Adblock vs 1blocker: Difference and Comparison

Advertisement filtering or ad blocking plays a vital role in the online surfing of a user. It can block as well as alter online advertising.

The two most common advertisement blocks are available for various web browsers are Adblock and 1blocker.

Key Takeaways

  1. Adblock is a browser extension that blocks various ads, while 1Blocker is an ad-blocking app specifically designed for iOS devices.
  2. 1Blocker allows for more granular control over which types of content are blocked, while Adblock has a more straightforward approach.
  3. Adblock is available for multiple browsers and platforms, whereas 1Blocker is exclusive to Apple devices.

Adblock vs 1blocker

The difference between Adblock and 1blocker is that Adblock was launched in the advertisement blocking segment, in the year 2009 while 1blocker was launched in the advertisement blocking segment, in the year 2015. The original developer of Adblock is Michael Gundlach while the original developer of 1blocker is Salavat Khanov.

Adblock vs 1blocker

Adblock is a web browser with an open-source that prevents the device from malicious threats by blocking advertisements from potential websites.

Through Adblock, the advertisers cannot follow the online movements of the users and minimize the risk of spying.

On the other hand, 1blocker is software used for content blocking in macOS and iOS. The company model is private. It aims at providing productivity as well as safety during browsing.

The configuring of the software can be customized according to the browsing choice and pattern of the users.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonAdblock1blocker
The original author Michael Gundlach Salavat Khanov
Year of launch 20092015
TypeAdblock is a Firefox-based browser 1blocker is a Safari-based software
PurposeThe installation is done to prevent intrusive ads like malicious code or popups from various websites The installation is done for content blocking so that money, as well as time, is saved on the part of the users
Medium of usage Free and also has optional donations Free

What is Adblock?

Adblock is a browser extension that is open source and free to use for content filtering. It is used in various web browsers like Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Opera, Apple Safari, and Firefox.

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The function of the web browser is mainly in preventing various page elements, especially advertisements. The downloading and usage is free and also has optional donations which can be given to the developers.

The creation of the extension was done on 8 December in the year 2009. The original author of Adblock is Michael Gundlach. The developers are BetaFish Incorporated. The extension is written in JavaScript.

It is available in over 51 languages. The browser extension has acquired the license of GPLv3. In the year 2018, the extension had acquired uBlock, which is a commercial ad blocker and the ownership is with uBlock LLC.

The author of the browser extension had even launched a crowdfunding campaign in the year 2013 on Crowdtilt. The aim of arranging the campaign was to effectively raise awareness about adblocking.

The funds would also be utilized in renting a billboard at Times Square. The estimated fund after one month of the campaign was around $55,000.

Adblock was bought by an anonymous buyer in the year 2015. The name of the author was also taken down from the site in the same year. The developer had also left the operations to the continuing director of the extension browser.

Adblock also began participating in various programs like acceptable ads. Such programs could identify non-annoying ads which were shown by Adblock by default.


What is 1blocker?

1blocker is a content blocker of iOS and macOS which is used to block trackers ads and other annoying content of the web. 1blocker was found in September 2015.

The basis of 1blocker is on new lightning which has native content blocking API at a fast speed. The main aim of 1blocker is to make browsing on Safari safer, faster, and more productive for the users.

It is a private Ad network. The company type is for profit. 1blocker does not affect the speed of Safari. It gives complete security to the users and has no accessibility to the websites that the users have last visited.

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The support of 1blocker is completely done by the users and there is no program for acceptable ads. It is also considered one of the most powerful content blockers of Safari exclusively.

The configuring ability of 1blocker is quite high. It has over 40,000 blockers that are preinstalled in it. Through numerous independent tests, it is seen that 1blocker can save data, battery life, and even bandwidth up to 50%.

For hiding the safari extension, the users can simply tap on any element of the webpage like the subscription box, sidebar, or even the site logo.

The websites which are loved and most used by the users can be whitelisted through one blocker. The blocking preferences get automatically synced over the iCloud of the system.

The users are provided with customizable blocker rules like hiding page elements or cookies and even block sites.

Main Differences Between Adblock and 1blocker

  1. Adblock provides monitoring tools to the users while 1blocker does not provide any monitoring tools to the users.
  2. Adblock can display ads that seem non-intrusive while 1blocker does not display ads from the blocked websites even though they seem non-intrusive.
  3. Adblock can be used for Opera, Chrome, and Safari while 1blocker is used only in Safari.
  4. Adblock works for iOS as well as Android while 1blocker works only for iOS.
  5. Adblock participates in acceptable ads program while 1blocker does not participate in any acceptable ads program.



Last Updated : 13 July, 2023

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