that do not need to adhere to the laws of science or reality.
  3. Science fiction can inspire innovation and provoke ethical debates, while fantasy encourages creativity and the exploration of human values.

Science Fiction vs Fantasy

The difference between Science Fiction and Fantasy is Science Fiction always takes the modern-day elements and uses them as a more developed element that will be or can be found in the world, but Fantasy is impossible which has no connection with the modern world. Fantasy gets created by any supernatural element.

Science Fiction vs Fantasy

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Science Fiction has always used modern-day technologies and shown them as a more developed element, or it can be made in the modern-day. The world has such things due to which the stories have a connection with the technologies used presently.

Science Fiction always uses science and technological aspects.

Fantasy is a genre that uses supernatural aspects and has no connection with the modern world. It does not use any reality in it. The things which are shown or written in fantasy are not reality, and creation is impossible in the real world. Fantasy is an imaginary world.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonScience FictionFantasy
ShowsAdvanced technological futureMythical world
Modern World ConnectionYesNo
Possibility in futureYesNo
Based on Facts Supernatural elements
ImaginationYes but it will be in the real worldYes but will never come real
UsesScience, TechnologyImaginary concepts od the author

What is Science Fiction?

Science Fiction can show some hyper-technological things, but it can be turned into reality. These things are possible as it uses modern-day technologies and gives a different touch in it.

The things shown in Science Fiction can contain some robots, but it is possible in the future as the technologies can be further developed.

The things can be made in reality. It may be imaginary, but it has a possibility that it can be made in the real world. It uses scientific facts, and everything is about reality. The things used in Science Fiction are influenced by reality. It is connected to the modern technique.

There are many types of Science Fiction genres. It can be divided into several things. The different genres are interesting and make science fiction look amazing.

The various types are hard science fiction, military science fiction, superhuman, space, alternate history, and many more. There is no supernatural thing in science fiction.

Science Fiction is always based on reality and has some ground rules. The rules are taken from science, and the technology which exists in the real world and is possible with the human mind can be made.

Science Fiction shows the possibility of change in the future and marks the development in the future.

science fiction

What is Fantasy?

Fantasy is all about imagination. These things do not exist in reality. It cannot be found in reality. It has no connection with the modern world.

It takes the help of the literature and makes stories with assumptions. It is all about imagination. There is no possibility of the characters or the story in real life.

It is made by using any myth or imaginative creature. The world shown in the Fantasy cannot be made in the real world. All imagination is a key aspect of Fantasy. The rules or the plans in the story are created by the author. Fantasy is a human‘s imagination that is not present in the real world.

Fantasy shows mythical creatures. Fantasy uses imaginary concepts. The concepts are laid by the authors. There can be a traditional touch, but the concept is all about imagination.

They can use magic and has no logic influenced by science. There is no logic like science. Fantasy has no connection with the modern world.

Fantasy also uses science fiction, but it uses in such a way that it cannot be true in the modern world. Reality is shown in fantasy land, and it does not exist in the real world. The author can picturise the world as the author wants. The creatures are made according to the author’s imagination.


Main Differences Between Science Fiction and Fantasy

  1. Science Fiction shows a hyper-technological future, but Fantasy shows mythical creatures.
  2. Science Fiction keeps the story connected to the modern world, but Fantasy has no connection with the modern world.
  3. Science Fiction shows the possibility of change in the future, but Fantasy is impossible.
  4. Science Fiction is always about facts, but Fantasy is always about supernatural elements.
  5. Imaginary things in Science fiction are possible, but fantasy is impossible.
  6. Science Fiction always uses science and technology, but Fantasy uses imaginary concepts. 
Difference Between Science Fiction and Fantasy
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