Difference Between Sleep and Tired

Sleep and Tired are two different terms that denote two different states of the human body. Firstly the stated of sleep is when a body is in a condition of the body in which the nervous system is totally at rest.

While on the other hand, Tired is a state of a body in need of rest.

Sleep is a state of the body in which every kind of stress and mind is literally at rest. The nervous system as well as the muscles are totally at rest. Almost every human being several hours sleeps every night.

Everybody usually needs to sleep for at least six to seven hours.

Tired is a state of the human body in which the body need rest and require a break. A human body after lots of work body is said to be as tired. We feel tired as all our energies drain out.

Tiredness doesn’t always come by working physical works but also by mental works. 

Sleep vs Tired

The main difference between sleep and tired is that Sleep is a state where the body is totally at rest but tired is a state while the body is totally in the opposite situation. The human body and mind is a very difficult thing to understand but we can clearly understand these two terms are very much different from each other.

Sleep vs Tired

Sleep is a state where the nervous system rests from which the body gets its energy to work. The body slows down in this state and the digestive system also works slowly and efficiently in this state.

Every part of the body works more efficiently in the state of sleep and gathers more energy.

Tiredness is a state when the body is restless and in need of peace.

This state doesn’t always mean that it is due to physical work, tiredness can also happen due to mental or brain works like working on a laptop or playing video games, etc. Thus a person can be tired from any kind of work.

Comparison Table Between Sleep and Tired

Parameters of Comparison SleepTired
State of Body The body while sleep is totally at rest The body when its tired is restless
Feeling Sleeps helps the body to feel energetic and good The tiredness in a body makes it less energetic and more restless
Scientific meaning When the nervous system is totally at rest and relaxed When the body worked out and no energy is left 
Result The result of sleep can be helpful as well as distressing depending on the circumstances but usually it helps in healing the body The results of being tired is distress and lessening of the capacity of doing work.
Cause Sleep can come to a person due to many reasons like being tired and usually at night it’s common of a person to fall asleep A person can be tired due to doing work continuously or many other reasons

What is Sleep?

When in need of rest or regular recharge our body finds a way to recharge itself by the process of sleep. Sleep is a process in which the whole body is at rest and it gives energy to the body.

This process of sleep for some hours helps the body to heap its restless state. 

The whole nervous system in process stays calm and every muscle of the body stay relaxed. As the muscles and nerves stay calm and relaxed it helps the body to heal itself from all the restlessness.

Every part of the body gets proper care in this state of sleep.

While sleeping due to less pressure in requirement of energy for work other parts of the body gets proper attention.

The blood flow of each part happens smoothly and the digestive system also works more efficiently and slowly instead of fast digestion. 

At this state the body is at rest, eyes are closed and in a way, the mind is not active or unconscious.

This is a naturally recurring nature of human beings. Every human being (adults) require at least 7 to 8 hours a night. For children or teenagers, it is more. 

What is Tired?

When a bodywork for a long time that can be mentally or physically it can lead to this state of tiredness. In this state, the body usually feels that all the energies are drained out and in need of rest.

A person can also be tired just by sitting in front of the TV.

Mental stress or mental pressure can also make a person feel tired. It is not always mandatory that a person will always feel energetic after getting rest. Tiredness can sometimes even not be removed by sleep or rest.

Tiredness is not all about physical but also sometimes mental.

Being tired can also be due to many reasons like bad habits of sleeping less than required, unhealthy diet, lack of exercise, etc. All this can lead to permanent health issues if not taken into account.

Thus tiredness not be ignored and should be taken care of.

Tired is usually expressed by words like fatigue in a scientific field. In this state of tired a person feels weariness and are usually unable to accomplish any work properly or completely.

As the energies are all burnt out the body also loses all capacity to work clearly.

Main Differences Between Sleep and Tired

  1. When a body gets deprived of sleep usually creates different kinds of diseases while one can get tired by drinking caffeine. 
  2. Sleep is a very important part of human functioning while tiredness should not be a part of the human body to keep it healthy
  3. A person can be fresh and energetic if they have good sleep while if tired they feel total opposite like restless, headache, etc.
  4. One can get proper sleep by keeping the phone away before sleep or not using caffeine, etc on the other hand to come out of this state of ‘tired’ by following a few things like eating a proper diet, being healthy, doing exercises, getting a proper amount of good sleep, etc.
  5. People can have a good sleep by avoiding alcohol and as well as avoid tiredness but to avoid tiredness one can need sleep.
Difference Between Sleep and Tired


Sleep and Tired are two terms that are in a way different but also is connected. It’s not that sleep can always help in releasing tiredness but sometimes it can.

Sleep is a huge part of human life and it also helps us keep everything in proper function.

Tiredness should not be confused with sleepiness which is a different thing. The situation of tiredness only can tell the cause of it and the solution of it. Sleepy is when a person needs sleep doesn’t always mean the person is tired.


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