Difference Between Break and Brake

In any language, homophones are always used. Most of the will be used in poetry to have a rhyme scheme. Homophones are words that have similar sounds but have different meanings.

They will also have different spellings. Generally, people tend to confuse with the spellings. It confuses the people’s mind on which word they should use another they convey what they had wanted to convey without affecting the meaning.

There are many homophones to affect the writer’s choice of use. The right understanding of the spelling with the meaning is a must for all. There are many homophones in usage.

Brake is one of the homophones that many people go wrong while using them in a sentence.

Break vs Brake

The difference between break and brake is that break is a recess time which is used to have a halt from the work that has been done for a longer time whereas Brake is a mechanical component used in the automobiles in order to bring a machine or a vehicle to cease from running.

Break vs Brake


Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonBreakBrake
MeaningThe word break means to separate an object or anything.The word brake means to stop an automobile by applying force. It s a piece of mechanical equipment which is used for the same.
Type of verbBreak is an irregular verb.Brake is a regular verb.
Parts of speechIt can be used as a verb as well as a noun.It can be used only as a noun.
Verb formBreak can be used as a transitive as well as an intransitive form of a verb.The brake can be used only in one form of a verb.
ExampleBe careful while handling the glass because there is a chance for you to break it.She applied a sudden brake as she didn’t notice the traffic lights.


What is Break?

The words break has got many meanings. The word with the same spelling and pronunciation would differ in its meaning according to the context in which it is used.

  • When used in general, the meaning that flashes the mind is crushing something into pieces.

Example: The thief tried to break the lock to enter the bank.

  • Legally the word is used when someone tries to violate the rules

Example: If you break the rules, you will be caught by the police.

  • The word ‘break’ also means that some important information has been made to be known publicly.

Example: David left for Paris when the news broke.

  • It also means to shatter the confidence of a person or losing one’s self-confidence.

Example: She completely broke down when she came to know the truth about him.

  • To take rest from the work that is being done to get refreshed

Example: I would like to take a short break after I complete washing the car.

  • It also means to put an end to the relationship between people

Example: It is sad to hear the news that Jen and Eric broke up.

  • It also means the dawn of the day/ the beginning of the day.

Example: She left the house as soon as the day broke.

There are similar other meanings for the word break. Hence it can be used as a verb or as a noun. The meaning changes itself according to the situation.


What is Brake?

The part of speech of a brake is a noun. It is not used as a verb in its usage. So it has all the rules that would apply for the nouns.

The brake is a mechanical device that is used to bring a machine to a halt. This can be achieved through the application of friction.  The major use of brake is to stop the motion of an automobile.

Hence brakes can be used to convert one form of energy into another form of energy.

A regenerative brake will convert the energy into electrical energy. It also stores the energy to use it later. Most of the brakes are used in any rotating mechanism. Hence they are used in an axle or a wheel.

There could be no automobile or a machine that can be manufactured without the brake. In earlier times, people used to apply energy manually.

It required a lot of mechanical energy. With the advent of automobiles, the brake was done by the fuel energy.

The three basic principles on which the brakes work are frictional, electromagnetic and pump. Based on these principles, the brakes are classified into: frictional brakes, Pump brakes, and electromagnetic brakes.

Sometimes the brakes become a source of noise pollution.

This is because some amount of energy is converted into acoustic energy. The external factors such as the surface of the road and tire. The maintenance of the brake is essential for every vehicle to stay safe.

The loss of function of brake may lead to fatal accidents. So great care should be taken care of brake of automobiles or anywhere the brakes are applied.


Main Differences Between Break and Brake

  1. The Brake is a physical component but break can not be seen
  2. The word break means to pause for a minimum time. But the brake can mean to put something to an end
  3. The word break deals with an action of rest whereas the word brake means the mechanism in a vehicle
  4. The phrasal verb formed by using break has a large impact on its meaning. There could be no phrasal verb formed using the brake
  5. The brake could bring to a permanent stop but a break would bring only a short term halt.
Difference Between Break and Brake
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