Difference Between 6 and 6x

For any occasion like birthday, marriage, festivals and other celebrations people buy new clothes. School uniforms, sports dresses are very common for every person from a young age to teenage and teenage to old age. While shopping for adults there are trail rooms and they can directly see and buy. This makes shopping for the kids a mess.

There are different sizes of dresses based on age, sex, height. The selection of dresses for kids is most complicated as there is some confusion between the sizes. These size differences very small that people often get confused with them. One of these size differences is size 6 and 6x.

6 vs 6x

The main difference between 6 and 6x is that 6 is a standard size that is exactly higher than 5 whereas 6x is a size that is an inch higher than 6 and two inches long. The size of the cloth is measured by its length and width at the waist or from the chest.

6 vs


Comparison Table Between 6 and 6x (in Tabular Form)

Parameters of comparison66x
Length45 to 46.547 to 48.5
GenderFor all gendersOnly for girls
Weight47 to 53 pounds54 to 58 pounds


What is 6?

Usually, the size 6 comes after 5 and it is a very common size. This size is the same for men, women, boys and girls. It is generally measured as twenty-two inches of the waist size.

When measured for the chest it is equal to twenty-five inches. In terms of the height of the dress, we can see that size 6 means forty-five inches to fort six and a half inches

These sizes and shapes are all based on the standards mentioned by the companies who make these clothes and these standards will vary from place to place and country to country.
When the kid’s weight is around 45 to 55 pounds we can select this size. So based on the weight of the kids also we can choose this size.


What is 6x?

size 6x is not a very common size, it is slightly above or more than size 6. As the sizes of young children are always different from country to country.

Size 6x is in between size 6 and size 7 which means the size 6x is less than 7. If we see according to the size then 6x is almost an inch big in size than 6 and it is one inch smaller than size 7.

According to the length, this size is two-inch long than the size 6. This size is exclusively for girls. Till certain age young girls grow in height and from the later age their body parts also start growing and with this, there needs to change in the sizes of the dresses.

So six is a common size and seven is a common size for boys and girls, there must be some size between these two. So size 6x is introduced.

There are no other sizes with x as they are common for everyone. Once the girls cross this size then they will directly go to seven, eight and so on. Here the measurements are a little different. The size of the waist will be 23 inches and the chest will be 26 inches.

Main Differences Between 6 and 6x

  1. Size 6 is smaller when compared to the size 6x. 6 is shorter in length and is also short at the waist and chest.
  2. The size 6x is only for girls and the size six is for all the genders. This is because the waist size will vary. So when the size six is 22 inches then size 6x will be 23 inches.
  3. The heights of the two sizes are also different. The size 6 is 45 inches to 46.5 inches whereas 6x is from 47 inches to a size of 48.5 inches.
  4. From the age of six, there will a sudden change in the growth of the girl’s height and weight so, for this reason, there must be a change in the clothes. Till the age of six girls may wear six sizes but after six they need a size that is between six and seven and then comes 6x size.
  5. As the girls grow in size they need little bigger size dresses, size 6 will be tight and size seven will be loose. So the size between these two sizes 6x is needed as it fits correctly.
  6. In some cases, girls with weight ranging from 47 pounds to 53 pounds use size 6 while girls with weight ranging from 54 pounds to 58 pounds use 6x size.
  7. in some places of the world, these 6 and 6x sizes are not used but these names are given in another way. The size 6 is generally for the age group of 5 to 6 years and 6x is for 6 to 7 years.
  8. The other way of knowing the sizes is large size L is 6 and the size extra large XL is 6x. So in different places, different sizes are depending on age also.



As the gender, height and weight of the children are taken into consideration, the sizes 6 and 6x are different concerning the length and width of the body. These two sizes are different and they lie between sizes 5 and 7.

During shopping, these two measurements must be taken into account so that there will be no confusion. These sizes may be difficult to find but when the correct size of the children is found then they will help in increasing the blood flow and helps in the health of the children.

So the sizes 6 and 6x are slightly different from each other and these two sizes are again dependent on the chest size, waist size and length also. The size also varies from place to place as per the standards of the manufacturing company we must refer to the measurement chart or ask the shop keeper about the sizes before you can buy some cloth.

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