AFK Dungeon Coupon Codes (updated 2023)

Who really doesn’t enjoy F2P in-game upgrades? You can get some absolutely absurd improvements for future adventures by using these AFK Dungeon Codes. A game of idle action is known as AFK Dungeon. They are word and number sequences that can be used in-game to earn free gifts.


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The creators distribute these promo codes that can be used for free mimic keys, gold jewels, etc. you may use these codes throughout, and they’ll accelerate your progress in the game. 

How to obtain AFK Dungeon Coupon Codes?

These codes are typically available on social networking apps like Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Instagram, etc. Most of the creators reveal this code on auspicious days like festive seasons, anniversaries, collaborations, or on any special event.

All of the AFK Dungeon’s current and working codes are listed in this article, and we’ll keep this list updated as new codes are released. Keep this page bookmarked and come back frequently to check for fresh latest codes.

How to Redeem AFK Dungeon Coupon Codes?

To access all the codes in the AFK Dungeon, consider the following steps:

For Android and PC Users

  1. Launch the game and tap the “Settings” button in the upper-right corner of the screen
  2. A new window will be created
  3. Tap on “Coupon code” from the menu
  4. To redeem your coupon for a reward, enter the code in the text box labeled as “Enter your Coupon” and press the “Use” button
  5. With your freebie, enjoy AFK Dungeon!

For iOS Users

  1. Go to the official AFK Dungeon redemption website
  2. Next, enter your nickname in the given text box
  3. To get the results you want, enter the code in the text box and press “Submit” button
  4. With your freebie, enjoy AFK Dungeon!

List of Latest AFK Dungeon Coupon Codes

You will get the whole list of latest AFK Dungeon Codes right here. You really can’t refuse to get free gifts, can you? These vouchers typically come up with free prizes. All of the latest Dungeon Coupon Codes are listed here:

Active Codes

AFK Dungeon Coupon CodeRewards
BLAD500JW500  Gems
AFK77710,000  Gems
BFRIDAY10,000 Gems and 10 Hero Keys

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Expired Codes

We have the complete list available for you if you want to play around at inputting a few AFK Dungeon expired codes due to the fact that in a few instances they are nonetheless redeemable and usable. Although we wouldn’t advise getting your hopes too high because these are probably gone for good. If you’ve already begun inputting the aforementioned active coupon codes, there’s no harm in giving it a shot.   

AFK Dungeon Coupon CodeRewards
NEWHEROES082320 Soulstones
300KTHANKS30,000,000 Gold and 3 Mimic Keys
GOOGLE1ST11,111,111 Gold, 1,111 Jewels
GDVALHALLA8152000 Gems and 2 Mimic Keys
HelloFriend1000 Gems and 6 Mimic Keys
FREEAFK50,000,000 Gold and 1,000 Jewels
OLYMPICFIGHTING2020 Gems and 2 Mimic Keys

Game Description

TitleAFK Dungeon : Idle Action RPG
GenreSimulation Game
File SizeAndroid: 71 MBiOS: 300 MB
DownloadAndroid: Play Store
iOS: App Store

Therefore, this completes our comprehensive list of all the coupon codes and providing you with the complete details regarding active and expired code, game description, etc., you may utilize this to your greatest asset. Reap the benefits of your F2P goodies!   

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