State of Emergency vs State of Calamity: Difference and Comparison

In any given country of the world, there happen to be certain situations that are governed by certain specific rules and regulations pertaining to the specific nature of the situation.

The state of emergency and state of calamity are two such situations that are found very extraordinary in nature within any country and are treated separately from all other situations. 

Key Takeaways

  1. A state of emergency allows governments to implement extraordinary measures, such as suspending civil liberties and addressing urgent situations.
  2. A state of calamity focuses on disaster management and recovery, assisting affected communities.
  3. A state of emergency is broader in scope and can include states of calamity, while a state of calamity addresses natural or artificial disasters.

State of Emergency vs State of Calamity 

The difference between the state of emergency and state of calamity is that when the former state is declared, it basically refers that some extraordinary situation has occurred throughout the country which needs to be controlled through certain specific policies. But on the other hand, the latter basically refers to a situation that simply arises because of a certain disaster that has occurred through any geographical area of the country.  

State of Emergency vs State of Calamity

The state of emergency is basically a phrase that is used to denote that a very extraordinary and unusual situation has occurred within the territory of the country, and it demands the implementation of certain government policies that are not implemented in general conditions.

There can be many reasons behind a state of emergency, such as a disaster, a widespread disease or any kind of armed conflict.  

But on the other hand, the phrase state of calamity simply refers to a situation in which any disaster happens to occur in any geographical location of the country.

The calamity can be of any nature, and it can be a natural or a man-made calamity.

In this particular situation, certain relief measures are implemented in the affected area, and it is made sure that people are doing well in that particular area. 

Comparison Table

Parameters of Comparison State of Emergency  State of Calamity 
Definition  This particular phrase refers to a certain situation in which the usual policies of government are changed in a geographical area owing to certain conditions.  This particular phrase refers to the emergence of any kind of disaster in a particular area in the situation being caused by that. 
Caused by It is caused by armed conflicts, disasters, or any other disturbing factor. It is caused by certain disasters. 
Affects  This situation usually affects the entire nation at once. This situation affects the affected area only. 
Changes in Life Certain specific policies are formed and implemented in the affected area. Certain relief measures are employed in the affected area in order to provide some assistance. 
Factor of human intervention The factor of human intervention is causing this particular situation happens to be slightly more as compared to other situations. The factor of human intervention is causing this situation plays a 50% role. 
Scope  The scope of this situation is wider in nature. The scope of this situation is comparatively narrower. 

What is State of Emergency? 

The term state of emergency animal rights in itself is the basic idea that the government of any particular country can change certain norms or policies being implemented within the territory owing to certain specific situations or conditions arising in a negative manner.

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An emergency is a situation that can easily be implemented owing to specific conditions such as the state of disaster, the state of armed conflict with any other country, or the state of armed rebellion.  

But in the past three years, it has been seen that this particular stage can be invoked owing to certain health-related concerns such as epidemics or pandemics as well.

The very implementation of this stage within any territory denotes that the government can now mold and implement certain governmental policies accordingly, and whenever the term mold is referred to in context with government policies, it simply refers to the implementation against the general law of implementation.  

All of these specific measures are taken by the relevant government in order to control such a state of emergency and to bring the general wheel of daily life on track.

However, this particular situation has been criticized in many countries involving India as well, and in many countries, certain laws provide a specific framework for the state of emergency. 

What is State of Calamity? 

The phrase state of calamity basically refers to its meaning from the word calamity in itself and refers to a situation in which certain changes in a particular geographical area are caused owing to certain natural or man-made situations.

Another term used for this particular situation can be a disaster and simply refers to any change brought in nature by any man-induced or naturally caused activity. 

This particular situation causes certain specific geographical conditions of a particular area to be altered. Usually, the relief measures are deployed, and it is made sure that the people living in affected areas do not suffer anymore from the effects of such calamity.

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As a relief measure, food and shelter are also distributed among people who are caught up in such situations. 

In certain countries, specific laws and regulations have been made by the competent legislatures in order to deal with this kind of situation, and all of these legislatures particularly build a certain regulatory authority that looks after all such kinds of situations. 

Main Differences Between State of Emergency and State of Calamity 

  1. State of Emergency Is known as a situation of distress caused in a particular country, while on the other hand, the State of Calamity is known as a situation of natural disaster in any area. 
  2. State of Emergency causes disturbance to the usual life of the public, while on the other hand, the State of Calamity causes the geographical factors for a particular area to change in a negative manner. 
  3. State of Emergency is comparatively wider in scope, while on the other hand, the State of Calamity is comparatively narrower in scope. 
  4. State of Emergency involves a greater extent of human intervention, while on the other hand, the State of Calamity involves a lower extent of human intervention. 
  5. State of Emergency causes certain government policies to change while on the other hand, the State of Calamity causes relief measures to be implemented in the affected area in order to provide relief to the affected people. 

Last Updated : 13 July, 2023

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