Jake Brake vs Exhaust Brake: Difference and Comparison

There are many different vehicles in use today. Because of their different forms and types, their working methods are also changing. In any case, there are utilized gas and diesel vehicles, and they are supplied with two types of brakes.

Both of these brakes serve the same job of providing brakes to the vehicle, but they each have their own technique for doing so.

Key Takeaways

  1. Jake Brakes use engine compression to slow down the vehicle, making them more effective for heavy-duty trucks.
  2. Exhaust brakes restrict exhaust flow, creating back pressure to slow down the engine and vehicle.
  3. Jake Brakes generate more noise than exhaust brakes, leading to their restricted use in certain areas.

Jake Brake vs Exhaust Brake

Jake Brake and exhaust brake are both engine braking mechanisms used in large vehicles. A Jake Brake uses the engine’s exhaust valves to slow the vehicle, while an exhaust brake restricts the flow of exhaust gases to create back pressure and slow the vehicle.

Jake Brake vs Exhaust Brake

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Jack brakes are commonly used on large diesel engines on tractor-trailers to help reduce car speed without damaging the service brakes. They generate a lot of unnecessary noise, which limits their use in certain areas.

They work by lowering the vehicle’s pressure and causing it to slow down.

Exhaust brakes are the chosen brakes in efficient and robust vehicles. By increasing the internal pressure and restricting exhaust flow, they slow down the car.

They are silent and undetectable brakes that work no matter the vehicle’s size and weight. They are cheaper and can prevent standard brakes from failing.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonJake BrakeExhaust Brake
FunctionJake’s brake generates braking force by expelling pressurized gas inside the cylinders, which inhibits downhill cylinder action. They raise the pressure in the exhaust pipe by obstructing the exhaust’s path.
PerformanceJake’s brakes are more strong. The brakes on the exhaust are less strong than the brakes on the jake.
NoiseJake’s brakes make too much noise and are therefore prohibited. When compared to Jake Brakes, Exhaust Brakes make less sound.
Power Jake brakes have well exceeded the vehicle’s rated stopping power, reaching 90 percent. Exhaust brakes have a lower braking force and can only do 60-80% of the job.
Attached to The valves train is connected to Jake’s brakes.
The exhaust engine is connected to the exhaust brakes.

What is Jake Brake?

Jake Brakes are a form of pressure-releasing brake commonly seen in large vehicles such as tractor-trailers and huge diesel engines.

Jake brakes, also known as decompression brakes or engine brakes, work by lowering the vehicle’s suction to slow it down.

The vehicle comes to a halt when the pressurised gas is released into the tank, and this function is only available in huge trucks. They are banned due to excessive noise.

Jake brakes have a number of drawbacks, including the fact that they are forbidden in some regions due to their noise. They only influence the driving tyres, thus, they should be ignored on slick surfaces where they could slip or jack-knifing.

The Jack Brake is a pressure-release brake that helps the truck driver to slow down the vehicle while wearing the service brake. Jack brakes, sometimes called engine brakes, are used in tractor-trailers equipped with large diesel engines.

When utilized appropriately, Jake Brakes can extend the life of your brakes and tyres when travelling downward or on motorway off-ramps. However, because they produce a lot of noise, some places don’t allow them to be used.

jake brake

What is Exhaust Brake?

Exhaust brakes are brakes which are used in diesel cars to slow them down despite their heavy mass. They are quite competent, and their kind and calm temperament makes them preferable.

They are quieter and can be used matter the size or weight. Exhaust braking will quickly slow down mild diesel vehicles. On downward levels, they help keep the brakes from overheating, which can cause brake fading and even failure. ­

In a diesel engine, exhaust brakes reduce power in a different way than engine brakes.

Engine brakes discharge pressurized gas through an exhaust valve, whereas exhaust brakes keep the engine’s pressure and decrease the engine’s spinning, lowering the vehicle’s speed.

An exhaust brake is installed on the turbocharger‘s outlet side and slows the engine’s capacity to push out or exhaust pressure.

The exhaust brake’s flap valve remains open until it is triggered. The exhaust flow is then closed and restricted by keeping it in the cylinder. Exhaust brakes are frequently activated by applying more pressure.

They apply brakes by obstructing the exhaust stream, preventing the gas from exiting the pipe. As a result of the increased overpressure in the manifold, the engine gradually slows down the vehicle.

Exhaust brakes aid in the prevention of regular brake excessive wear.

exhaust brake

Main Differences Between Jake Brake and Exhaust Brake

  1. Jake’s brake releases compressed gas from within the cylinders, preventing downward cylinder activity. By impeding the exhaust’s passage, they enhance the pressure in the exhaust pipe.
  2. Jake’s brakes are more strong. The brakes on the exhaust are less strong than the brakes on the Jake.
  3. Jake’s brakes aren’t allowed since they generate too much noise. Exhaust Brakes make a quieter sound than Jake Brakes.
  4. Jake’s brakes have far outperformed the vehicle’s rated stopping power, with a 90 percent success rate, whereas Exhaust brakes have a reduced braking force and are only capable of doing 60-80% of the work.
  5. The valves train is connected to Jake’s brakes, whereas The exhaust engine is connected to the exhaust brakes.
Difference Between Jake Brake and Exhaust Brake
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Last Updated : 13 June, 2023

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