Amusement Park vs Theme Park: Difference and Comparison

There are several places where people can enjoy as well as can learn about new things. These places are designed to provide knowledge to people with the help of virtual technologies.


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Some amount is charged from people as an entry fee which is then used to maintain that place.

Parks contain public visiting facilities, and the public can enter them without any extra charges. Some parks are built by the government, and others are privately owned but for public benefit.

Amusement parks and Theme parks are important categories among these types of parks.

Key Takeaways

  1. Amusement parks are primarily focused on providing fun and thrilling rides and attractions.
  2. Theme parks are designed around a particular theme or concept and offer immersive experiences through themed environments, shows, and attractions.
  3. Theme parks tend to be more expensive than amusement parks.

Amusement Park vs Theme Park

The difference between Amusement parks and Theme parks is that Amusement Parks are for public enjoyment and are full of rides, and contain several types of equipment for doing activities. Whereas the Theme Park is based on a specific theme or topic, and the whole park is designed based on that theme.

Amusement Park vs Theme Park

Amusement Park, as the name suggests, is a park full of enjoyable rides, and several types of games are conducted for the public. These rides and games keep the public engaged throughout the park visit.

Sometimes these parks are free to visit, but mostly they charge a specific amount.

Theme Park is designed to provide some knowledge to those visiting. This park is focused on a unique theme that continuously gets reflected in all the objects and equipment situated in the park.

The themes can be related to history, science, and other popular Stories, etc.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonAmusement ParkTheme Park
DefinitionAn Amusement Park is a huge land area with games and shows that get people entertained. A Theme Park can be referred to as a Theme Park that is set up around a specific or single theme.
ThemeAmusement Park does not contain any specific theme it contains random rides to entertain people.Theme Park, as the name suggests is built around one or more themes.
Things it containsAmusement Parks mostly contain random sets of rides and games.Theme Parks contains object related to specific themes and create imaginary places for the enjoyment of people.
TeachingAmusement Park is just built for enjoyment purposes.Theme Parks are associated with education and knowledge. And, also provides entertainment.
ExamplesExamples of Amusement Parks are:
1. Universal Studios, Singapore
2. Family Kingdom
3. Disneyland, Tokyo
Examples of Theme Parks are:
1. Everland Resort, South Korea
2. Ferrari World, Abu Dhabi
3. Six Flags Magic Mountain, Los Angeles

What is Amusement Park?

Amusement Parks were developed to provide people with facilities like rides and events that include gaming, sports, etc. These types of parks are fixed and are used to operate various operations.

The rides in the park are also fixed or stationary, but some rides are movable and can be taken from one part to another.

Compared to city parks and playgrounds, Amusement Parks are more attractive as they contain rides that are more enjoyable and big.

The park is designed to attract every age group, but mainly it is built for the age group of people between 10 years to 30 years.

Sometimes Amusement Parks also contain theme areas where the rides and the design are based on one specific theme.

Several types of shows, like magic shows, talent shows, etc., are also conducted in these parks. International events are also conducted in Amusement Parks.

amusement park

What is Theme Park?

Theme Park is a category of Amusement Park. This park is themed on one topic, and some of the topics are water, ecosystem, history, science, etc.

If it is based on a story, then the main character will be visualized or reflected in the whole theme of the park or the centre of the Theme Park.

Theme parks may contain areas where they categorize the themes and where several other themes are featured simultaneously.

Some examples of this type of park are fairy tale parks, dinosaur parks, historian parks, water parks, science parks, etc.

Mostly these Theme Parks feature popular international movies like harry potter, avatar, Marine, etc. Magic Kingdom Theme Park at Walt Disney World Resort is the most popular Theme Park of all time.

theme park

Main Differences Between Amusement Parks and Theme Parks

  1. An Amusement Park is a huge land area with games and shows that entertain people. On the other hand, Theme Park can be referred to as a Park that is set up around a specific theme.
  2. Theme Parks contain objects related to specific themes and create imaginary places for people’s enjoyment. While Amusement Parks mostly contain random sets of rides and games.
  3. Theme Parks are associated with education, knowledge and also provide entertainment. In contrast, Amusement Park is just built for enjoyment purposes.
  4. Theme Park, as the name suggests, is built around one or more themes. While Amusement Park does not contain any specific theme, it contains random rides to entertain people.
  5. Amusement Parks are full of rides like the carousel, the rotor, long rides, and scrambler, etc. Whereas, Theme Parks contain rides related to a specific theme, like water theme parks contain rides associated with water.
Difference Between Amusement Park and Theme Park

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