Difference Between Wizard and Warlock

Since ages, it has been noticed that the language English is a very confusing language. A lot of the words in this language sound similar or look similar but have nothing more in common.


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Apart from such words, there are several other words that may not even look alike or sound the same, but still confusion among both the native speakers of English as well as the other.

Two of these words, that are often confused with each other are Wizard and Warlock. Both these terms are associated with magic. These words refer to a practitioner of magic.

A lot of people tend to use these words interchangeably. But this not correct. Both these words are quite different from each other and are used in different places, in a different manner.

Key Takeaways

  1. Wizards are depicted as scholarly magic practitioners with extensive knowledge of arcane arts.
  2. Warlocks gain their magical abilities through pacts with supernatural entities or dark forces.
  3. Popular culture and fantasy literature associate wizards with benevolence and wisdom, whereas warlocks may be aligned with darker intentions.

Wizard vs Warlock

The difference between Wizard and Warlock is that Wizard is a Middle English word that means ‘wise’. It is a comparatively new word in the language. On the other hand, Warlock is an Old English word that means an ‘oath breaker’. It is a very old word in the language.

Wizard vs Warlock

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Comparison Table

Parameter of ComparisonWizardWarlock
MeaningThe term wizard is used for a male magician and it means ‘wise’.The term Warlock was anciently used for people who broke promises. It means ‘oath breaker’.
OriginThe Word Wizard is a new word as compared to the word Warlock.The word Warlock is an older word as compared to the Word Wizard.
NatureThe nature of the word Wizard is Middle English.The nature of the word Warlock is Old English.
ConnectionThe word Wizard is connected to nice people who practice magicThe word Warlock is connected with mostly bad characters.
GenderA wizard could either be a male or a female.A warlock is mostly a male character.
CharacteristicsA wizard is mostly seen as a smart and kind-hearted character.A warlock is mostly seen as an evil character that does bad stuff, like performing magic that is not permitted.
Other MeaningA Wizards is a term used in various computer operating systems as a guide.A warlock is used to define a male witch.
PowerA Wizard performs magic that goes against most of the laws of physics.A Warlock performs magic that is a little realistic.


What is Wizard?

Magic is something that has been known to mankind since ages now. Lots and lots of people have been practising magic since centuries now.

People who are in the field of magic are called by various different names. All names are given to them depending on their fantasy world.

The word Wizard is mainly used for male magicians.

Wizards are mostly seen as wise people who have the power to do magic. Most of the wizards are shown as people who impart advice and have a long beard.

The most common example of a Wizard is Merlin when talking about modern magicians.

A wizard has the power to do things that go against the law of physics. The source of the power of Wizards is various different sources. However, many a time the power of Wizards is limited based on ceratin different factors.

A Wizard is often characterised as an individual with a kind heart and good intentions.

wizard 1

What is Warlock?

The word Warlock is a very old word in the English language. It is said to originate from the Old English. The word originally came into existence to define people who were oath breakers.

The origin of the word comes from some Wiccan people. These people believed that some people from Scotland used to break their promises to the Church.

This is considered evil and thus these people who broke their promises were associated with male witches. In various cultures, this word means something very offensive.

A warlock is said to have various magical powers. He is able to spell cast on other people. A Warlock is usually seen as an evil person who has the power to corrupt others.

A Warlock practices dark magic which is why he is considered evil.Most of the magic performed by Warlock is realistic.  A Warlock is often characterised as an individual with sinful intentions and a wrong heart.


Main Differences Between Wizard and Warlock

  1. The term Wizard basically means ‘wise’. On the other hand, the term Warlock means an ‘oath breaker’.
  2. The term Wizard is not as old as the term Warlock. It is comparatively a new word, whereas the word Warlock is a very old word used anciently by Christian communities.
  3. The word Wizard is mostly associated with people who any kind of magician while on the other hand the word Warlock is mostly associated with wicked characters.
  4. Wizard is a Middle English word whereas Warlock is an Old English word.
  5. A wizard could either be a male or a female, whereas the word Warlock is used for males only.
  6. A wizard is mostly seen as a kind and good-hearted person who does magic. On the other hand, a Warlock is mostly seen as an evil-hearted person who breaks oaths and indulges in corrupt practices.
Difference Between Wizard and Warlock
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