Wassail Recipe – Apple Cide Christmas Recipe

Wassail is an Anglo-Saxon greeting “waes hail” in which to wish others prosperity and good health.

This 13th-century phrase for their salutation became a popular term for the drink participants toasted with.

It is commonly practiced today during the holiday season.


  1. Five Red Delicious apples (cored, peeled, and halved)
  2. One in a half tablespoons light brown sugar
  3. Eight (two quarts) cups of apple cider
  4. Half cup brandy (optional)
  5. One teaspoon ground ginger
  6. One teaspoon nutmeg
  7. Eight whole allspice berries
  8. Two whole cloves
  9. Two sticks of cinnamon
  10. Six eggs (separated)

This wassail recipe serves 5 to 6 people.


Step One:

Preheat oven at 350 degrees. Placing apple halves with the cut side facing upward onto a baking sheet lined with aluminum foil. Toss in a sprinkling of light brown sugar and bake for forty-five minutes, until softened.

Step Two:

While you’re waiting for the apples to bake, pour apple cider and brandy into a crockpot.

On medium-low heat, warm up the mixture.

Make sure it does not come to a boil.

Add in the nutmeg and ground ginger.

Place cinnamon sticks, allspice berries, and cloves into a cheesecloth and tie into a bundle.

Put the bag inside of cider, warming up for thirty minutes.

Step Three:

Using a small bowl, beat egg yolks and put it to the side.

Step Four:

Whip egg whites in a medium bowl, adding in the egg yolks and mix until well blended.

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Step Five:

Pour one cup of wassail mixture into eggs, using a whisk while pouring.

Step Six:

Remove the spice bag from wassail, pouring the mixture into a large punch bowl.

Add in the eggs, gently stirring together. the combination will begin to froth and float on top.

Place the apple halves into your punch bowl. Serve up in mugs and enjoy!

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This is another recipe full of flavors. The addition of Apple makes it special.

Every time I have made this one on Christmas, I have only got appreciation and special mentions. I highly recommend this to my readers.

In case you get stuck in any of the steps then do ask me in the comments below.

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Wassail Recipe
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Last Updated : 24 November, 2023

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