Sezane vs Rouje: Difference and Comparison

Both of them started online and have a huge number of customers who love their brands for their amazing clothes with a touch of chic.

Key Takeaways

  1. Sezane and Rouje are French fashion brands, but Sezane offers a wider variety of products, including clothing, shoes, and accessories, while Rouje focuses on clothing and makeup.
  2. Sezane offers sustainable and ethical fashion options, while Rouje focuses on creating timeless and classic pieces.
  3. While Sezane has a larger online presence and offers international shipping, Rouje primarily operates through its physical stores in Paris.

Sezane vs Rouje

Sezane is a fashion brand which sells different varieties of products. It includes clothes, shoes and different types of accessories. Sezane started its business by selling shoes and bags. The design of their clothes includes french work. Rouje sells clothes and makeup products. Rouje started their business by selling jeans and shirts. Rouje provides high-quality clothes and products.

Sezane vs Rouje

Sezane started its online store in 2013, Morgane Sezalory. It was loved by people due to its amazing style of shoes and bags. All the designs were so stunning, and yet it continues the maintenance of the quality of all the material.

Rouje is a boutique which is situated in the heart of Paris. It was started by French Model and style icon Jeanne Damas. It is famous for its T-shirts and jeans.


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Comparison Table

Parameter Of ComparisonSezaneRouje
FounderMorgane SezaloryJeanne Damas
Initial productsShoes, BagsT-shirts, Jeans
Added productsClothesAccessories
Collaboration for artistic piecesIndia, Italy, Portugal, China, BulgariNo
LocationParis, Lille, Aix, New YorkParis

What is Sezane?

The founder of Sezane is Morgane Sezalory. It began with shoes and bags. It then extended its brand to clothes and accessories.

Every design is intricate and done with a lot of hard work. It symbolizes French femininity. It not only focuses on French work on clothes but mixes the French touch with artwork from all around the world.

Portugal’s leatherwork is sustainable. This is in Porto. It takes embroidery work and cotton clothes from India. This is in New Delhi. They take up artisanal leather from Italy.

The weaving materials from Bulgari are situated in the Sofia area. It all started in France. She had some vintage pieces which she designed, and Sezane was born.

What is Rouje?

The founder of Rouje is Jeanne Damas. She is a French model. Her organization focuses on making daily clothes stylish and chic.

There are many kinds of jeans, and especially the high-waisted jeans are very famous of this brand. This is a boutique which is situated in the heart of Paris.

It adds a women’s touch to all the vintage styles. The old fashion gets a Western touch, and people love it due to the warm quality of clothes.

The quality is maintained, and the prices are high. It also has dresses made with amazing designs that can be worn throughout the year.

Main Differences Between Sezane and Rouje

  1. Sezane takes up artistic works from all around the world and then adds them to their clothes, and Rouje does all its cloth work in Paris.
  2. Sezane is available in Paris, Aix, Lille, New York, and London, but Rouje is situated in Paris.

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