Difference Between Xenical and Alli

Obesity and overweight is critical health problem faced by every age group, especially adults in the united states. It can cause depression, low self-esteem, social stigma within a person.

Xenical and Alli are the two obesity and weight loss drugs popularly recommended by dietitians. The two drugs brands help to lose weight but differ in the quantity of the dosage.

Xenical vs Alli

The main difference between Xenical and Alli is that Xenical is a tablet of 120gms of dose that has to be taken with water or any meal containing fat, whereas Alli is a chewable table of 60gms of dose. Xenical is a prescribed medicine and shows results in three months, whereas Alli is available on the counter and takes a longer time to show results.

Xenical vs Alli

Xenical contains an active ingredient named orlistat. It is prescribed by doctors to treat obesity. It is used in long-term treatment and also used to lower the cholesterol level.

It blocks the digestive enzymes to stop fat from the food. Xenical pills are stronger than Alli and show results quickly.

Alli is also a weight loss pill containing orlistat as the main ingredient. Alli comes 60mg tablet that blocks the intestines from absorbing the fat from food. It works better than a diet plan for adults to lose weight. 

It works slowly as the dose of the pill is lower than Xenical.

Comparison Table Between Xenical and Alli

Parameters of ComparisonXenical Alli  
AvailabilityIt is available only when the doctor prescribes it to the patient.It is available without any prescription.
Launched inIt was launched in 1999 in the United States.It was launched in 2007 in the United States.
Fat absorption%It blocks 33.33% of fat from Intake.It blocks 25% of Fat from intake.

What is Xenical?

Obesity, overweight issues are common in adults. A Body Mass Index is used to measure body weight. If BMI is between 25-29, then a person is overweight, and above 30 is considered obese.

Obesity gives rise to other health risks like diabetes, cholesterol, heart problems, liver issues, and others.

A person with overweight and obesity will go through depression, faces social stigma, and has low self-esteem.

When the diet plan does not control the weight, doctors recommend capsules. Xenical is the popular weight loss brand that is used in the treatment of obesity.

It is taken with the fat-containing meal every day. 

Xenical tablets contain an orlistat of 120mg dose, which is a higher dose. Xenical was launched in 1999 by Roche pharmaceuticals.

It blocks fat from dietary food by blocking the enzymes of the digestive system. It absorbs 30% of ingested fat and is effective for the long-term treatment of obesity.

It is also effective in treating cholesterol, hypertension, and diabetes. The tablets have to be taken with water or any fat-containing meal.

It is also given to the patients after the weight loss surgery to control weight gain. However, these tablets also have side effects like oil leakage, diarrhea, stomach pain, rectal pain, and others.

What is Alli?

Alli is also another brand of orlistat with a lower dose of 60mg. Alli was launched in 2007 and approved by FDA.

Alli is approved as an over-the-counter medication that is available in online stores and pharmacies. Alli capsules are the beginner’s kit that wants to lose weight by themselves.

Alli capsules are chewable, and some take it with meals three times a day, depending on the BMI. It is purchased and taken on personal risks.

Adult Men and Women are suffering from cholesterol, overweight due to which their personal and professional life is disturbed. It makes them uncomfortable in public and leads to depression.

These weight loss tablets are sold more in the united states.

Alli tablets reduce the absorption of fat from meals by 25% by blocking the intestines. The blocked fat is then reduced by bowels movement.

Every drug has side effects. This capsule also has side effects like abdominal pain, diarrhea, cardiovascular diseases, and others.

It is recommended by FDA to take the orlistat capsules with low-fat diet food along with multivitamin tablets.

The Tablets come with self-educational material that helps to guide people of intake. It shows results slowly as the dosage is low. It is least expensive than Xenical and other orlistat medications.

A recent survey on weight loss drugs also resulted in gives rise of liver diseases. It is recommended to take the capsules along with a diet plan and regular exercise.

Main Differences Between Xenical and Alli

  1. Xenical and Alli are the brands of orlistat, whereas the former was launched in 1999, while the latter in 2007.
  2. Xenical has a higher dose of 120mg of orlistat, while Alli has a lower dose of 60mg of orlistat.
  3. Xenical tablets are expensive than Alli
  4. Xenical has to be taken on the recommendation of a doctor, whereas Alli can be taken on personal responsibility.
  5. Xenical shows quick results than Alli.


Overweight, obesity is a common problem these days faced by adults due to unhygienic, high-fat food consumption.

There are many medications dietary capsule weight loss capsules available in the market. Xenical and Alli are the brands of Orlistat, a weight loss capsule.

Xenical is the high-dose capsule, and Alli is the low-dose capsule. Many people especially, in the United States, consume these medications to overcome obesity problems.

It is recommended to take any weight loss capsules only on the recommendation of a doctor, though it is available over-the-counter. Every drug has side effects alongside benefits.

Reporting to the diction in the early stage will help to overcome side effects. Taking capsules is risky in any matter.

Proper diet, regular exercise, and yoga will help overcome weight issues and keep the body healthy and fit.


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