Difference Between Copywriting and Content Writing

Copywriting and content writing are two different forms of content creation for many companies and agencies. They can also be individuals who work as freelancers and write for companies through a third-party person.


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Both jobs require precision and dedication, as well as discipline. Such writers are expected to meet deadlines.

Copywriting vs Content Writing

The difference between copywriting and content writing is that copywriting is specifically for individual companies, where the writers have to make short write-ups regarding the company’s products. On the other hand, content writing is related to writing write-ups that are long and created after proper research and analysis. Content writing isn’t specifically for any company, as it doesn’t describe any product.

Copywriting vs Content Writing

Copywriting is by copywriters who work for companies that manufacture different products and sell them. The copywriter’s job is to create short yet descriptive write-ups regarding a specific product or company and attract purchasers.

They have to make sure that their description is as accurate as possible and that there are no mistakes made which might reduce company ratings.

Content writing involves creating lengthy and essay-like write-ups to increase the traffic on different web pages and websites. They have to make sure that whatever they write is true, as it decides the credibility of websites the write-ups are posted.

Content writers have to work using vocabulary that is easy and, at the same time, a bit out of the ordinary.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonCopywritingContent Writing
Length of Write-UpsShortLong
Meetings With Other EmployeesYesNot always
Writes AboutProductsDifferent topics

What is Copywriting?

The companies that hire copywriters are usually advertising companies. Many other manufacturing companies with a wide range of products are also known to hire copywriters.

They hire copywriters so that their products will get a headstart on the market. The strategic play of copywriters is to increase public awareness of the company they work for and to make sure that, through their words, the companies are among the public.

The main job of copywriters is to highlight the specific product assigned to them to describe. The features, as well as advantages of a product, are what copywriters usually focus on. It makes sure that the description is short and to the point.

Copywriting includes meetings and many more confidential talks where the best possible ways to present the product are assessed.

And only after such meetings and discussions are copywriters allowed to create their write-up, which is later scrutinized by the rest of the team.

Such precautions are taken because copywriting is what decides the credibility of a product. It also decides the fate of the company that it belongs.

After short texts are written, the copywriter would have to proofread and edit the content to match all the necessary conditions of the company before releasing it to the tech team of the company to publish it.

The main goal of copywriters is to attract customers and ensure that they are captivated by the small text they wrote. The texts written by copywriters are usually colloquial or common language, understood by everyone, and written in simple words.

It is common knowledge that copywriters have to adhere to strict deadlines. It is so that the release of any product to the public isn’t delayed. Copywriters are hired directly by the company and work for them, with no third-party person standing between them.

It is a must for copywriters to have prior experience, as the job they do can be a ticking time bomb if not done correctly and can be disastrous for the company.

Creativity is another factor that is necessary for copywriting. Copywriters need to have a flair for creativity so they can write good content, even for the most mundane products.

What is Content Writing?

Content writing means creating textual content on given topics to inform the general public. Their main goal is to increase the web traffic for the company that they write for.

It is to make sure the readers are captivated by each word of theirs. They try and write in a manner such that the customers are willing to accept what they have written and acknowledge the truthfulness of the statements in their write-up.

It is not often that a content writer works for a single company. A content writer can work for many different companies at a single time.

All they have to ensure is that the content they write isn’t compromised. As technology has advanced, all content writers usually participate in one or more modes of employment. 

It is because content writers need not be physically present at the company where they work. The biggest hurdle faced by content writers is that they have to research the topics provided to them and ensure that all the content written by them is factual.

Another task on the heads of content writers is they need to ensure they have followed the templates provided by their companies correctly.

Content writers also have to proofread their content so that there are no errors and that the message is conveyed correctly.

Headlines are another thing that is a common hurdle for content writers. A catchy and easy-to-understand headline makes the rest of the article fun to read. The articles written by content writers are often longer than 1000 words. 

It means that they are usually very long and often researched in depth. The role of a content writer in a company might not just be that of creating articles. Instead, content writers can have much more work in an office.

The nature of the content for a content writing job would always be formal, as they provide credible information. The most common way for content writers to be hired by companies is through a third-party person.

Main Differences Between Copywriting and Content Writing

  1. Copywriters have to adhere to strict deadlines that have to be followed so that they can retain their job. Content writers, on the other hand, have a more flexible deadline which could be altered according to the content writer.
  2. The write-ups from copywriters are usually short yet informative and descriptive, whereas articles written by content writers are long and knowledgeable.
  3. Copywriters usually work for companies as direct staff, whereas content writers are freelancers who are hired by third-party companies to work for others.
  4. The nature of the content written by copywriters is usually descriptive and colloquial, whereas that of content writers is formal.
  5. The job of copywriting is to attract customers to a specific product, while content writing is to increase web page traffic.
Difference Between Copywriting and Content Writing


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