Difference Between Antique and Vintag

The collectors and reselling market is a huge market, and it is growing each day. Buyers are sellers from all over the world who are connected to finding and discovering new items.

During this process, the two most heard and misused terms are antique and vintage. Though they have the base level of similarity and mean the same they can be distinguished from one another.

Antique vs Vintage

The main difference between Antique and Vintage is that antique item’s age more than 100 years. On the other hand, vintage items age from 40 years. Antique items often are not in a usable state as they have been living for over 100 years. however. vintage items however are often found in a usable state and they are not of much age.

Antique vs Vintage

Antique items have a minimum age of 100 years. They are popular for their rareness. And also are highly valued due to this characteristic. Antique items being 100 years old have a unique factor to themselves.

Vintage items have a minimum age of 40 years and a maximum age of 100 years. Vintage items are not new to most of mankind. vintage items may be outdated but can still be the trend and enjoyed by a certain group of people.

 Comparison Table Between Antique and Vintage

Parameter of ComparisonAntique           Vintage
DefinitionSomething that has been existing for a long timeSomething that belonged in the past
AgeAt least 100 yearsAt least 40 years
EssenceRecord of the pastOld yet trendy
Unique Selling PointCollectible items are highly valuableDoes not have much collectible value
ConditionRarely usableOften usable

What is Antique?

Antique items are known as objects or items that have been existing for a longer period. In easier words antique items are objects that belonged from the past are no more available.

They are highly desirable and popular for the exclusivity they provided. Due to which antique items are placed at a very high price point.

Antique items at the minimum have the age of 100 years. Antique items are the representation of age or era of human history. These items help in the study of earlier human behavior and tendencies.

Antique items also portray a great deal of craftsmanship. Antique items if man-made can be divided into two classes antiquities and artifacts.

One of the most significant points that makes an antique item valuable apart from its age is its aesthetic value. Antique items are college by people across the globe due to unique features; they have a certain amount of rarity.

Antique items can be all sorts of things ranging from an iron chest to gold jewelry but the most common antique item that are seen are decorative pieces.          

What is Vintage?

Vintage items are known as items or objects that belonged in the past at some point. Vintage can be used to describe more than objects or items that are vintage.

Vintage is also known to describe certain clothing styles that date back 40 years or more. Often media such as songs are also referred to as vintage.

Vintage is referred to items that are no less than 40 years and no more than 100 years. The item referred to as vintage represents a particular era from which it belongs.

As vintage items have a certain amount of familiarity in them that one relates to from the past.

Vintage items not being of much age can often be found in usable conditions. Vintage items that are mostly found can range from a painting to a piece of clothing.

Vintage items are known and familiar items. They might be outdated but they still can work pretty well.  Like vintage cars, they may get out of fashion but they still work pretty efficiently and hold some amount of essence.

 Vintage items have a special fan base and audience, as they have an audience group that is familiar with that product and want to bring back that feeling of reminiscence. There is a huge market dedicated especially to vintage items.

Main Differences Between Antique and Vintage

  1. Antique items are defined as objects or items that have been existing for a long time or items that belong from earlier times. Vintage items however are items or objects that belonged in the past at some point.
  2.  Antique items at least date back to 100years old, however, vintage items date back to 40 years at least.
  3. Antique items dating back to 100 years and more are usually a record of the past however vintage items are outdated but they still hold the trend.
  4. Antique items have a huge market as collectible items as they have over a hundred years of age. Vintage items do hold a certain amount of value but they are not as valuable or prized as antique items.
  5. Antique items have aged over 100 years they mostly are not usable. Vintage items however as they have smaller ages are often in a usable state.
Difference Between Antique and Vintag


The world of collectors and second-hand markets is huge, with thousands of buyers and sellers. This market can be one of the trickiest markets as finding authentic antique items and vintage items can be a tedious job.

Therefore one must always connect to their sources and check for authenticity. Authentic antique is at the minimum of100 years old.

Antique items hold great value as they narrate a story of a particular era. Vintage items however are between the ages of 40-100 years.

Vintage items are popular as they might be outdated and old but they are still in trend and highly valued by few. Antique items are usually collected however vintage items are more for personal reminiscence.


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