Difference Between Shortpixel and Ewww

For any website with images, the images must download fastest with the best quality. But often large images take time to download which in turn affects the SEO.


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To have the best performance of the site, a smaller and lesser number of images are used. The two best platforms for image compression are Shortpixel and Ewww.

Key Takeaways

  1. ShortPixel and EWWW are image optimization plugins used in WordPress to reduce the size of images on a website.
  2. ShortPixel uses a cloud-based image optimization service, while EWWW provides an image optimization API.
  3. ShortPixel has a simpler user interface and offers more options for image optimization, while EWWW is more technical and offers more customization options.

Shortpixel vs Ewww

Shortpixel is an API (application programming interface) that compresses and optimizes images that is available to users for free or by subscription. It improves SEO of a website. Ewww (Exactly WWW) is a plugin that compresses and optimises images manually or automatically. It is only available on subscription.

Shortpixel vs Ewww

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Shortpixel caters to a wide range of customers. There are featured features available in various versions like a free trial, freemium, one-time license, and subscription-based.

The feature can range from high visual quality to low visual quality and the weight of the image would be accordingly.

On the other hand, Ewww caters to a specific range of customers. The features of Ewww are available only in paid version for which various subscription plans have to be bought.

The features are of experienced users since it allows detailed information and alterations. It can be deployed in SaaS, Web, and Cloud and not in Windows.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonShortpixelEwww
Launch It was launched in November 2014 It was launched in 2017
ProcedureThe images are pulled from the site of the user and copies onto the cloudThe images can be compressed automatically as well as manually
Customer service 24×7 live and online optionOnline option
Deployment area In SaaS, Web, Cloud and installed – windows In SaaS, Web, and Cloud
Pricing modelIt is available in four models – free trial, freemium, one-time license, and subscription-basedIt is only available upon subscription

What is Shortpixel?

Shortpixel is an API (Application Programming Interface) that works to optimize and compress images. It is the most popular optimization plugin for WordPress. It is advanced software.

The audience of the short pixel is various businesses that aim to improve the performance of their website through the compressing and resizing of images.

Shortpixel optimizes photos and makes them smaller in size but conveys the same idea visually. The API uses the images from the cloud of the device.

These optimized images download quickly and have a better ranking on Google Insights. For any query or support, there is a 24×7 live consultation option. It is updated regularly.

Shortpixel provides three types of algorithms for image optimization. These types are lossless, smooth, and glossy.

Glossy provides the best optimization with the same pixel-to-pixel quality of original images.

Shortpixel is available in a free version with basic features and paid version with advanced features. The price of the package is affordable.

Shortpixel had two image-based plugins of WordPress. They are called the Image Optimizer plugin and Adaptive Image plugin. Shortpixel functions on image and media of Content Delivery Network.

The images of compression can be used for hosting on the servers as Shortpixel has a huge international audience. It not only compresses images but also PDFs and other documents.

What is Ewww?

Ewww stands for Exactly WWW. Ewww works automatically, as it compresses the new images that have been uploaded in the gallery of media. The current photo on the website can also be optimized.

Ewww is also beneficial in converting files into better format. This helps in downloading the image faster and boosts the performance of the website.

Ewww does not offer any free version. All the features are paid for and need a subscription plan to access. Ewww also has drawbacks.

The users need to override every configuration option manually with wp_config. Users who are not much familiar with manual alterations can have faulty results.

Another disadvantage of using Ewww is that it compresses the file by only 20%. It produces responsive images which are easily downloadable on any type of screen size. There are over 800,000 trusted users of Ewww. The best part about Ewww is that it is actively updated and new features are added almost every day.

Ewww is built for power users. Users that love to dive deep into the details and appreciate tiny improvements. It has numerous configuration options which can be confusing for new users.

The paid features are expensive but have intricate detailing. It also provides compression for images in bulk.

Main Difference Between Shortpixel and Ewww

  1. Shortpixel is the largest platform in image compression while Ewww is the second-largest platform in image compression and optimization.
  2. Shortpixel offers good features in the free version but Ewww does not provide any feature without a plan or subscription.
  3. The features of Shortpixel are affordable and cost-effective while the features of Ewww are expensive than Shortpixel.
  4. Shortpixel does not provide intricate changes and details while Ewww provides intricate details and changes in the tiniest designs.
  5. The customer service of Shortpixel is of two types – the 24×7 service and the online interaction option while the customer service of Ewww is only available through the online mode,
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