Difference Between Woolen and Cotton

When we think of clothes there are varieties of clothes that click our minds. Clothes are available in different designs and styles and they are designed and stitched by tailors and fashion designers.

But have we ever considered the materials that are used to make these clothes. Well, some of the common material that is used for making clothes are wool and cotton, these are two different fibers or yarn that has unique properties and features and are used by the manufacturers for stitching and weaving clothes . 

Woolen vs Cotton

The main difference between Woolen and Cotton is that Woolen clothes are heavier and harsh as compared to Cotton clothes.  Although both give comfort, Woolen wears are preferable in the winter whereas, Cotton wears are more preferable in the summer season. Woolen fibers are weak as compared to Cotton fibers. However, a fabric’s ultimate toughness is determined by its construction rather than its composition.

Woolen vs Cotton

Woolen cloth is made from the hairs of different animals. Although many people identify “wool” with sheep, there are several varieties of wool produced from livestock apart from sheep.

Wool is made by harvesting the hairs of animals and spinning them into thread. Manufacturers use this fiber to create clothes or additional materials.

Cotton is a silky, innate fiber made from the kernels of the cotton plant. Cotton fiber can be twisted into cotton fabric once it is harvested from the cotton plant.

After that, the cotton fabric can be turned into cloth. Cotton apparel is popular, particularly in hot climates.

Cotton is cooler as compared to many other fabric materials because it is more permeable. In simple words, we can say that Cotton is more breathable since moisture vapor (essentially humid air) passes freely across it.

Comparison Table Between Woolen and Cotton

Parameters of ComparisonWoolen Cotton
Obtained fromSheep and other animalsCotton plants
SeasonPreferred in winter seasonPreferred in summer season
CleaningDry cleaning is used for Woolen clothes.Cotton clothing is simple to clean.
Powers of insulationBetter insulation as compared to cottonIt varies on the weave, but it’s generally nice.
BreathableWoolen is less breathable than CottonExceptionally breathable

What is Woolen?

Woolen is a type of natural fiber derived from animals.  Woolen is often produced from sheep, although it is also produced from other animals such as goats, alpaca or llamas, and bunnies.

Woolen clothing is assumed to be made from sheep’s wool until another animal is mentioned on a clothes tag or label.

Sheep farmers shear sheep’s wool, which is subsequently cleaned, carded, and spun into thread for stitching or weaving by manufacturers. Woven woolen fabric makes up the majority of commercial Woolen fabric.

Wool materials are bulky and dense, making them warmer and mostly used in the cold season.

Woolen clothes provide comfort and warmth in the winter season, they also have various advantages that attract it wearer, such as:

– Woolen clothes keep us dry. As wool soak around 30% of its load before it feels wet, it draws moisture away from our skin.

– Woolen clothes are odorless, Woolen goods have effective antibacterial characteristics that prevent bacteria from adhering to and growing on the fibers in the fabric, making them odor resistant.

– Despite being wet, it’s warm, when fibers retain water they emit little amounts of heat, that can keep you snug on a chilly, rainy day.

Although there are various advantages of Woolen clothes, However, we should be mindful of its disadvantage as well to choose a better clothing material according to our needs. Some of its disadvantages are listed below:

1) Woolen clothes feels rough at times, making it scratchy and uneasy to wear.

2) Although it is organically antibacterial, it must be washed by hand as necessary.

3) It’s susceptible to shrinking and extending and takes a long time to dry.

What is Cotton?

Cotton Cloth is a fabric made from cotton plants. Fabrics are made from the fluffy component of the plant that coils all over the seeds.

It is harvested, combed for seeds and other detritus, then spun into thread for stitching or knitting by producers. Cotton is a smooth, absorbent, and long-lasting fabric.

It is less costly to produce than other innate fibers and can be used in a variety of textiles. Because it absorbs water, it cleanses easily in the washing machine.

Cotton is simple to color; therefore there is a variety of printed and colored Cotton to choose from. However, after a period it dwindles.

Cotton is smooth, comfortable, and soft to our skin apart from these there are other advantages of cotton as well, which are as follows:

– Cotton is easy to care for, to get rid of the patches, all you have to do is apply an effective cleaning solution on stubborn stains and toss the remainder in the washer.

–  Cotton is a flexible fabric that may be worn for practically any event or functions.

–  Cotton is beneficial to farmers and helps them financially.

As we are well aware of the advantages of Cotton, we should also consider its disadvantages to gain a full knowledge of the fabric. Some of its disadvantages are described below:

1) Fairly combustible and swiftly burns.

2) If kept wet, the fungus will attack it and leave black dots on the clothes.

3) Because of its low elasticity, it wrinkles easily.

Main Differences Between Woolen and Cotton

1.  The texture of Woolen is rough and thicker, whereas the texture of Cotton is soft and comfortable.

2. Woolen clothes are less versatile as compared to Cotton clothes.

3. Woolen can drain moisture away whereas, Cotton retains a lot of moisture.

4. When damp or wet Woolen clothes are warmer than cotton. Cotton, on the other hand, keeps you warm unless it’s wet.

5. Woolen clothes are heavy as compared to Cotton clothes.

Difference Between Woolen and Cotton


People used to wear clothes primarily to cover their bodies and protect themselves from the impacts of the weather and the environment. Clothing is significant because it reflects a person’s background, personality, and interests.

Clothes nowadays are a representation of our socioeconomic standing and level of living. As a result, individuals nowadays place a higher value on clothing and its design.

There is a competition among people, and everyone wants to be on top.

Clothes that are the design of Woolen and Cotton fabric are widely accepted by the people, however, it depends on the season which fabric type is to wear. Woolen is best for winters and Cotton is best for summer. Woolen clothes give you warmth and a cozy feel whereas Cotton gives you a soft and comfy feel.

There are various features and characteristics of the clothes made out of these two fibers. And it completely depends on the weather and your preference which type of fabric is suitable for you.


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