Corn Oil vs Vegetable Oil: Difference and Comparison

Corn oil and vegetable oil are two prominent varieties of cooking oils that are very common and popular all across the world; however, both of these carry their own unique features along with their differences, and it is important to know these differences to avoid using one at the place of the other.

Key Takeaways

  1. Corn oil is derived from corn kernels, while vegetable oil can be made from various plant sources.
  2. Corn oil has a high smoke point and is best for high-heat cooking, like frying, while vegetable oil is versatile for different cooking methods.
  3. Corn oil is high in polyunsaturated fats, while vegetable oil can be a blend of different oils with varying levels of saturated and unsaturated fats.

Corn Oil vs Vegetable Oil 

Corn oil is sourced from corn kennels, while vegetable oils contain an array of plant-based components. Corn oil has a mild, roasted taste, while vegetable oil has a neutral taste. Corn oil is dark and yellow in colour, while vegetable oil is light in color. Corn oil is more unhealthy than vegetable oil.

Corn Oil vs Vegetable Oil

Corn oil can be defined as an oil that is professionally extracted from the kernels of maize. It happens to be very dark yellowish in color and carries a harsh and smokey scent.

It is inexpensive because it is very commonly available, especially in the United States. The unique feature of this oil is that it is not only used for the purpose of cooking but for the purpose of manufacturing soaps, candles, inks, etc. 


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But on the contrary, vegetable oil is comparatively easy yet vast to define. It refers to any kind of fat that is extracted from any plant species. It includes oils such as corn oil, sunflower oil, grapeseed oil, cocoa butter, Shea butter, etc.

It happens to be liquid at room temperature and is also known as all-purpose oil because of its ability to be utilized in almost every aspect of daily life. 

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonCorn Oil Vegetable Oil 
Meaning  It is a form of fat that is extracted from corn/maize gems. It is a form of fat that can be extracted from almost every type of vegetable such as corn, sunflower, coconut, etc. 
Extracted from  Extracted from the kernels of maize. Extracted from seeds to vegetables. 
Color  It is very dark and yellowish in color. It is comparatively light and can be present in many colors. 
Flavor  It provides a smokey or roasted taste. It provides a kind of neutral flavor as compared to other types of similar oils. 
Uses  It is mostly used for the purpose of baking but can also be utilized in the soap manufacturing industry along with the pharmaceutical industry. It happens to be an all-purpose oil and can be used in almost every aspect of cooking. 
Contained nutritional value High levels of saturated fat and thus considered not good for health. Nutritional value can vary from vegetable to vegetable. 
Interrelation  It comes under the purview of vegetable oil. It is a wide category under which other oils are found. 

What is Corn Oil? 

Known by another name, maize oil, corn oil happens to be a very popular cooking ingredient in many households. It is extracted after the kernels of maize are processed under expert supervision.

It falls under the category of vegetable oil as it is extracted as fat, but it happens to be in liquid form when kept at room temperature. 

It comes with a very dark and yellowish pigment and provides a very smoky scent. This is so because the oil comes with a very high smoke point, which simply means that it can be roasted at a very high temperature, and it will still generate very little smoke.

This is the main reason behind this oil getting used as an essential fact in baking and other related things. 

But this is not the limit of the utilization of this oil. It is also used in the soap manufacturing industry and is used in many soaps as a moisturizing and preservative agent.

It is also used in the pharmaceutical industry for certain purposes. Due to the high saturated fats available in this, it is often termed unhealthy for human consumption. 

corn oil

What is Vegetable Oil? 

Defining vegetable oil in its true sense can be a tough job, as it does not refer to just one variety of oils. Any kind of fact that is extracted from plants is called vegetable oil.

If it remains liquid, why captain room temperature? This is the major recognizing factor of this particular oil as it can contain many varieties under its purview. 

Vegetable oil is extracted from the very seeds of the plant to which it belongs. Certain examples of vegetable oil are soybean oil, sunflower seed oil, coconut oil, corn oil, etc. All of these oils fall under the purview of vegetable oil.

This is the reason that there is no definite standard with respect to the color, texture, and smell of vegetable oil, as it can vary from plant to plant. 

However, one distinguishing feature of this oil is that it is also called an all-purpose oil for the fact that it can be used in as many industries as we want. From cooking to boiling, roasting to baking, this oil can be utilized in almost every aspect of daily life. 

vegetable oil

Main Differences Between Corn Oil and Vegetable Oil 

  1. Corn Oil is a form of oil that is generated after processing the gems or kernels of maize, also known as corn. But on the other hand, Vegetable Oil does not define just one oil but rather implies a whole category of oils that are extracted from the seeds of vegetables. 
  2. Corn oil is mostly used for baking as it comes with a high smoke point, while Vegetable oil is used for almost all purposes. 
  3. Corn oil is considered relatively unhealthy, but vegetable oil is considered not so unhealthy for humans. 
  4. Corn oil happens to be very dark and yellowish in color, while the color of any vegetable oil may vary. 
  5. Corn oil provides a smokey or roasted taste, but on the other hand, vegetable oil provides a light taste. 
Difference Between Corn Oil and Vegetable Oil

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