Age of Z Origins Gift Codes (updated 2024)

If you are bored with the basic adventure, board, and role-playing games and are looking for some exciting and rewarding game, You can surely check out the Age of Z Origins game. This game offers stunning graphics, an enchanting storyline, and exemplary role-play.

The game is set in between a zombie apocalypse. You will have to lead a ragged band of survivors as they fight to reclaim the city; by taking calculated steps winning block by block, you can save the city from the harsh apocalypse. 

From building your customized bases to defending your stronghold. You will also be responsible for exploring new territories and taking them away from the dead. But be careful; the dead are rising and feasting upon the living, and those that fall in battle will rise to join their ranks.

Unlock the secrets of survival with our Age of Z cheats and tips! Join the fight now and experience the horror of the zombie apocalypse. To make this adventure easy for you, we have curated some of the codes that will make your process significantly easier and more fun.

Key Takeaways

  1. Exclusive Benefits: Age of Z Origins Gift Codes provide players with unique rewards, including extra resources, special items, and premium currency, enhancing their gameplay experience.
  2. Community Engagement: Gift codes foster community engagement, as players actively share and discuss codes, creating a collaborative environment within the game.
  3. Limited-Time Offers: Gift codes in Age of Z Origins are time-limited, adding urgency and excitement for players to redeem them before they expire, encouraging regular engagement with the game.

How to Obtain the Codes

The developers release the coupons and codes around milestones, promotions, and special events. The developers update these codes on its Facebook and Discord pages. With the help of given codes, you can upskill your commander-in-chief, access free gold in the game, Increase your troop, avoid and dismantle attacks by enemies, join the alliance, and most of all you can also restore your city even after a defeat and many other exclusive items.

Redeeming the Codes

Redeeming the codes for the game is a straightforward process. Opening the Game Settings in the game can easily redeem these codes.        

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Limited Availability

The developers launch these codes on special occasions, and they are valid for a limited period. We would suggest you Bookmark this page as we keep updating our pages with time. It will save you time and effort to search for the codes again.

All Active Codes

You can redeem the following codes, save your city from the dangerous zombie apocalypse, and be the saviour of all the common people. Always remember the codes above are meant to be used for a limited time. Try to use these codes as soon as possible to avoid any issues. Some codes might stop working at any point in time. Please inform us if you face any such situation through our comment section. The active codes are the following-

  1. Hellhades – It will help you to gain 3x Elite Recruitment Order, 1x Gather Bonus (1 day), 1x Oil Crate (100k), 1x Food Crate (100k), 1x Commander EXP (1000), 1x Speed Up (1h), 1x Recruitment Speed Up (1h), 1x Healing Speed Up (1h).
  2. VIP666 – This code can provide you with the following rewards- 1x Gold Pack (200), 1x Fuel (50), 2x Building Speed Up (2h), 10x Food Crate (10k), 10x Oil Crate (10k)
  3. zb666 –  This code can provide you with the following rewards-10x Hacker K Fragment
  4. zb888 –  This code can provide you with the following rewards-1x Azure Ark (1 day), 1x Gold Flagship (1 day)
  5. zb999 –  This code can provide you with the following rewards-1x Gold Pack (100), 2x Building Speed Up (2h), 1x Elite Recruitment Order

Expired Game Codes

Certain game codes of Age of Z Origins have expired now.

  1. D47fA- For exclusive rewards
  2. PkOOly- For exclusive rewards
  3. yOzCh3 – For exclusive rewards
  4. tiFMFN – For exclusive rewards
  5. 7JrGL3 – For exclusive rewards
  6. y8AKBi – For exclusive rewards
  7. uAAnBR – For exclusive rewards
  8. 9O3ep3 – For exclusive rewards
  9. U8vBcQ – For exclusive rewards
  10. HL9pKy- For exclusive rewards
  11. oKKFK9- For exclusive rewards
  12. d2XGJe – For exclusive rewards
  13. nz3gDE – For exclusive rewards

Redeem Coupon Codes in Age of Z Origin

The process to redeem the codes has been mentioned by us below-

  1. Step 1: Open the game, Now go to the Profile  Icon or AVATAR Icon which is located at the Top Left side of your gaming screen.
  2. Step 2: Now go to the Game Settings button and click on it.
  3. Step 3: By clicking the button, you will have the option of redeeming the Gift.
  4. Step 4: Type out the above-mentioned Active coupon number and press Enter Key.
  5. Step 5: Click on the Exchange, and you are good to go. The coupon code you inserted will be instantly rewarded to you in your in-game account.
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Stay Up to Date with the Latest Codes

Stay tuned to our website for easy access to your favourite games’ codes. With the right and updated codes, you can easily access your loved games and unlock their hidden rewards. Bookmark this page for future reference and quick access as well.

Game Information

1. Title: Age of Z Origin

2. Publisher: Hong Kong Ke Mo Software Co., Limited

3. Genre: Horror – Strategy Game

4. File Size:

Android: 759MB
iOS: 916.3 GB

5. Download:

Android: Age of Origins – Apps on Google Play
iOS:  Age of Origins: Tower Defense on the App Store (

Last Updated : 12 June, 2023

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