The Difference between an Essay and Creative Writing

Creative writing is free writing that goes outside the bounds of other forms of literature and typically shows imagination and invention. 


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A formal essay is generally a piece of writing that presents the ideas of the author or proposes an argument, expresses an emotion or initiates a debate.

Essay vs Creative Writing

Types of essays

Essays can be descriptive, persuasive, narrative or expository and each type has certain structuring requirements. The main reason for these requirements is to make the material clear to the reader.

The introduction gives readers a glimpse into what topic the essay will discuss. The body fleshes out the topic and offers mounting evidence in the form of specifics to support the arguments of the writer.


Types of Creative writing 

There are many different types of creative writing, from poems and haikus to short stories and memoirs. Creative writing may include first, second and third-person accounts.

Some stories are historical and use real characters from history but the authors have the freedom to invent and do not have to stick to the facts. 

As long as the writer uses imagery to create an environment or a mood and makes a person feel a certain way, it can be classified as creative writing. 

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The purpose makes the difference 

Creative writing does not need to adhere to any specific format whereas the structure and execution of a formal essay have to be done according to a number of stringent guidelines. 

Formal essays are written to inform readers, whereas the purpose of creative writing is to entertain them, inspire them and evoke emotions.

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A transition to academic writing can be difficult

It can be difficult for students to transition from writing high school essays to writing more formal, academic essays. They may be unused to all the requirements for writing academic essays and struggle with many aspects.

It can be tricky to switch between academic writing and creative writing. Students used to creative writing may end up writing an academic essay in a more informal way using colloquialisms and more.

Those who enjoy researching a specific topic and imparting their knowledge to others may gravitate towards formal essay writing whereas those who enjoy telling a story and entertaining people may prefer creative writing. 

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Writing academic essays

When writing an academic essay, it is necessary to follow standard citation practices. Students can use any reliable source as long as they cite it properly.

The language used in an academic essay can sometimes be niche jargon because the readers are usually well-versed in the topic.

Academic essays usually have a specific goal and this will dictate the type of essay. It has to be precise, concise and accurate.

When students begin to understand exactly what’s required, it gives them a chance to distinguish themselves and gain excellent grades. 

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