Abu Dhabi vs Jerusalem: Difference and Comparison

Abu Dhabi and Jerusalem are two prominent capital cities that generate a high number of tourists daily. Both are known for certain factors that stand out in each city.

Their fame has been in the tabloids for some time now even though it is for different purposes. To understand the differences is to understand the significance of both places.

Key Takeaways

  1. Abu Dhabi is the capital city of the United Arab Emirates, while Jerusalem is the capital city of Israel.
  2. Abu Dhabi is in the Middle East on the Persian Gulf, while Jerusalem is in the Middle East between the Mediterranean and the Dead Sea.
  3. Abu Dhabi has a predominantly Muslim population, while Jerusalem has a significant Jewish population and is considered a holy city in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

Abu Dhabi vs Jerusalem

Abu Dhabi is the capital and second-largest city of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). It is a modern city that has undergone rapid urbanization in recent decades. Jerusalem is a city that holds great religious significance for Jews, Christians, and Muslims. It has a rich and complex history.

Abu Dhabi vs Jerusalem

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Abu Dhabi is one of the seven Emirates of the United Arab Emirates. It is also the capital of the UAE.

It spans over a large area of land and is also quite rich in terms of the financial statement released throughout the year since the beginning of the developmental projects for all the Emirates.

It is home to the President of the UAE.

Jerusalem is a much-debated city and as of now is the capital city and the industrial hub for the East Arabian nation of Israel.

It has been through a lot of destructive past and has seen itself through many reconstructions and restructuring.

Before being declared as the capital of Israel, Jerusalem was the main city for the Palestinian people. Its wars and issues eventually gave way to the Israeli government to declare it as theirs.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonAbu DhabiJerusalem
Area972 square kilometer125.1 square kilometer
Been In WarNoYes
Geographical LandIslandPlateau
Yearly IncomeHighVery low
Capital City OfUAEIsreal, but Palestine also claims its authority over Jerusalem

What is Abu Dhabi?

The capital Emirates from all the seven Emirates of the UAE is Abu Dhabi.

It can be broken down into two Arabic words, “Abu” which means father, and “Dhabi” which in olden Arabic means gazelle.

Gazelle is an animal with a magnificent body structuring that was once very commonly seen in this particular Emirate.

This was the reason it was called “Father of Gazelles”.

It is the most heavily populated city of the UAE after the industrial hub of Dubai. Its population per square meter of the area is quite high when compared to most other metropolises.

Abu Dhabi is located over an island that is present over the Persian Gulf. But this doesn’t mean that the entire city is floating on an island.

Parts of the city are connected to the rest of the United Arab Emirates as it is located on the mainland via small striations of land on the island.

It has a massive population of over 2.9 million people in the entire Emirate. Of the total population, more than half resides in the urban side of Abu Dhabi.

The other part of the population lives in the rural and the more productive parts of Abu Dhabi.

As it is the capital city for the entire nation, Abu Dhabi is considered to be the center of all activity after the tourist hub of Dubai.

All major political decisions and cultural activities concerning national pride, all take place in Abu Dhabi.

It is here that the President and the ruler of the United Arab Emirates stay and his home is here.

The President who is from the Al Nahyan family along with this family members has their palace and Presidential suites built in the city of Abu Dhabi.

Their major income source is through oil reserves present deep within the city in its ocean beds.

Before the oil reservoir had been found, the pearl had been the major income for most merchants in Abu Dhabi.

The small island of Abu Dhabi is connected to the mainland of the UAE through three bridges namely Maqta, Mussafah, and Sheikh Zayed Bridge.

abu dhabi

What is Jerusalem?

Jerusalem is one of the most ancient cities in the world that is bustling with culture and traditions dating back in time.

It is now the capital city of the state of Israel built over a dense and mineral-rich plateau located between two significant halves.

It is found between the Mediterranean and the most questioned over the sea, the Dead Sea.

Such fertile land paved way for the initial civilizations that came about in ancient Jerusalem.

Three major religions that persist in the Arab nations of the Middle East are considered important in Jerusalem.

These three religions together called the Abrahamic Religions are Islam, Christianity, and Judaism.

This also sheds light on the fact that Jerusalem is mainly home to people who follow these three religions as there are places of worship considered significant for each of the religions.

Overshadowing its cultural and historical importance are the more recent events that now define Jerusalem.

It has seen many wars and destructions in the near past. This led to its ruler’s government and state being changed frequently.

Due to such discrepancies, even today two nations consider Jerusalem as their major decision-making hub or capital.

Palestine and Israel refuse to let go of Jerusalem and give it to the other nation.

Therefore both the states claim their power over the historic city.

Jerusalem in ancient language means the foundation of a God. This etymology is seen later to signify most of ita population’s beliefs.

It is one of the first cities to get Greek, Roman as well as Arabic roots, therefore giving its people a rich heritage to follow.


Main Differences Between Abu Dhabi and Jerusalem

  1. The area covered by Jerusalem is approximately 125.1 square kilometers while the approximate area under the Emirate of Abu Dhabi is 972 square kilometers. This means Abu Dhabi is almost more than double the size of Jerusalem.
  2. Abu Dhabi is just a mere 27 meters above sea level which shouldn’t be surprising as it is practically located over an island whereas the elevation of Jerusalem is 754 meters above sea level. This is a depiction that Jerusalem is a mountainous region.
  3. While the name Jerusalem was derived from the original Amarna letters and the jew culture, Abu Dhabi was originally derived from classic Arabic with meaning to suffice an important feature of the land.
  4. Jerusalem had been taken over and reconstructed many times by different people and governments whereas Abu Dhabi has always been under the same house of rulers.
  5. Abu Dhabi mainly follows a single religion and that is Islam even though it is a secular place whereas Jerusalem has three religions as its main ones.
Difference Between Abu Dhabi and Jerusalem
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Last Updated : 13 July, 2023

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