Raid Shadow Legends Gift Codes (updated 2024)

Current Active Raid Shadow Legends Gift Codes

There are a few active gift codes for Raid: Shadow Legends. Redeeming these codes can provide valuable in-game rewards to enhance your gameplay experience. Here are some of the codes currently working:

  • PAYPALRAID2023: Redeem this code for a Sanctum Protector, 5 Spirit Brews, 100,000 Silver, a 1-day XP Boost, and an Energy Refill.
  • Demolish: Redeem this code for an Energy Refill, 300,000 Silver, a 1-day XP Boost, and 50 Multi-Battle Attempts.
  • 4YEARSRAID: Redeem this code for various free rewards.
  • gamegeeksspring: Redeem this code, as well, for free rewards.

To claim your rewards, visit the Redeem Promo Codes page on and enter your User ID, available in the game Settings > Info. Type in the code and tap the “Confirm” button. The rewards will arrive in your Inbox or directly to your account if Skin Fragments or Skins are involved. Enjoy these bonuses and enhance your Raid: Shadow Legends experience.

Expired Codes

Unfortunately, RAID Shadow Legends promo codes do expire after a certain period. These codes are shared by Plarium Games or various sources online and tend to have a limited shelf life. It’s crucial to redeem them immediately to reap the benefits before they become invalid.

When trying to use an expired code, you will receive a message informing you that the code is no longer valid. There’s no need to be disheartened, though, as new promo codes are frequently released, providing players various rewards, such as in-game items and resources.

To stay up-to-date with the latest working promo codes, monitor official channels like Plarium Games’ social media accounts and their official website. Additionally, joining the game’s community forums can be a great way to catch the most recent codes before expiration. Remember, if you come across a non-working or expired code, move on and keep looking for new ones.

How to Use Raid Shadow Legends Gift Codes

You must follow a few steps to use Raid Shadow Legends gift codes. First, visit the Redeem Promo Codes web page on Next, enter your User ID, which can be found under the game’s Settings > Info section. Then, type in the code and tap the “Confirm” button.

The rewards from the gift code will be added to your Inbox in the game. Note that if you receive skins or skin fragments through these codes, they will be added directly to your account. Always check for new and updated codes, which may provide valuable rewards to enhance your gaming experience.

Securing Reliable Sources for Gift Codes

Always rely on trusted sources to ensure you receive valid and working Raid Shadow Legends gift codes. Verified sources include the game’s official website, Plarium’s social media platforms, and reputable gaming websites.

When searching for codes, be cautious of fraudulent websites or forums that may deliver invalid or expired codes. To stay up-to-date on the latest available promo codes, subscribe to the game’s newsletters or follow official social media channels.

Additionally, you can join the RAID: Shadow Legends community through their forums or Discord server, where members share promo codes and tips. By following these practices, you’ll efficiently secure reliable sources for gift codes and enhance your gaming experience.

Last Updated : 30 December, 2023

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