Tally vs QuickBooks: Difference and Comparison

Business accounting is the operation of recording, evaluating, and demonstrating financial negotiation and data. Businesses with their performance can be on track. Also, we can record everything from the onset till the end. It is very compound and time-devouring work if executed manually.


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Both of this software help focus on the company’s evolution and management as the software easily manages the accounting works. QuickBooks and Tally are accounting software which is widely popular in Indian trade.

QuickBooks has a monthly payment subscription with a better User Interface widely used by Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs). In contrast, Tally has a one-time remittance used mostly by enterprises and medium-sized industries.

Key Takeaways

  1. Tally is a popular accounting software primarily used in India, while Quickbooks is widely used in the US and other countries.
  2. Tally is known for its simplicity and affordability, while Quickbooks offers more advanced features and integrations.
  3. Tally is better suited for small businesses with basic accounting needs, while Quickbooks is ideal for medium to large businesses with complex financial operations.

Tally vs QuickBooks

The difference between Tally and QuickBooks is the link with the internet. It is absent in the case of Tally since it consists of a robust and well-maintained data server with itself. QuickBooks allows the user to link their files with the bank account, which makes their work quite comfortable for verification and other necessary work.

Tally vs QuickBooks

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonTallyQuickBooks
Introduced atInitial release: 2009
Stable release: 2020
Initial release: 1983
Stable release: 2019
ImplementationPersistent as well as Web-basedWeb-based
Developed byTally Solutions Private LimitedIntuit
Ideal usersBusinessman, Tax executivesAccountants, Businessman,
Tax executives
Corroborated byDesktopDesktop, Mobile
Operating DeviceWindowsWindows, IOS, Mac OS
Commercial inSmall to Mid-sized businessSmall to Mid-sized businesses,
The Necessity of
Not required – has its own
TDL language with strong
data network connection
Can link with online banking
CostLow-cost ERP – renewal is
.not needed – ONE TIME BUY

What is Tally?

Tally Solutions Private Limited developed the accounting software named “Tally”. This directing accounting software has a rival like a spirit with decades of experience and existence in the Indian market.

Indian business needs and regulatory regimes are importantly projected in this software which is one of the solitary reasons for the creation of this software. 

Over the last 30 years, this software’s structure has been popularly accepted and used. The firm dignifies itself on its easy-to-use platform and congenital attributes.

Tally is potent software with the aspects and components that can regulate the accounting data of small or large businesses in any field with multiple business models.

PC with Windows XP or of more level can install this software smoothly. Though the software has quite a rich quality and exemplary execution, it slackens on user-friendliness and is unhandy.

Conserving and approaching the accounting information from this platform can only be performed by well-specialized experts in the software who possess accounting comprehension.

It is a misery for the persons unskilled in software. So, Tally is devoted only to businesses with zealous accounting executives.

Tycoons with no tally experience would also find it difficult to access and recognize account reports or company data generated by Tally. Tally in the Indian market has higher constraints and has a secure chain of people to guide businesses according to their Tally needs.

Tally is suitable for most businesses in India with all Indian tax regulations and has zero flaws as it has been personalized explicitly for Indian market standards.  


What is QuickBooks?

QuickBooks is one of the most popular epithets which are particularly rationalized for operations associated with accountancy. Intuit, a prominent accounting software company in the US, designs QuickBooks.

It is a cloud-based Online Accounting Software that is attainable in the Software-As-A-Service (SAAS) model. This software is constructed mainly for Indian businesses to work with ease, with the following unique features: 

  1. By-laws of Indian tax, 
  2. Ground-work for Indian currency and
  3. QuickBooks accounting information is integrated automatically with the firm’s bank remittance. 

It is quite popular among solitary recorders and small and large firms. The needs of freelancers and small to mid-sized companies are precisely taken care of. QuickBooks has become exceedingly colossal in the present world even though it was developed in 1983. The first model of QuickBooks was broadcasted in 2002. 

Consequently, QuickBooks is feasible for global scope since the software is unfolded with more attributes and processes. It is intended mainly for the growth of SMEs. Thereupon, the appearance and performance yielded by QuickBooks are sustainable to govern the accounting data of a small or medium-sized business in the service field. 

Assertive services like mechanized bank repayment data coordination, anticipated statement, etc., are readily accessible, making this software an amiable source. This software requires Zero external knowledge to make it convenient and handy to everyone. 


Main Differences Between Tally and QuickBooks

  1. Tally is easy to use for experts in accounting, but QuickBooks is feasible for anyone.
  2. While Tally is a professional software, QuickBooks is an amateur.
  3. The data in QuickBooks can be accessed anywhere through the Internet, while Tally has a personalized data server.
  4. The accounting data is integrated with the bank in QuickBooks.
  5. Tally is “ONE TIME BUY” software, whereas QuickBooks is expensive.
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