King’s Raid Coupon Codes (updated 2023)

King’s Raid is one of those games that can give you chills and thrills, both simultaneously! Vespa Inc created the game for Android and iOS. This fantasy-themed, action-packed role-playing game is among the Top Choices of gamers.

The game takes you on an epic quest to save the kingdom from the forces of darkness and also provides exciting and adventurous battles with hordes of monsters. So what are you waiting for? Sharpen your swords, summon your allies, and get ready to save the kingdom. The codes given below will make this process easier and smooth for you.

Key Takeaways

  1. Coupon codes can provide players with exclusive in-game items and bonuses.
  2. These codes can only be used once per account and are time-limited.
  3. Players can find coupon codes on official social media accounts or participate in events.

How to Obtain Codes for King’s Raid

The developers release coupons and codes around holidays and special events. The company updates these codes on its Facebook(Thailand, Vietnam, and USA Pages), Instagram, and Discord pages.

With the help of given codes, you can collect powerful gears, stunning customized outfits, and dress options for every character, also you can create your own unique squads of heroes and obtain magical artifacts, soul stone fragments, rubies, stamina potions, frags,  tickets, and many other exclusive items.

Redeeming the codes

Redeeming the codes for the game is a very simple process. Opening the Game Settings in the game can easily redeem these codes.        

Limited Availability

Developers launch these codes on special occasions, and they are valid for a limited period of time. We would suggest you Bookmark this page as we keep updating our pages with time. It will save you time and effort to search for the codes again.

All Active Codes

You can redeem the following codes and save your kingdom with your allies: Always remember the codes provided above are meant to be used for a limited time. Try to use these codes as soon as possible to avoid any issues. Some codes might stop working at any point in time. Please inform us on the same if you face any such situation through our comment section. The active codes are the following-

  1. JOLLYKINGSMAS- By redeeming this code, you will be rewarded with 3 Unique gear tickets and 30 reforge tickets.
  2. 1s4i4ah5229ift- By redeeming this code, you will unlock 5 Stamina Potions, 500 UW Frags, and 500 UT Frags.
  3. 2M42NXBSP3DM- By redeeming this code, you will block 15,601 Rubis, Soulstone Ticket, and Lua’s unique weapon ticket.
  4. KINGS50000RAID- By using it, you can unlock exclusive rewards
  5. KRCRA1D3R91FT-  By using it, you can unlock exclusive rewards
  6. PDEDGEGIFT-  By using it, you can unlock exclusive rewards
  7. W3dD1NgkRCo5-  By using it, you can unlock exclusive rewards
  8. XCHAPFREYCLAUSEKASEL- By using it, you can unlock Overhead Dark Lord and Overhead Fallen Angel
  9. KO3R5RV3OE5L- By using it, you can get a unique Gear Ticket and Costume Ticket
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Expired King’s Raid Codes

There are certain game codes of King’s raid that have expired now.

  1. COMING UP NEXT- For exclusive rewards
  2. Shakmeh15q3sun- For exclusive rewards
  3. Shakmeh75s5sun- For exclusive rewards
  4. Shakmeh97d8sun- For exclusive rewards
  5. W3dD1NgkRCo5- For exclusive rewards
  6. KRmung76namVN- For exclusive rewards

Redeem Coupon Codes in King’s Raid

The process to redeem the codes has been mentioned by us below-

  1. Step 1: Open the game, Now go to the Menu Icon which is located at the Top Right side of your gaming screen.
  2. Step 2: Now go to the Game Settings button and click on it.
  3. Step 3: By clicking the button, you will see a new window pops up. In this window, Click on the Others tab, once it opens Now, Click on the Use Coupon button.
  4. Step 4: Click on Enter the Coupon number section. You can now enter the codes which we have provided above.
  5. Step 5: Click on the Use button, and you are good to go. The coupon code that you have inserted will be rewarded to you instantly.

Pro Tip: If are an IOS User, you shall follow these steps:

  1. Step 1: Open the official coupon redemption website of King’s Raid-
  2. Step 2: Select your region and paste your game ID into the given field
  3. Step 3: You will see the Coupon Number section now
  4. Step 4: Paste the codes we have provided above in this Coupon Number Section
  5. Step 5:  Now click on Use Button and enjoy the magical experience of saving your kingdom. 
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Stay Up to Date with the Latest Codes

Stay tuned to our website for easy access to your favorite games’ codes. With the right and updated codes, you can easily access your loved games and unlock the hidden rewards within them. We suggest you bookmark this page for future reference and quick access as well.

Game Information

  1. Title: King’s Raid
  2. Publisher: Vespa Inc.
  3. Genre: Role-playing Game
  4. File Size:
  • Android:109 GB
  • iOS: 378 GB

5. Download:

Last Updated : 11 June, 2023

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