Pepernoot / Christmas Tree Cookies – Netherlands Cookies Recipe



Metric Measurements

  1. Plain wheat flour 250gms
  2. Ground cinnamon (1/4 teaspoon)
  3. Pinch of salt
  4. Baking powder (1 teaspoon)
  5. Caster sugar 165gms
  6. Unsalted butter 165gms
  7. Finely grated lemon rind (1 teaspoon)
  8. Milk (1 tablespoon)


  1. One egg white, beaten
  2. Coffee sugar crystals (4 tablespoons)

Imperial / American

  1. 9oz wheat flour (plain)
  2. Ground cinnamon (¼ teaspoon)
  3. Pinch of salt
  4. Five unsalted butter (½ oz)
  5. Baking powder (1 teaspoon)
  6. Five caster sugar (½ oz)
  7. Finely grated lemon rind (1 teaspoon)
  8. Milk (1 tablespoon)


  1. One egg white, beaten
  2. Coffee sugar crystals (4 tablespoons)


Screen the flour, baking powder, salt and cinnamon through a sieve into a mixing bowl.

Add sugar, grated lemon rind and mix.

Cut the butter into the mixture and rub it in until you have a breadcrumb consistency.

Knead the flour into a soft dough, while periodically adding a fair amount of milk when needed.

Mold the dough into a ball shape and place it in a cool spot for a minimum of 1 hour before you roll it out.

Sprinkle flour on a board and flip the dough on to the surface and roll it to a thickness of 3mm.

Use either biscuit or cookie cutters to carve out different shapes of Christmas trees, rings, stars, and other living forms.

Assemble the dough trimmings and repeat the process of rolling to make additional cookies.

Using a thick skewer, puncture a hole in the middle part of the cookie shapes.

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On one face of the Christmas tree and star-shaped cookies, sparingly brush the egg white.

Subsequently, dip them into the coffee sugar and once done, proceed to bake.

Bake all the cookies in a preheated oven with a moderate temperature of 180°C (350°F) or a gas mark of 4 for approximately 15-20 min until they set or turn golden.

Retrieve the cookies and place them on a wire tray to cool.

You can then opt for the icing to attach decorations to the cookies.

Once they set, thread a slender red or green tinsel cord or ribbon through the loophole in each cookie and append the band on either the Christmas tree or fir boughs.

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These cookies are special because of the lemon flavor. My kids always love them. You should definitely consider them for your Christmas menu.

I always believe that if cookies have to be made for a special occasion then always go for some flavored cookies like these.

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Pepernoot Christmas Tree Cookies

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