VIPKID vs Outschool: Difference and Comparison

Ever since the evolution of technology has taken place, many things have evolved, like the IT sector and the Medicine field. Also, the Education sector has seen a significant impact and improvements.

From offline studies to online mode. VIPKID and OUTSCHOOL are online modes of education and teaching, but there’s a significant difference. Let’s discuss this.

Key Takeaways

  1. VIPKid is an online teaching platform that primarily focuses on teaching English to children in China. In contrast, Outschool provides a variety of online classes for students aged 3 to 18 on a wide range of subjects.
  2. VIPKid follows a curriculum with pre-designed lessons and materials, while Outschool allows teachers to design their classes and curricula.
  3. While both platforms offer opportunities for online teaching, VIPKid is more specialized in English language education, while Outschool offers more diverse and personalized teaching experiences.

VIPKID vs Outschool

VIPKID is an online English teaching platform for kids designed in China. It provides a pre-planned curriculum to the teachers for teaching English only. OutSchool is an online teaching platform that provides a variety of courses. The syllabus or curriculum in OutSchool is designed by teachers.

VIPKID vs Outschool

VIPKID is a mode of education in which a teacher is supposed to teach English most of the time. This targets students of smaller age groups for teaching.

Also, the set-up, stable cameras, and precise microphones are arranged beforehand for a teacher and after every class, which lasts 25-30 minutes.

But in the case of OUTSCHOOL, a teacher has to make arrangements like setting up cameras, microphones, and a quiet place to interact and teach students better.

Also, he’s supposed to choose his time slot and class duration. The domain of a teacher can be English or Co-curricular.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonVIPKIDOutschool
TypeEstablished in 2013 in China and launched in 2014 for Chinese students to learn English from US and Canadian teachers.In 2014 it was founded, and in 2017, it came into action. Established in San Francisco.
Age groupThis focuses on the age group of 4-12 years of students, and teachers can vary it.It is from 3-18 years, and the teacher can control the age limit.
CurriculumPre-decided by the companyYou need to make a syllabus for the students.
The peak time of teachingPredominantly from 7 PM-9 PM BJT.It can vary according to the place where you are. But It could be from 9 AM-3 PM PST.
PaymentThe payment is quite decent for teaching every 25 min class. It is a healthy salary compared to the payment of VIPKID, and a teacher earns a reasonable sum for teaching an hour.

What is VIPKID?

VIPKID is a platform for small students to maintain a good level of knowledge in the English language in Chinese students. Founded by Cindy Mi in 2013 and officially launched in the year 2014.

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This encompasses various amenities for teachers to mark the good experiences of Professionals.

In VIPKID, a teacher has facilitated everything as a prerequisite to saving time and expenditure. A perfect set-up of camera, sound quality microphones and much more.

This online mode of education is confined to 25 minutes or more of it.

Teachers in the United States and Canada play a major role in teaching students via video chat. This method of teaching becomes easy for students and teachers as well.

A teacher must hold a bachelor’s degree and have 2 years of experience in the same. A teacher can fix his schedule and make changes according to his comfort.

On this platform, a teacher makes a good amount of money for every 25-30 minute class, and if it gets extended to an hour, the teacher makes a healthy sum.

What is Outschool?

It’s the largest marketplace of online live classes. Outschool’s primary focus is maintaining good knowledge among the small-tier students of around 3-18 years.

Internet-based teaching makes it accessible remotely not only for students but also for teachers as well.

In Outschool, a teacher doesn’t need to hold any degree, making it open to anyone. But yes, there’s an age limit to teaching students. An aspirant should be 18 years or above to enrol in this sector.

His knowledge and passion for teaching subjects should be sound. He should reside in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, England or Wales and a few more parts.

A teacher on the Outschool platform isn’t facilitated with amenities. Instead, he has to make arrangements to establish a cosy connection with students.

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This part is solely the teacher’s responsibility, and Outschool isn’t responsible for this setup front.

In Outschool, a teacher earns a significant amount of money. Most of the transactions are made through PayPal.

The teacher can teach about what he loves to follow and the things he loves to do. Also, expansion on this platform is indeed possible.

Main Differences Between VIPKID and Outschool

  1. VIPKID focuses on learning English; in Outschool, it’s upon the teacher what he wants to teach. It could be either English or any Co-curricular course.
  2. It’s the company’s responsibility to provide whatsoever a teacher wants or according to his needs but in Outschool, a teacher must make arrangements.
  3. Also, a teacher in the VIPKID sector earns a lesser amount as compared to an Outschool teacher. This is because of the different and variety of subjects taught to students.
  4. A teacher in VIPKID has to own a certificate and 2 years of experience to be a teacher, but in Outschool, there’s no need to be a degree holder.
  5. The expansion is possible and can extend in the case of Outschool. But in VIPKID, it’s quite limited, so it is impossible.

Last Updated : 15 June, 2023

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19 thoughts on “VIPKID vs Outschool: Difference and Comparison”

  1. VIPKID’s structured setup versus Outschool’s teacher-driven approach presents an interesting contrast in how online education is delivered.

  2. It’s great to see how technology has revolutionized education by bringing it online. These platforms strive to reach students anywhere, making learning more accessible.

  3. The global reach of these platforms shows how interconnected the world has become and how knowledge sharing is not limited by geographical boundaries.

  4. The fact that Outschool places the curriculum design in the hands of teachers offers a different level of flexibility when compared to VIPKID. It’s certainly a noteworthy difference.

    • Exactly, each platform has its unique strengths, and it’s fascinating to see how they cater to different teaching and learning styles.

    • VIPKID’s pre-decided curriculum gives a sense of structure, but Outschool’s personalized approach allows greater customization.

  5. The requirements and distinctions between VIPKID and Outschool are well laid out, making it easier for prospective educators to weigh their options.

  6. Explaining the differences between VIPKID and Outschool in detail provides a clearer understanding of what each platform offers to teachers and students.

    • Yes, the comparison helps educators make informed decisions about which platform aligns better with their teaching style and goals.

  7. VIPKID and Outschool have their unique appeal, and understanding these platforms’ nuances is pivotal for educators considering entering the online teaching landscape.

    • Exactly, each platform has its pros and cons, and educators must carefully evaluate their preferences and teaching approaches.

    • Indeed, the information presented here helps educators assess which platform resonates better with their teaching philosophy and goals.

  8. The details about payment, teaching hours, and other parameters give teachers key insights into what to expect when choosing between VIPKID and Outschool.

  9. The comparison between VIPKID and Outschool makes it easy to understand the key features of each platform. Very informative and helpful.

  10. The innovations in online education have opened up new possibilities for educators and students alike, creating a more dynamic learning environment.


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