a Corn vs a Callus: Difference and Comparison

Corn and Callus are a type of skin disease that is caused due to several underlying factors in the tissue of the body. Both Corn and Callus irritate the surface of the skin and are considered to be painful.

The callus is mainly caused by the result of friction in the skin surface (It appears in the foot), while Corns form in the lighter part of the foot.

Key Takeaways

  1. Corns are small, round, and have a hard center surrounded by inflamed skin, while calluses are larger, flatter areas of thickened skin.
  2. Corns tend to develop on non-weight-bearing parts of the foot, like the tops and sides of toes, while calluses form on weight-bearing or high-friction areas, such as the soles of the feet.
  3. Treatment for corn involves protective pads, cushioning, or salicylic acid, while calluses may require regular exfoliation, moisturizing, and footwear adjustments.

Corn vs Callus

The difference between corn and callus is that Callus are slightly bigger when compared to corn. Another fact is that Corns appear in those part of the skin where it is lightweight (in-between toes and sides of the foot) and also in those skin part that has weight. On the other hand, Callus appears under the feet (heels and under small and big toes).

Corn vs Callus

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Corn is a type of skin disease that primarily occurs due to constant friction in that particular area of the skin. Corns can be painful and proper treatment is necessary to cure them.

Corns can also be cured with natural home remedies. Corns mostly tend to appear on the light weighted area of the skin.

The callus is also a type of skin disease. Callus develop on a particular surface of the skin when the skin is exposed to pressure and high friction or rubbing.

A callus is a group of dead skin cells that appears to be very hard on the skin’s surface. The callus is not considered to be dangerous, but proper treatment is a must in order to cure the callus.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonCornCallus
MeaningCorns is one variety of skin disease that has a hard outer surface that is filled with dead skin cells.A callus is also one variety of skin disease which has a tough outer appearance and is bulgy in nature.
Other namesThe other name of Corn is Clavus.The other name of callus is Tyloma.
CausesCorns can be caused by applying pressure or friction constantly on the foot. They can be painful.A callus is also caused by pressure and rubbing on the affected area or shoes that put a tight and warm hold over the foot. They are less painful.
PreventionWearing shoes that do not apply pressure or friction on the skin surface.Wearing comfortable shoes for callus in feet and prevent one’s hands from receiving any kind of pressure/friction.
Home RemediesSoaking feet in warm water and use a pumice stone to get rid of dead cells.Soak the hand or feet in warm water and can even apply moisturizer creams.

What is a Corn?

Corn is a type of skin disease that occurs due to constant friction applied in the affected area. Sometimes corn is also caused by wearing shoes that put pressure on your feet.

Corns can sometimes be painful if pressed on the affected area. Corn is the hardened part of the skin that is inflamed and bulgy in nature.

Corns can appear in the different parts of the foot that is lightly weighted as well as contains weight. They appear on the sides of the foot, in between the toes and on the upper surface of the foot and also in the joints of the toes.

Corns make a person very difficult to walk as walking can give pressure on the corn. Corns can also appear to be like a patch of dead skin cells.

The initial stages of corn can be cured with natural and simple home remedies. One can soak their foot in warm water every day, which will eventually sthe corns, followed by gently massaging the affected area with a pumice stone.

Pumice stone helps with removing dead skin. But it is always advised to visit a dermatologist.

Apart from friction and pressure, cons can also develop from poor hygiene, so it is always advised to keep the foot clean and maintain proper hygiene.

What is a Callus?

A callus is another type of skin disease that slightly appears to be like corn. Same as Corns, Callus also develops due to heavy friction, rubbing and irritation on one particular surface of the skin.

They can develop in both feet and hands. Interestingly, Callus is not that harmful and is large in size and shape when compared to corn.

Due to heavy pressure on the skin surface, the skin forms a thick and hard outer layer (as a form of protection) to protect the wound or the inner layer of the skin.

This is known as Callus. Although Callus is not harmful, sometimes, they may lead to infection on the skin’s surface.

People with diabetes can even experience the development of ulcers on the affected skin surface.

Callus can also be cured with natural and simple home remedies such as soaking the feet or hands in warm water. After soaking, one can remove the dead skin cells with the help of a pumice stone that will loosen up the Callus and helps in aiding the affected skin surface.

Apart from this, one should also maintain a healthy foot and hands. One can even apply a moisturizing cream or any kind of foot cream that helps in gentling the skin surface.


Main Differences Between a Corn and a Callus

  1. Corns are considerably small when compared to Callus. On the other hand, Callus is big and bulky in nature and is stored with dead cells.
  2. Callus comes in different sizes and develops in the heels of the foot and even in the hands. On the other hand, corn appears on the sides of the foot and in the joints of the toes.
  3. The other names of Callus include Tyloma and Callosity, whereas the other names of Corns include Clavus.
  4. Corns can be painful and even makes it difficult to walk, whereas Callus are not so painful.
  5. Callus can be cured with proper medication and natural home remedies. Corns can also be cured with home remedies like soaking the feet in water.
Difference Between a Corn and a Callus
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Last Updated : 02 August, 2023

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