Adware vs Ransomware: Difference and Comparison

Technology is growing like a virus and also with a virus. We try to find primary problems in our system due to certain viruses which affect the system.

Adware and ransomware are two different types of viruses that affect the computer. They may steal your information.

Key Takeaways

  1. Adware is unwanted software that displays intrusive advertisements, while ransomware is malicious software that encrypts files or locks devices, demanding a ransom for access restoration.
  2. Adware primarily generates revenue for its creators through advertising, whereas ransomware extorts money from victims by holding their data hostage.
  3. Ransomware is more dangerous and destructive than adware, as it can cause significant data loss and financial damage.

Adware vs Ransomware

The difference between adware and ransomware is their effect on the computers. Adware is less harmful, whereas ransomware is very harmful. Adware is nothing but spyware, whereas ransomware is malware and very malignant. Both of them have many differences.

Adware vs Ransomware

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Advertising-supported software is called adware. The primary task of adware is to show relevant buildups to the user. By generating these online promotions, it makes money for their developers.

The online fanfare will show in the user interface or the monitors presented. The advertising-supported software makes money in two ways.

Showing the buildups to the users is the first method, and the second technique is pay per click.

The second way happen when users click the advertisement. Since adware is not malicious, it also acts like spyware. It collects the data of the user and sends it to the attackers.

Ransomware is nothing but malware. The ransomware comes under cryptovirology. Crytpvirology is nothing but threatening the user about leaking their data.

Sometimes it blocks access to the data and asks money to remove the access authority.

Some ransomware will use the method called cryptoviral extortion. The cryptoviral extortion technique will make the user file in an encrypted manner and make it unreachable.

In simple it hacked the files and information. Making the data inaccessible and demanding ransom money for decryption is happened in ransomware attacks.

Comparison Table

Parameters of comparisonAdwareRansomware
Block AccessNoYes
Other namesAdware may be called spywareRansomware may be called malware
Main objectiveMonitor activityGain access
AttachedAdware attached with free softwareRansomware attached with emails

What is Adware?

Adware is a famous software to display advertisements on the user’s screens. Since its primary task is to depict advertisements on the user screen, the adware uses different ways.

They show the advertisements in the static box, full screen, banner screen, video ad, break an ad, the application adds, etc. Adware is less malignant. But it causes risks like privacy, ethics, and security.

Nowadays, adware installed itself with any application and browser extension. Most websites have adware with malicious content, which might affect our system when we visit those sites.

The adware will stick to the applications. Especially the free software has a risk of adware along with many malware. Since it’s free of charge, it comes with a virus.

So it is important to check twice before using any software. By clinging to the free software, the adware will make revenue in every installation for attackers.

Some software even advertises that they provide versions without buildup. But in those cases, you need to spend money to buy versions without advertisements.

Some advertising software provides two offers. They are gratis advertisement support mode and paid advertisement support mode. The vital task behind adware is search engine optimization.

They intrude and know about the history and show the advertisements according to that. Examples of adware are Ad-block Plus and many websites. It comes under the software as a service.

What is Ransomware?

Ransomware is slightly malignant when compared to adware. The ransomware sometimes leaks sensitive information of high officials and asks money to stop it.

In a cryptoviral extortion attack, it is intractable to depict the decryption key for the data. In recent days, ransomware attacks on digital currencies like Bitcoin. It causes an enormous economic loss in many countries.

The ransomware works by using the trojan horse technique to make attacks. The trojan horse technique is nothing but tricking the user into downloading a malicious file in their system.

Ransomware uses the trojan method. The trojan virus comes in the email attachment, website links, downloads, etc. These worms directly intrude into your computer and cause a severe effect on the system.

These types of viruses make the system slow and reduce the performance of the computers. It never asks permission and does all the functions without user knowledge.

It makes it difficult for users to find the virus attack in the system. AIDS trojan- the first document ransomware in 1989. After that, the usage of ransomware raised its elevation internationally.

Some anti-virus applications were introduced to prevent attacks from ransomware and other types of attacks. The operating system itself has built-in anti-virus programs.

Private software is available to prevent attacks. In recent days, ransomware started attacking mobile operating systems.


Main Differences Between Adware and Ransomware

  1. The primary task of adware is to investigate your computer, whereas the main objective of ransomware is to destroy the computer.
  2. Adware can be easily removed from the system, whereas ransomware is difficult to remove.
  3. Fireball, Appearch, Gator are examples of adware, whereas Crypto, Wanna Cry, Cerber are examples of ransomware.
  4. Adware can be easily witnessed, whereas ransomware is difficult to detect its presence in the system.
  5. Adware can not replicate itself, whereas ransomware can do self-replication.
Difference Between Adware and Ransomware
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