Christmas in Zimbabwe – The Churches Attract the Christians

On Christmas day in Zimbabwe, a majority of people attend church service in the morning. Once church service is over everyone goes back to their houses to start partying.

Parties go on for the rest of the day until everyone goes to sleep. Everyone goes door to door to visit friends and family, giving each other presents and eating food during each meeting.

Not everyone is lucky enough to be fortunate so Christmas is one of the few times where some people get new clothes.

It’s encouraging to wear the best clothes you have when Christmas time comes.


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It only comes once a year and should be celebrated all out. A tradition that people in Zimbabwe have is to get a boom box or something that can play music and play it out in the front yard.

Some people play Christmas music but pop and any other genre are encouraged too.

Like other countries, people in Zimbabwe decorate their houses during Christmas time too. Modern homes may have the classic Christmas tree but traditional families decorate their house with Ivy.

They’re hung from the roof and only decorated in the main living room. Kids and children use this room to hang up stockings and show off their presents when Santa Claus comes.

Singing is also popular among some people in Zimbabwe. You might find a candlelight service going around town and parks singing Christmas carols.

They’re also sung in the morning service and all of the ones right before Christmas. All of the streets and some stores are strung with Christmas lights to match the mood.

While it may be normal for you to have chicken in your daily diet, it’s expensive for people in Zimbabwe. This makes it a special delicacy that they eat with rice at their parties.

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Main Points About Christmas in Zimbabwe

  1. At Christmas time, many people who work in the cities go to spend the holiday with their relatives in rural areas.
  2. On Christmas day, many people wear their best outfits. People with big speakers put them outside their houses and play very loud music.
  3. Often, the main room is decorated with Christmas trees, Ivy and other Christmas decorations.
  4. Christmas starts with a church service. Many people attend to be a part of the Christmas carol. Sometimes, there could be Carols by Candlelight Services in public places.
  5. Chicken is a must on the Christmas menu. Since Chicken is expensive, it is considered a special treat.


Christmas in Zimbabwe means a lot of prayers. On 25th December, the churches are busy the whole day as a lot of people are seen visiting Church for the church service. Apart from church service, serving food items to guests is also common. In fact, people perform all the traditions on Christmas day as you would expect from a Christian majority country.

If you have been to Zimbabwe on Christmas or stay in Zimbabwe then do share your first-hand experience in the comments below.

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