Diffuser Oil vs Essential Oil: Difference and Comparison

Diffuser oils and essential oils have been around for years but in recent times as people are delving deep into self-care, these two oils have regained popularity.

Both these oils are known for their overwhelming and pleasing smell and can be widely found in several fragrances.

Key Takeaways

  1. Diffuser oils are mixed with carrier oil, while essential oils are pure, concentrated plant extracts.
  2. Diffuser oils are specifically designed for aroma diffusers, whereas essential oils have various applications such as aromatherapy, massage, and skincare.
  3. Essential oils are more potent than diffuser oils due to their undiluted nature, so they must be used sparingly and cautiously.

Diffuser Oil vs Essential Oil

Diffuser oil is a type of oil specifically designed to be used in an essential oil diffuser. It is made of a carrier oil used to help diffuse essential oils into the air. Essential oil, is a concentrated plant extract that is used for its fragrance and potential health benefits.

Diffuser Oil vs Essential Oil

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The diffuser oil is exclusively used with the help of a diffuser.  It cannot be used without any sort of diffuser.

Diffuser oils when used with a diffuser the smell of the oil get dispersed in the atmosphere and makes the atmosphere very calming and relaxing.

Essential oils on the other hand can only be used by topical method and inhalation. Essential oils are extracted from several parts of a plant via distillation or mechanical process.

Essential oils are highly beneficial to one’s health physically and mentally.

Comparison Table

Parameter of ComparisonDiffuser OilEssential Oil
Device RequirementIt requires a deviceIt does not require a device
BenefitsCreates a relaxing and pleasant smelling atmosphereHealth benefits along with being beneficial to one’s body and mind
UseUsed for aromatherapyUsed for facial and hair care
ConcentrationIt is diluted with carrier oilsIt is entirely concentrated
RisksPets, pregnant women, and children below the age of 2 years are advised to be kept awayConsumption of any level of essential oil is poisonous

What is Diffuser Oil?                                                     

Diffuser oils are a kind of essential oil. However diffuser is a much-diluted version of essential oil, it is diluted with the help of other carrier oils like castor oils. Diffuser oils are simpler and easier versions to step into self-care.

With the help of a diffuser, one can change its nearby environment and make it more calming and relaxing. It instantly makes the place a happy place.

Diffuser oil when put on a diffuser the diffuser breaks down the oil molecules into tinier molecules and disperses them in the atmosphere.

These breathable particles make the atmosphere a pleasant and soothing-smelling experience. Several different types of diffuser oils are said to have different effects.

One may be soothing and relaxing while one may help to sleep, while one may make zen and energetic and so and so. One of the most attractive features of diffuser oil is that it instantly makes a place smell like a spa.

Diffusers based on their machines can be further divided into a broad category namely- nebulizing diffuser, heat or electronic diffuser, evaporative diffuser, and ultrasonic or humidifying diffuser.

One of the most important factors one should remember while using a diffuser is to clean in regular intervals or after each use, depending on the type of diffuser.

One can also be making their signature diffuser oil for their space by creating a concoction of several diffuser oils. The ratio of diffuser oil should be observed as too much can overwhelm the atmosphere.

It should also be noted that kids below the age of 2 years, pregnant women, and pets should be kept away from closed spaces with diffuser oil as they are highly sensitive, and the smallest of the factor may be an irritant to them with several consequences.

diffuser oil

What is Essential Oil?

Essential oils are synthesized from plants through distillation. They are also obtained from fruits or seeds by a mechanical procedure or the process of dry distillation.

Essential oils store and capture the true benefits of that plant. They are highly concentrated. Therefore if not used with carrier oils can cause irritation or discomfort.

The applications of essential oils include topical application and inhalation. They are nowhere to be consumed, as they are highly concentrated and contain chemicals.

A wide range of essential oil is antimicrobial, anti-fungal, antiviral, and have antioxidant properties. Before using an essential oil it is always advised to do a patch test to check whether one does not have an allergic response to it.

Essential oil does not exclusively cure any illness, disease other such problems however, several essential oils are known for giving comfort to nausea, headache, common cold, body ache, and alopecia.

Also according to a study, it is concluded that several essential oils can calm anxiety and stress as they impact the limbic system

essential oils 1

Main Differences Between Diffuser Oil and Essential Oil

  1. Diffuser oil for it to work efficiently requires a device commonly known as a diffuser. However essential oil does not require any sort of device to work.
  2. The diffuser oil is very popular for creating a relaxing and pleasant-smelling atmosphere.  It helps one to calm and unwind. Essential oil however has several health benefits, it also helps in relaxation.
  3. Diffuser oils are used for a special kind of therapy known as aromatherapy. The essential oil on the other hand is used for facial and hair care.
  4. Diffuser oils are diluted with other carrier oils such as castor oil. Essential oils however are entirely concentrated.
  5. Children below the age of 2 years, pregnant women, and pets are advised from the atmosphere where a diffuser is operated as they are highly sensitive, and the slightest of the factors may irritate. Whereas essential oils are highly concentrated and have certain chemicals, any level of consumption is considered poisonous.
Difference Between Diffuser Oil and Essential Oil
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Last Updated : 15 July, 2023

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