AFK Monster Codes (updated 2023)

AFK is a smartphone game in which participants gather and nurture monsters to attack the other players in live matches. Players can discover and improve a variety of skills of their monsters and use those skills in the game to beat the rival monsters.

You can use AFK Monster Codes to unlock a variety of interesting rewards like coins, gems, gold, etc., and some other game items. You can improve your game more quickly by redeeming the gift vouchers because they will provide access to a lot of resources.  

Key Takeaways

  1. AFK Monster codes provide players with in-game rewards like currency, hero fragments, and various items.
  2. To find the latest codes, follow official game channels on social media and game forums.
  3. Redeem codes quickly, as they may have expiration dates or limited redemptions.

List of Latest AFK Monster Codes

Make sure to use these codes before they expire because they are only valid for a short period of time. These codes can be redeemed for earning gems, coins, gold, and some other exciting rewards. We highly urge you to bookmark this article if you want to get regular updates in the future.

Active Codes

The most recent and active AFK Monster Codes are shown below:

AFK Monster CodesRewards
AFK2023Redeem this gift code for 1 Gold Pack, 1 Silver Pack, 100 Gems, 100 Batteries, 10 Hours AFK Gold
AFKMONSTERRedeem this gift code for exclusive rewards
AFK1Redeem this gift code for exclusive rewards
AFK2022Redeem this gift code for exclusive rewards
BETARUSHRedeem this gift code for exclusive rewards
ARENA1Redeem this gift code for exclusive rewards
BETATESTRedeem this gift code for exclusive rewards

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You must use these codes quickly because they are only accessible for a specific period in the game. Please enter the redemption code into the game exactly as it appears in the list shown above (including the different characters and uppercase and lowercase letters as it is).

Expired Codes


AFK Monster Codes will not stay permanently. You can use them for a short period before they become invalid.

So you have finally gathered all the AFK Monster gift codes. Now, let’s examine “How to Redeem these gift codes?”

How to Redeem AFK Monster Codes?

Don’t worry if you are unaware of how to enter the redemption codes. Just follow the straightforward instructions given below:

  1. Firstly, the player should finish the tutorial to redeem their AFK Monster Gift Codes
  2. After finishing the tutorial, tap on the PROFILE avatar icon button located at the upper left corner of the home screen
  3. Tap on the Gift Code button when a new window appears
  4. The full set of codes will be displayed in the AFK Monster Codes wiki mentioned above
  5. Type the valid AFK Monster Code in the textbox and get the interesting and exciting rewards

That’s it. Your rewards will be added to your account once you successfully use the gift coupon. Once they are awarded to your account, you must pick up your rewards from the in-game mail option.

How to get more gift codes for AFK Monster Game?

The latest redeem codes for AFK Monster are announced on the official social media accounts of the game, like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Discord, etc. by checking their social media accounts, and you can gather these redemption codes. Most creators reveal these codes on auspicious days like festive seasons, anniversaries, collaborations, or any special event.

To get more gift codes, one can start following the YouTuber channel or the content creator’s channel because they hold promotions of the prizes such as gift codes, coins, and a variety of other premium products.

However, the easiest way to get the most recent gift codes is by regularly visiting this page because we will update this page as soon as the new codes are available, ensuring that you don’t skip any gift codes. 

Game Description

TitleAFK Monster: Summon Legend TD
DeveloperDino Go
GenreSimulation Game
File SizeAndroid: 78 MB iOS:190 MB
DownloadAndroid: Play Store iOS: App Store

Therefore, this completes our comprehensive list of all the coupon codes and provides you with the complete details regarding active and expired codes, game descriptions, etc., so you may utilize this to your greatest asset. Reap the benefits of your F2P goodies!

Last Updated : 14 October, 2023

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