ACP vs Auto: Difference and Comparison

The Auto pistol must not be mistaken for the ACP since they are very diverse in terms of efficiency and other technical requirements. Auto refers to ‘automatic’, and there are two types of automatic pistols: fully automatic pistols and semi-auto pistols.

There are many differences between an ACP as well as an Auto pistol, and this article will explain the differences in characteristics between an ACP and an Auto Pistol.

Key Takeaways

  1. ACP stands for Automatic Colt Pistol and refers to specific calibers of handgun cartridges, while “auto” is a general term for semi-automatic handguns.
  2. ACP cartridges include popular options like .45 ACP and .380 ACP, whereas “auto” refers to various semi-automatic pistol calibers.
  3. ACP cartridges are specific to certain models of handguns, while “auto” encompasses a broader range of firearms.

ACP vs Auto

The difference between ACP and Auto is that ACP stands for Automatic Colt Pistol whereas Auto means automatic, as per nomenclature, it does not seem much of a difference, to begin with.

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However, technically; the ACP is mostly utilized by army members, whereas the Auto is used in locations such as rescue missions, covert expeditions, and so on.


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Furthermore, the diameter of the rounds used in the ACP is bigger than that of the projectiles used in the Auto. This increases the penetrating force of the bullet, making ACP handguns more lethal.

The term “Automatic Colt Pistol ” (ACP) refers to several John Moses Browning ammunition designs that were predominantly employed in ‘Colt’ and ‘Fabrique Nationale de Herstal’ semi-automatic handguns.

These bullets are all straight-sided and look the same. The.25 ACP and.32 ACP, with a rim-free.45 ACP gap on the case’s opening.

These ACP bullet-powered handguns are mostly used for tactical and military operations as they pack a lot of firepower at the size of your palm.

The Auto, on the other hand, is more renowned for its smaller size and great efficiency. The Auto is a handgun that would continue to fire until the ammo runs out or the trigger is removed.

An automatic pistol is a simple type of repetitive firearm (pistol) that mechanically cycles its action to place the next ammunition into the barrel (self-loading) but requires user actuation of the hammer to fire the next shot.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonACPAuto
Full FormACP stands for Automatic Colt Pistol.Auto is the short form for Automatic handguns.
UsageBest for military and covert Ops as the ease of carrying and excellent accuracy makes it a deadly handgun.Ideal for rescue operations and can be a good option for hunting as the travel speed of the bullet exceeds eventually.
RoundsThe diameter of the ammunition under the ACP class is larger than the autos.The diameter of the 9mm auto for instance is smaller than the ACP class rounds, say the .45 ACP.
Penetrating PowerHigh penetration power and can be deadly even at 10 to 15 yards and can kill a person if shot on the chest.Medium to low penetration power due to lighter and smaller bullet size.
Meaning and ExamplesACP refers to several John Moses Browning ammunition designs that were predominantly employed in ‘Colt’ and ‘Fabrique Nationale de Herstal’ semi-automatic handguns.An auto pistol is a pistol designed to look like a handgun. The ‘skorpion’ and the P18C, commonly known as the Glock 18C and favoured by trained NAVY Seals, are two excellent examples.

What is ACP?

The ACP (Automatic Colt Pistol) or.45 Auto (11.4323mm) ammunition was invented by John Moses Browning around 1904 to be used in his experimental Colt semi-automatic handgun.

Following effective military tests, it was accepted as the official chambering of Colt’s M1911 handgun and was given the designation.45 ACP.

The ACP is not the same as the Auto pistol. The ACP is a rather solid investment. It is well-known for always being extremely exact, particularly when used on people. It is an excellent choice for aggressive reasons in circumstances requiring swift skill and agility.

This weapon has the additional benefit of producing little noise. It is equipped with an excellent suppressor that effectively reduces noise. The quantity of flash released is likewise relatively small.

There is also a moderate degree of recoil. The maximum number of chamber pressure is 145 MPa, which is extremely moderate when contrasted to other guns in the same class.

The permeability of rounds fired out from ACP ranges from 11 to 27 inches, based on the route at which the handgun is discharged and the shooter’s precision.

Colt has produced several self-loading handguns. The first one was the Colt M1900, which was produced solely for the military from 1900 to 1902. The. ACP 38 was used as the ammunition for this handgun.

The Colt Model 1903 Compact Hammer was designed for the same purpose. From 1902 through 1928, the 38 ACP cartridge was available.

automatic colt pistol

What is Auto?

‘Auto’, the short form of automatic, is seen rarely in the case of handguns, however, there are 9mm automatic handguns with optional extensions like the military-grade P18C, more commonly known as the Glock 18C, and the automatic trigger release and shoot makes it difficult for beginners to use.

Talking about Ammos, the auto .45 is literally the same as the .45 ACP, but the compatibility with automatic handguns only makes the name exceptional.

The Auto is employed when the duelling parties are brought into proximity to one other. This tiny weapon is simpler to use and manoeuvre indoors and in tight quarters. Some bullet cartridges have many names.

Several have so many that an unskilled shooter may worry if they are purchasing the right ammo. Now, if we talk about ‘auto’ guns in general, there are a lot more varieties.

An auto-loading gun, sometimes known as an ‘auto,’ is a firearm that continually charges and discharges cartridges when the trigger system is pressed.

An automated firearm’s operation is capable of collecting the extra energy emitted from a prior discharge to load a fresh ammunition cartridge into the barrel, ignite the fuel, and release the bullet.

automatic handgun

Main Differences Between ACP and Auto

  1. ACP stands for Automatic Colt Pistol, whereas Auto means automatic.
  2. ACP is more widely used when compared to auto handguns.
  3. Military members use ACP, whereas the Auto handguns like Glock 18C are used for rescue operations.
  4. ACP bullets have a larger diameter than Auto handgun bullets.
  5. The penetrating power of ACP is twice more than the Auto.
Difference Between ACP and Auto

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