VOB vs MPEG: Difference and Comparison

We live a life of using technology and social media in our day-to-day activities. We see numerous videos every day, and download or save them to keep a record of them.

Both VOB and MPEG are file holders used for holding videos. They have the same purpose, but VOB and MPEG vary in many parameters.

Key Takeaways

  1. VOB is a video file format used primarily for storing video data on DVDs, while MPEG is a video compression format used for digital video files.
  2. VOB files are used for storing DVD video content, while MPEG files are used for various digital video applications.
  3. VOB files can only be played on DVD players or computers with DVD drives, while MPEG files can be played on a wider range of devices.


The difference between VOB and MPEG is the areas where they are used. Both are used as video holders but have different applications in areas. MPEG is focused ingon being used in portable devices and has a portable format, while VOB is used in DVD players and discs. VOB has numerous features that are not available in MPEG.


VOB is a video file holder of the videos, in the DVD player format. They consist of many elements like video, audio, and subtitles and compose them together into a single video holder.

They also have extensions through which videos of other formats can be contained. But they are specially made for DVD players and discs only.

MPEG is not like a video holder but more of a video standard. MPEG does have many features like VOB, and the main functions of MPEG are the compression of audio and video according to our needs.

MPEG has excellent support for high-quality videos through other streaming sites like YouTube,, which is not available in VOB.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonVOBMPEG
Area of applicationVOB is used in DVD players or videos.MPEG is used in a portable format.
CodecsIn comparison to MPEG, VOB can support fewer codecs. In comparison to VOB, MPEG can support more codecs.
SubtitlesVOB has the option of displaying subtitles.MPEG does not have the feature of adding subtitles.
Streaming supportVOB cannot be streamed.MPEG can be streamed through Youtube and other sites.
MenusVOB provides menus of programming options.MPEG does not have this feature.

What is VOB?

VOB is the video holder of the DVD format. It contains audio, video, DVD menus, subtitles, etc. Files in the VOB have an extension name at the end called “.vob”.

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This unique file name distinguishes the other files stored in other formats. VOB has many additional outstanding features in comparison to the MPEG.

VOB supports many file formats but has some audio and video compression restrictions. Since VOB only supports files of the DVD format, the quality and size are also minimally restricted to the quality of the DVD content.

VOB supports DVD format files of only 1 GB or less than that. It does not keep any files that are bigger.

The advantages of VOB come up with the disadvantage of being incapable of the stream.

VOB’s main objective is to distribute DVD players; hence, VOB does not support streaming videos from Youtube or any other streaming websites.

VOB’s compatibility and playback feature is also limited compared to the MPEG.

Hence, VOB is quite useful when it comes to storing files in DVD format and usage of tools like high-quality audio, video, and subtitles.

What is MPEG?

MPEG is a file that sets standards for media coding. The complete form of MPEG is the moving pictures expert group.

MPEG also supports the compression of audio and video according to the needs of the users of the files.

The format of MPEG is widely used in numerous multimedia systems as the standard of coding or for compression.

The files supported by MPEG are vast and support files like MPEG 1-4, MPEG-4 Part 2, etc. Regarding quality and size, MPEG has the upper hand over VOB as they support more codecs than VOB.

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This improvises the quality of the video that they are storing. Different resolutions can encode them and also can have different sizes.

Another advantage of MPEG is its capacity to stream videos from other websites like Youtube. The streaming can be done so quickly without much time and procedures.

In addition to this, the compatibility of MPEG is more excellent and widely used in TV, satellite, cable, etc. MPEG can be played or streamed on many platforms through its extension.

Hence, MPEG is beneficial for improved quality, setting standards, and compression of audio and video but lacks the feature of adding subtitles.


Main Differences Between VOB and MPEG

  1. VOB means video object, while the full form of MPEG is moving pictures expert group.
  2. VOB has more outstanding features than MPEG.
  3. VOB is restricted in features like compression of audio and video while MPEG is restricted in features like adding subtitles.
  4. VOB does not support files that are larger than 1 GB while there are no limitations like this in the case of MPEG. MPEG supports more files in comparison to VOB.
  5. VOB is the container of videos in the format of DVD while MPEG is used for setting standards and compression of audio and video.
  6. The quality of the picture will be high in MPEG in comparison to the VOB.
Difference Between VOB and MPEG
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Last Updated : 13 July, 2023

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