Upwork vs Freelancer: Difference and Comparison

The arena of freelancing is evolving at a much faster rate globally. Owing to the advancement of technology, the ways businesses operate are also shifting, thereby creating more opportunities for freelancers.

To ensure that freelancers can easily find their dream job, there are many websites for their assistance, such as Freelancer and Upwork.

Key Takeaways

  1. Upwork and Freelancer are online platforms connecting freelancers with clients looking for writing, design, programming, and marketing services.
  2. Upwork has a more stringent vetting process for freelancers, ensuring a higher quality of work, while Freelancer has a larger user base and more varied project opportunities.
  3. Both platforms charge fees for their services, but Upwork tends to have higher fees for freelancers, while Freelancer has a more complex fee structure depending on the project and membership level.

Upwork vs Freelancer

The difference between Upwork and freelancer is that Upwork is a famous global freelancing platform where thousands of contractors and freelancers can work together remotely. On the other hand, Freelancer, a global freelancing platform, aims to connect freelancers to clients, but the interface at Freelancer is congested that creates issues for beginners. 

Upwork vs Freelancer

Upwork was Initially known as Alliance-oDesk. It features a smooth interface system having a hassle-free centralized notification system that provides the members’ easy access to client information such as reviews, ratings, etc.

This website strives to connect freelancers with prospective clients who offer good pay. To facilitate ease of use, the website offers a smooth user interface. 

Freelancer is another major platform that offers and allows the users for their bids for prospective projects and get their desired projects.

Freelancer facilitates a live chat feature between the clients and freelancers to keep them updated about the ongoing project.

Freelancers allow users to work according to their convenience. You just get paid for the amount of work you. There is no target and compulsion on you to do work.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonUpwork Freelancer
  Security Upwork features a stable and excellent dispute resolving system. Freelancer too features a fine security system. But on this site, there are more scammers and disputes. 
  Transparency Upwork features greater transparency and everything at well-organized making it easy for beginners. Freelancer is congested and messed up with a plethora of categories.
Usability The usability of Upwork is extremely smooth with faster processing and loading time.Freelancer comprises a messed-up interface and this causes inconvenience for the users.
Profile Standard In terms of reliability and standard, Upwork is a great choice.   The reliability at Freelancer is of low quality due to the presence of scammers.
Live Chat   Upwork provides a live chat feature for only certain specific categories. The live chat feature at Freelancer is open to all members.

What is Upwork?

Upwork is one of the most popular and largest freelancing websites globally. It is the best marketplace for freelancers who hold expertise in web development, writing, and graphic designing.

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This facility aids the professionals in finding new projects and getting connected with clients in a short time. 

The joining process in Upwork is a hassle-free and easy process that adds significant benefits.

All a beginner is required to do is create an account in Upwork and briefly go through the guided steps provided by the website to complete the setting up of their profile.

Moreover, to ensure that the right talent finds its dream destination, the beginner must take a series of tests provided by the website in their area of expertise. 

The payment for Freelancer at Upwork is carried out in a secured manner through trusted mediums such as direct deposit, wire transfer, or PayPal.

Upwork freelancers are given the flexibility of working hours to work as per their convenience and preferred location. 


What is Freelancer?

Founded in 2009, the freelancer is one of the most prominent outsourcing websites for freelancers where they can easily connect with potential clients and get paid for their work.

The website enables employers to post jobs for members. Moreover, the website also holds specific contests where the members can win exciting cash rewards.

The website enables the clients to live chat with their freelancers to solve any queries or share feedback to ensure the quality of the work.

Freelancer facilitates the clients to touch with the freelancers to update the job constantly.

The representatives at freelancers are available round the clock to assist the members and clients with any issue.

Moreover, the website facilitates secured payment over 39 currencies while ensuring that payments are made only after the clients are satisfied with the work.

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The process of posting a project and raising the competitive bid on the website for freelancers is easy.

The website further allows the clients to browse through the freelancer profiles while comparing the proposals and getting the right one.

Freelancer facilitates flexible payment options that make it simple for both the freelancer and the clients to work with each other.

The members can quickly put forward their best pitch to access the enormous diversity of work available on freelancers’ websites.

Main Differences Between Upwork and Freelancer 

  1. The user interface of Upwork is user-friendly and more interactive. The navigation method on the website is a hassle-free process. At the same time, the user interface of Freelancer is congested since it consists of a plethora of categories and sub-categories. 
  2. The availability of jobs at Upwork is vast, wherein the members have access to various contract jobs, the payment of which is done on an hourly or fixed basis. While finding the proper work on Freelancer can prove to be a hassle since many pieces turn out to be a scam. 
  3. Clients at Upwork pay a higher wage to freelancers. While at Freelancers, the payments are low. 
  4. The fees at Upwork start at a higher rate and then decrease. While at Freelancer, the fee structure depends upon the type of project. 
  5. Approval is required to create an account on Upwork, while anyone can quickly create an account on Freelancer. 
Difference Between Upwork and Freelancer


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Last Updated : 24 July, 2023

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