Difference Between AMS and AMI Montessori

Montessori education has always had its primary emphasis on the independence of children. This method allows children to understand and work according to their strengths and weaknesses.


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An Italian physician, Maria Montessori, was the one who developed the Montessori system. The system focuses on supportive learning and disregards grades and tests. It’s an all-over development strategy for children. AMS and AMI are two organisations for getting into Montessori schools.

AMS Montessori vs AMI Montessori

The difference between AMS and AMI Montessori is that AMS Montessori has adopted a new methodology other than the original Maria Montessori, whereas AMI Montessori is fully based on the Maria Montessori curriculum. AMS is based on American culture. AMI was originally established by Maria Montessori, and it functions according to the rules and regulations led by her.

AMS Montessori vs AMI Montessori

AMS Montessori works on the American methodology of Montessori. It was established much later and is quite different from the curriculum of Maria Montessori.

Outside resources and materials are allowed here, unlike the original Maria Montessori. The teacher training centres differ from one another here. Other rules regarding admission and school continuity are also different.

On the other hand, AMI Montessori is the Association Montessori Internationale. It functions according to the rules and regulations of Maria Montessori.

Every single policy and rule made by the original Montessori is maintained here. There is a teaching uniformity in the AMI Montessori. No outside resources are used for teaching methods.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonAMS MontessoriAMI Montessori
EstablishmentAMS was established in 1960. AMI was established much earlier, in 1929.
FounderNancy McCormick Rambusch was the founder of AMS. Maria Montessori was the founder of AMI.
RegionIt is an American-based organisation. It is an Amsterdam-based organisation.
HeadquartersIts headquarters is situated in New York. Its headquarters is in Amsterdam.
Methodology The original Montessori methodology is not followed here. It follows the original Montessori methodology.
Teaching UniformityNo teaching uniformity is there.It has teaching uniformity.

What is AMS Montessori?

The AMS or American Montessori Society is a Montessori organisation based on American culture. Established in 1960, the AMS Montessori is headquartered in New York. It works for promoting Montessori methodology in private as well as public schools.

AMS Montessori methodology prevails throughout the United States. It has its own set of standards and rules for functioning. It does not follow the rules and regulations made by Maria Montessori.

Nancy McCormick Rambusch, the founder of AMS, worked for AMI before establishing the American Unit. He came up with some new rules and regulations to be followed in AMS.

From the very start, Rambusch focused on taking forward the AMS methodology in American society into the 20th century. AMS wanted all its teachers to have a college degree so that the institution could be easily recognised by the state.

It also allows the use of outside resources so that education could be diversified and be successful in building a child’s strong personality. In addition, AMS provides Teacher education programs that educate people for becoming Montessori teachers.

AMS methodology follows an advance and newer set of rules and regulations in a mindset to fit into the American culture. However, AMS Montessori methodology does not allow continuation if one changes school. Although one can easily learn to value morals here.

ams montessori

What is AMI Montessori?

The AMI or Association Montessori Internationale is yet another organisation for Montessori education, based in Amsterdam. It was established by Maria Montessori in 1929. It is headquartered in Amsterdam itself. Its main objective is to make Montessori education available worldwide.

Maria Montessori and her son, Mario, joined together to form the AMI Montessori methodology. During the period of formation, fascism grew increasingly in Germany, Spain and Italy.

Due to this, Maria had to relocate her family from her long term home, Barcelona. Later in 1952, when Maria breathed her last, she handed over the legacy in AMI to her son. In 1954, AMI got registered by Dutch Royal Decree.

AMI consists of over 5000 members who work in 36 countries of the world. There are 64 AMI affiliated Teacher training centres. AMI holds an International Congress every four years. Several Montessori Associations from all over the world have come together to support this movement. The International Congress is held in a different country every year.

The methods adopted in AMI are standardised starting from the initial level of classrooms to the upper levels. A uniformity of teaching can be found, unlike AMS. If a student changes school, he/she will be eligible to get a continuation facility. All these features make AMI a wise option for Montessori education.

ami montessori

Main Differences Between AMS and AMI Montessori

  1. AMI Montessori got established in 1929, while AMS got established later in 1960.
  2. Maria Montessori was the founder of AMI, while Nancy McCormick Rambusch was the founder of AMS.
  3. AMS is American-based, whereas AMI is Amsterdam-based.
  4. AMI follows the original Montessori rules and regulations, while AMS does not.
  5. There is no teaching uniformity in AMS, while in AMI, there is.
  6. AMS is headquartered in New York, whereas AMI is headquartered in Amsterdam.


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