Difference Between Tenant Insurance and Renter’s Insurance

Insurance provides in way protection from loss. Person or company or entity which provides insurance are known as Insurer, and one who gets the benefits of purchase and insurance is called as a policyholder.


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Key Takeaways

  1. Tenant and renters insurance is the same, providing coverage for personal belongings and liability protection for renters.
  2. Tenant and renters insurance typically covers losses due to theft, fire, and other disasters and liability claims for injury or property damage.
  3. “tenant insurance” and “renters insurance” may be used interchangeably depending on the insurance company and geographic location.

Tenant Insurance vs Renter’s Insurance

The difference between Tenant and Renter’s Insurance is that in Tenant Insurance, the tenant possesses land or real estate for several years. Tenant Insurance is somewhat similar to Landowner’s Insurance. Because for a long time, it holds the rights as landowners. Renter’s Insurance safeguards the rights of the renter living in the house or apartment of the Landowner.  

Tenant Insurance vs Renters Insurance

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Tenant Insurance is in a way very much like Landowner’s Insurance as Tenant becomes a legal head of the property or land for a good amount of times or for an indeterminate time.

Renter’s Insurance is for the person who lives in the property but doesn’t own it. But they want to protect their personal belongings that are inside the house or property.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonTenant InsuranceRenter’s Insurance
DwellingIt is covered in Tenant Insurance.It is not covered by the Renter’s insurance.
Cost It is costlier than Renter’s insurance.It is less expensive. 
LiabilityPersonal Property and Liabilities are covered.All the liabilities are not covered.
OriginIt came in the year 1600s from London.It came in the year 1950s from America.
Best PolicyGeico, Metlife, Progressive, Foremost etc.Auto Club of Southern California, State Farm, ASI Progressive etc

What is Tenant Insurance?

Tenant Insurance gives the tenant a legal right, like a landlord or owner temporarily. Tenant Insurance consists of a property or land that is given to the tenant for a longer length.

Ownership of property is purchased, and it can be sold and bought according to Tenant Insurance. Insurance consists of terms of the agreement, contract and property law intertwined.

Tenant Insurance includes that tenant should be given physical possession. It should be able to have a habitable condition.

tenant insurance

What is Renter’s Insurance? 

Renter’s Insurance is a policy that is made for the renter to safeguard their rights. There are fewer benefits covered in the Renter’s Insurance, unlike Tenant Insurance.

In many rental properties, it is a must that a renter should have renter’s insurance. In the Renter’s insurance, three things are covered i.e.personal liability, loss of use and personal property.

For example, some companies will keep track of just their policies, while others will see both third-party policy and the company’s policy.

Main Differences Between Tenant Insurance and Renter’s Insurance

renters insurance
  1. Tenant Insurance came in the year 1600s from London and dates back to Middle Ages. Renter’s Insurance came in the year 1950s from America.
  2. Geico, Metlife, Progressive, Foremost etc., are some of the examples of Tenant Insurance. Auto Club of Southern California, State Farm, ASI Progressive etc. is some of the examples of Renter’s Insurance.
Difference Between Tenant Insurance and Renters Insurance
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