Age of Evolution Gift Codes (updated 2023)

With the impeccable mixture of creativity, strategy, and skill. Age of Evolution has made millions of gamers its fan in a short period. This game takes you on an exciting outer space journey where astronauts are on a mission to outer space.


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But when everything was going well, suddenly, a mysterious and dangerous force hit their space shuttle, and the very next moment, they found themselves on a continent where people were still in the primitive age and using Iron and Stone as tools to protect themselves. These astronauts help them to save their world with the modern knowledge and tools they have.

From developing firearms to extracting mineral resources, this game takes you back in time and allows you to experience the chills and thrills of Primitive time.

Key Takeaways

  1. Players can use Age of Evolution gift codes to claim valuable in-game resources and items.
  2. Follow the game’s official social media accounts and forums to stay informed about new codes.
  3. Some codes may expire or have limited availability, so redeem them immediately.

How to Obtain Age of Evolution Gift Codes

The developers release the coupons and codes around holidays, festivals, and promotional and special events. The company updates these codes on its Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, and Discord pages. With the help of given codes, you can collect gems, speed-ups, wood, food, other in-game rewards, and many other exclusive items.

Redeeming the Codes

Redeeming the codes for the game is a very simple process. Opening your profile section in the game can easily redeem these codes.

Pro Tip: We would like to suggest that you do not use any cheats or hacks as the game developers have strict policies for hacks, they might suspend your account in such a case. Make sure you play and enter the codes officially provided by the game developers. We constantly update our page on the same. You can visit us anytime and view the latest codes.

Age of Evolution Codes

All Active Codes for Age of Evolution

  1. Happy2023aoe –Code for Exclusive Rewards
  2. worldcup222- Code for Exclusive Rewards
  3. AOE777 – Code for Exclusive Rewards
  4. AOE2022 – Code for Exclusive Rewards

Expired Codes

It’s important to redeem the codes as quickly as possible because they can stop functioning or expire at any point. Keep in mind that some codes might only be accessible for a short period of time. Please let us know if you discover any inactive codes in the comments below.

Limited Availability

The developers launch these codes on some special occasions, and they are valid for a limited period. We would suggest you Bookmark this page as we keep updating our pages with time. It will save you time and effort to search for the codes again.

Redeem Gift Codes in the Age Of Evolution

Redeeming gift codes in Age of Evolution is pretty simple. You can follow the following process to redeem your codes.

  1. Step 1. Start the game and tap the Profile icon in the top right corner of the display.
  2. Step  2. A new window will appear, Now click on Settings.
  3. Step 3. You will now see an option for Redeem Pack button
  4. Step 4. Click on it and type the given code you choose, as mentioned above in the article. Step 5. Press the Redeem button to receive your gift immediately.

Pro TIP: To avoid any error in the redemption of the given codes, type them as mentioned above. Please do not try to change the case of letters, as the game might not accept your code in that scenario. Make sure you are entering the codes we provided in this article.

Game Description

  1. Title – Age of Evolution
  2. Publisher4399 Games
  3. Genre- Survival Game
  4. File Size: Android:1GB
  5. Download:

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