Difference Between Sofa and Couch

Choosing the best furniture for your house is sometimes very confusing. People tend to buy a piece of furniture without knowing much about them, and then it becomes useless.

Such examples are sofas and couches. Sofas and couches are always mistaken to be similar in terms of their purpose, but there are differences.

Sofa vs Couch

The main difference between Sofa and Couch is that Sofa is typically for seating purposes and is formal, whereas Couch is used for resting and lying down, and it’s informal. Sofa usually has a capacity of more than 3 people, whereas Couch has a capacity of 2 or a maximum of 3 people.

Sofa vs Couch

The sofa is generally a bigger piece of furniture which has a capacity of 3 or more than 3 people. They are typically used for sitting and tend to be more formal.

The couch is just like a sofa but is used for lying down and relaxing. It may or may not have armrests and back.

Comparison Table Between Sofa and Couch

Parameters of ComparisonSofaCouch
DefinitionA piece of seating furniture with armrests and back that is generally soft and thick.A couch is an upholstered piece of furniture which have reduced back and is used mainly for resting.
SizeThe sofas tend to be larger than a couch and takes up more floor space.The couch tends to be smaller than a sofa and takes up less floor space in comparison to a sofa.
CapacitySince of their bigger size, the capacity of sofas are 3 or more persons seating and length are approx 84 inches long.A couch is sixty inches in length and thus capacity of normally two persons or a maximum of 3 persons.
PurposeIt is mainly used for seating, and it’s more formal.It is mainly used for laying down and is informal.
OriginThe sofa came from the Arabic word “suffah,” which actually means wooden bench. The couch came from the French word “ couche,” which simply means to lie down.

What is Sofa?

An upholstered bench with 2 armrests, uniform back, covered with cushions is known as a sofa. It is furniture which is used mainly for sitting and has a capacity of 3 or more than 3 people.

The sofa has been originated from the Arabic word “suffah,” which means a wooden bench covered with cushions. It dates back to 2000 BC Egypt. A sofa is a perfect furniture for a living room.

A comfortable and beautiful sofa is usually very impressive, and it adds lots of character to the rooms. Moreover, They are mostly used almost everywhere, whether it’s a house or any office.

What is Couch?

A couch is like a sofa, an upholstered piece of furniture with a difference that they have a different purpose. Couches tend to be of an informal setting, and it is usually to lay down and rest.

A couch can have a capacity of 2-3 people, and they are very comfortable and relaxed. They are generally kept in cozy living rooms or entertainment rooms.

The origin of the word couch came from the french word “coucher,” which means to lie down. Couches give the feeling of being at home and relaxed.

Main Differences Between Sofa and Couch

  1. The sofa is a piece of furniture that is typically used for seating, whereas the Couch is an upholstered piece of furniture that is used for resting and lying down.
  2. The sofa can accommodate 3 or more than 3 people whereas Couch can accommodate 2-3 people. Sofas take up more floor space than couches.
  3. A sofa is much larger and longer in size and has 2 armrests, whereas a Couch is smaller in size and can have 1 armrest. Also, Sofas have uniform backs, whereas Couches have reduced backs or not back at all.
  4. Sofas are used more for formal settings and are kept in living rooms, whereas Couches are generally more informal settings and casual, usually kept in cozy living spaces or entertainment rooms.
  5. Sofa originated from the Arabic word “suffah,” which means a piece of wooden furniture, whereas Couch has originated from the French word “couche,” which means to lie down.
Difference Between Sofa and Couch


Comfortability should be your priority when it comes to choosing the right furniture. The quality of furniture equally matters when going to buy any furniture, whether it’s a sofa or a couch.

When choosing between sofa and couch, it should be kept in mind that for their use and the proper space for them. Since the sofa is larger than the couch, it needs more floor space while less space is covered by the Couch.


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