Epilator vs Shaver: Difference and Comparison

Is there a permanent solution to get rid of body hair? The most asked question by girls on the internet. Yes, laser hair removal can do good. However, an Epilator and Shaver is a less painful but more transient solution for the slow growth of hair. Meanwhile, there are several other methods to remove body hair, such as waxing, depilatory, shaving, threading, plucking, epilating, etc. 

Key Takeaways

  1. An epilator is a device that uses multiple tweezers to pull hair out from the root, while a shaver is a device that cuts hair at the skin level.
  2. Epilators provide longer-lasting hair removal, as the hair is removed from the root, while shavers only provide short-term hair removal.
  3. Epilators may be more painful than shavers, as they pull hair out from the root, while shavers are relatively painless.

Epilator vs Shaver

An epilator is an electrical device used to remove hair mechanically by grabbing multiple hairs simultaneously and pulling them out. Shaver can be an electric or non-electric device used to cut off hair from the skin’s surface. It is also called a razor and is an instant remedy to remove hair.

Epilator vs Shaver

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The epilator comes like a charger, where the tweezers are turned on through the current supply. It is akin to a waxing procedure but with the help of power. Also, it helps to remove the hair from the root, besides not engendering any further hair to regrow. Epilators function by pulling out multiple growths of hair simultaneously with the help of electricity. 

On the other hand, Shaver could be either electric or non-electric. It is more recognized as a razor. Unlike epilators, Shaver is operated with the help of batteries to shave off body hair. They cut off hair from the surface of the skin. Moreover, they are the instant remedy to get rid of hair. 

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonEpilator Shaver
Meaning Epilator is an electronic razer that removes public hair from the body. Epilators connect with a plug form that is rechargeable and battery-operated designs. Shaver is also an electric shaver or razor; which removes body hair. Shaver connects with DC motors or rechargeable batteries. 
History Epilator was invented in 1986 in the name of Epilady which was originally manufactured in the Mepro company of Kibbutz HaGoshrim. Shaver was invented in 1915 by German engineer Johann Bruecker. Previously; Electric shaver was made only for dry skins and later introduced for both wet and dry body skin. 
How to use Epilator is used, when you plug the cord in the switch and turn ON the device button to operate. You should place the epilator around 90 degrees angle to the skin and hold the epilator loose to remove the body hair. Shaver comes with rechargeable batteries and should be placed against the direction of your hair growth. The electric shaver works in a circular direction and some in a straightway. 
TypesThere are four types of epilator invented to remove body hair- String epilator, Rotating Disc Epilator, Tweezer epilator and Wet Use epilator. These five types of shaver such as Disposable shaver, Cartridge Shaver, Safety shaver, Electric Shaver and Straight shaver. 
BenefitsWhile using Epilator, you will get smooth body hair and also the growth of body hair would be thin like Baby Hairs. In the case of using Shaver, it’s eco-friendly as well as affordable. Shaver is a potent use and also reduces hair growth for 3 weeks at least. 

What is Epilator?

An epilator is an electrical device used by most women to do away with body hair. They come as a device with a charger alongside a battery. Epilators might take a while to get rid of the hair. However, it is very effective, as it removes hair from the root. Thereby, the shaved portion shall have its regrowth of hair a little delayed. Having that said, it also brings a lot of pain while using an epilator on it. As I said, it fires from the root.

In 1986, Israel developed a piece named ‘Epilady’ by combining a coil spring, where one side is tightly squeezed while another is apart. With this mechanism, the hairs are plucked out by the rotary coils across the skin from the root. Over above, there are four types of Epilators. Meanwhile, the first one is called Spring, which is the advent of this device. With this note, it is none other than Epilady. 

Subsequently, the second one is of rotating disc type, where metallic discs are put in instead of coils. Thirdly, tweezer happened to make its debut and is still rocking its business to this day. Tweezers help to discard the body hair across the skin through their constant cycle of gripping, pulling, extracting, and discarding processes. Lastly, the wet-type epilators don’t allow passage of current, but a rechargeable battery to shave off. 

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What is Shaver?

Coming to the latter topic, a shaver could either be an electric or a feeble tool to remove hair from the top of your skin. They come as a rechargeable device with a small DC motor. In 1898, Col. J Schick kinda discovered the first electric shaver. However, Col. Jacob Schick found the methodical device useful. 

In 1930, Phillips launched its first shaver, which has been in use since then. On the other hand, the attachment of rubber and metal elements to the shavers was introduced by Roland Ullman in Germany. 

In the meantime, there are two types of shavers: Foil and Rotary. The first one has a base of cutting edges, while the latter has three rotatory rollers to smoothly clear off the hair. 

The shaver functions in such a way by cutting off hair on the surface by lifting the razors between the clamps. Shaving leads to clean-shaven skin, either through wet-shaving or dry-shaving. It enables the removal of hair from the skin rather than from the root. Furthermore, it is a quick and painless method to get rid of body hair. 

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Main Differences Between Epilator and Shaver

  1. The epilator comes in corded, which has to be connected to the Switch Board, whereas Shaver has batteries to operate. 
  2. There are four types of Epilator such as- Spring Type comes with a coil spring, and the Rotating Disc type is similar to a Spring epilator that uses a metal disc instead of a coil spring. Moreover, the Tweezer epilator is a plucking type, and the Wet Use epilator is used either for wet or dry skin. On the other hand, Shaver has five types. A disposable shaver can be discarded once it has been used, and Cartridge Shaver comes with three or four razors attached to the shaver. Furthermore, a Safety shaver is a traditional razor where a blade is attached between metal, Electric Shaver is plugged in an electricity connection, and a Straight shaver is a plain metal blade. 
  3.  An epilator is also known as Epilady, which was invented in 1986 by the Mepro company, whereas Shaver was introduced in 1915 by a German Engineer.
  4. Epilator is operated when the device is turned on, albeit Shaver comes with rechargeable batteries. 
  5. Using an Epilator, body hair growth is thin and grows within 3 months, whereas Shaver is a versatile use that grows body hair within 3 weeks.
Difference Between Epilator and Shaver
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Last Updated : 13 July, 2023

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