Difference Between Associate and Bachelor Degree

A degree program is an academic course that helps a student to make his career. A degree helps in personal, professional, and financial goals for the future.


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Key Takeaways

  1. Associate degrees, usually two years, require less time to complete, while bachelor degrees take about four years.
  2. Career opportunities and earning potential increase with a bachelor’s degree compared to an associate degree.
  3. Associate degrees often focus on vocational and technical training, whereas bachelor degrees provide a broader education, including general and specialized courses.

Associate Degree vs Bachelor Degree

An associate degree takes 2 years to complete, while a bachelor’s degree takes 4 years. Bachelor’s degree is an in-depth study of a course compared to associate degree. Bachelor’s degree is more costly than an associate degree. Income after a bachelor’s degree is more compared to an associate degree.

Associate Degree vs Bachelor Degree

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An associate degree, an undergraduate degree that is a level qualification between high school and a bachelor’s degree. An associate degree is used to complete a bachelor’s degree as well.

A bachelor’s degree is a 4 to 6-year degree course in a particular field. A degree helps to make the future of a student in a particular field of interest.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonAssociate DegreeBachelor Degree
DefinitionIt is an undergraduate degree that provides a major course and a general course.It is an academic undergraduate degree that provides a degree in a specific field.
Program LengthTwo to three years.Four to Six years.
CostThe annual tuition fees in a public institution are around $3,570 and in a private institution is around $14, 587.The annual tuition fees in a public institution are around $9,308 per year and in a private institution is around
Career PathPolice Officer, firefighter, fashion designer, bank teller, Registered nurse, Front desk receptionist, etc.Engineer, IT manager, Professor, Marketing Managers, Pilot, etc.
EarningAt least $61,000 a year.At least $43,500 a year.

What is Associate Degree?

An associate degree is an academic degree. It is an undergraduate degree. An associate degree is done after a student has completed his/her high school.

There are two types of associate degree programs: Specialized technical coursework and general course. As the name suggests, the Specialized course gives you training into a particular major, a particular academic field.

An associate degree is also used to complete a bachelor’s degree. Using an associate degree to complete a bachelor’s degree helps to upgrade the position in the field of work.

For an associate degree, the annual tuition fees in public institutions are around $3,570 and in private institutions is around $14, 587 per year.

associate degree

What is Bachelor’s Degree?

A bachelor’s degree is a degree or certification given to a student who has completed the provided course in due time. A bachelor’s degree is an undergraduate degree.

After clearing the higher secondary examination, a student is passed on for a bachelor’s degree. After graduating with a bachelor’s degree, a student can go on for further studies like a Master’s degree, Ph.D., etc.

Some of the bachelor’s degrees are Bachelors of Art (BA), Bachelors of Science (BSc), bachelors of technology (B. Tech.), etc.

A bachelor’s degree focuses on a specific major, a particular topic of study, a field of work you want to do next and make your career into.

bachelors degree

Main Differences Between Associate And Bachelor Degree

  1. A candidate with an associate degree can not earn more than that of a bachelor’s degree student. Opportunities are more for a student with a bachelor’s degree.
  2. An associate degree is more than enough for an entry-level position. Although for a higher position a candidate would need a bachelor’s degree.
Difference Between Associate and Bachelor Degree
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